Top 10 Best Online Seed Banks Reviews 2021

Hey growers! Has the bug of growing cannabis bitten you owing to cannabis legalization? If you also wish to join the bandwagon, this post of the best online seed banks will be your lighthouse for the rest of your cannabis cultivation journey.

As you have made up your mind for cannabis cultivation, you would be in quest of the cannabis seed banks.

I, along with my expert team, have done detailed research on top seed banks. We wish to help you find the marijuana seed bank suiting your requirements.

But we have something more valuable for you!

We have also added seed banks that ship to USA.

If you are a newbie, an intermediate, or a professional cannabis cultivator, getting the best marijuana seeds would be the top priority for you.

Therefore, choosing the best marijuana seed bank is inevitable for you.

So, here we go!

If you are having a time constraint and you need a really quick delivery of your seeds, go for I love growing marijuana seed bank.

Top 10 Seed Banks

Are you as excited to read, as we are, to share about the best seedbanks with you?

Presenting the list of Top 10 Best Online Seed Banks at a glance.

1 I Love Growing Marijuana
3 Crop King
4 Quebec Cannabis
5 Seedsman
6 Seed supreme
7 True North
8 Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds
9 Growers Choice Seeds
10 Ministry Of Cannabis

Best Online Seed Banks

It is the best combination of Quality delivered at light’s speed.

We have tried the best to bring forth the prominent marijuana seed bank review, which is the listing of the top 10 best online seed banks.

After going through this review, you will be able to figure out the best places to buy marijuana seeds online.

Let’s start with the well-deserved numero uno best online seed banks.

1. I Love Growing Marijuana seed bank

I Love Growing Marijuana seed bank review

The team I love Growing Marijuana indeed “loves growing Marijuana” and their primary purpose revolves around helping others grow marijuana, understand the entire process, and be a step-by-step guide to growers till they get their desired yield.’

The passion of the founder Robert Bergman and his team are seen in their contribution and value that they provide at ILGM.

The strain selection of ILGM is as broad as 100 strains. A significant number to choose from!

So, there is something for every preference.

ILGM mainly deals with two categorize of seeds, namely feminized seeds and auto-flowering seeds.

They also sell mixed packs consisting of a variety of strains, nutrients like CBD oil, and various grow kits.

ILGM’s germination ratio is as reliable as 100%. They are authentic to such an extent that, if any of the seeds do not germinate, they give another set of seeds totally free!

If those spying stares of neighbors or other people bother you, worry not! ILGM delivers in an intact discreet packing.

Another thing to note is, ILGM ships FREE of cost to the USA and Europe.

You can get your seeds order delivered as quickly as 10 to 15 days from the Netherlands.

If the package is undelivered, the customer service makes sure to deliver second packaging absolutely free of cost.

That’s impeccable and high-level brand reliability!

Additionally, you will also be eligible for many freebies like 10 seeds free on purchase of 10 and many more.

You may feel the seeds from ILGM a bit pricey compared to other counterparts in the marketplace.

But which other brand offers rapid delivery, germination guarantee, and high-yields guarantee altogether?

The most trusted seed bank facilitates numerous payment modes like cash, debit card, credit card, bank transfer, or bitcoin for your payments.

Also, your payment is secure due to the SSL certificate. Because of the SSL certificate, all your payment information gets encrypted. Thus, it is safe from any cyber-attacks.

ILGM successfully hosts a loyalty program in which you can earn a few points by being a member, shopping, and referring friends.

You can use these points later as currency to buy your stuff.

Also, you would be eligible for many freebies, bonuses, discounts, and the latest strains arrivals, which the regular buyers would not be eligible for.

Undoubtedly, the 25 years of growing and 7 years of sale experience, efforts, and research has made ILGM the top contender in our best online seed banks.

So, what are you waiting for?

Official Website

2. MSNL seed bank


MSNL is one of the best marijuana seed bank since 1999.

In case you are one of those users who experiments with various seed categories like regular, feminine, and auto-flowering seeds and various hybrids like feminine plus auto-flowering, then you have landed at the correct place.

MSNL mainly deals with the regular, feminine, auto-flowering category of seeds.

Additionally, they also offer a plethora of strains categorized into various strain-types like New In, Cheese, Kush, Haze, Big Bud, Cup Winners, High yield, High THC, High CBD, Fast-growing, Low Smell, Beginner, White, Blue, Purple, Fruity and much more.

After thorough research and experiment, the expert growers and breeders make these seeds and strains, all by themselves.

Apart from the seeds and multiple strains, MSNL also provides various Value packs like Classic, Super Strong, Auto Feminized, and much more.

MSNL is also one of few seedbanks that do wholesale deals. If you are into vast-scale cannabis growing, this wholesale section is a boon for you indeed.

MSNL provides a germination guarantee of 90%. To reach such an exemplary germination ratio, each seed has to pass through a strict and standard test supervised manually by expert supervisors before delivering it to you.

This brand is pro-active in terms of delivery.

It sends the package in a discreet envelope along with a random unsuspicious object.

MSNL has codes on each packaging to ensure guaranteed delivery.

MSNL does so in the interest of the buyers, to save them from suspicious looks and intent.

As stealth shipping is secretive and secure, it costs more. MSNL charges around 10 GBP as shipping cost for a single order.

MSNL also provides free shipping if the order is wholesale and large. For the UK alone, it spends around 55 GBP on its own, to offer free shipping to the buyers.

For buyers in another region, they have devised a stepped discount system, depending on the value of the order.

This service is rightly called ‘guaranteed stealth shipping.’

MSNL provides global delivery of cannabis seeds. As far as the USA is concerned, you may receive your package in 6-20 days.

One more thing worth mentioning is that MSNL is a recipient of many awards and accolades owing to strain genetics and germination guarantee.

This achievement ensures that MSNL is one of the highly reliable seed banks.

Are you one of those buyers who look forward to getting freebies? Then there is good news for you.

With MSNL, you will experience beneficence at its best.

You will get many free seeds per order. The thrilling part is, the number of free seeds is more than any counterpart in the marketplace.

If you choose the wholesale section for buying, your freebies would also increase.

MSNL supports multiple payment channels like cash, debit card, bitcoin, credit card, bank transfer, or money order. MSNL also hosts various offers and double freebies with certain payment channels.

If you pay via bitcoin, you are eligible for a 15% discount and double freebies. When you choose to pay via bank transfer, get as good as a 10% discount and double freebies.

That sounds incredible.

Apart from the regular trading of seeds, the MSNL brand also hosts a sale at different times of the year so that the buyers may get the maximum benefit from that.

Just like sales, MSNL also showcases the new arrivals at regular intervals, especially for their buyers.

MSNL also offers an attractive loyalty program for its loyal buyers. They can earn loyalty points by various actions like points per order as well as referral points.

All the added points can be used as a regular currency. You can redeem the ends and use them for your shopping to get discounts.

Moreover, the points are valid for a lifetime, so no need to worry about the expiry date of the points.

So thoughtful of MSNL!

Therefore, MSNL is one of the best online seed banks to go for.

Happy MSNL growing!

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3. Crop King Seeds seed bank


Crop king is a Canada-based seed bank.

It is regarded as the game starter in the domain of the best seed bank for cannabis cultivation.

It is because they were the first ones to start the trading of marijuana seeds online.

They have aced the game since 2012, and as of now, they are the rulers in the marketplace.

Crop kings have an extensive presence of as good as 100 stores in Canada.

Crop kings were declared Top Seed Company award winner by Canadian cannabis awards in 2017.

This achievement increases the goodwill of the brand and makes it one of the trusted seed banks.

Crop Kings mainly trade with feminized, auto flower, regular, medical CBD, mix and match and dwarf auto-fem seeds.

They have a wide variety of strains supported by high THC, high CBD, various types of Indica, Sativa, and hybrid cannabis strains suitable for any grow environment.

Some of the famous strains from Crop Kings are Blue cookies, White widow, Gelato, Sour Girl, Train Trek, Afghani, Blueberry, CB auto flower cheese, Dwarf low flyer auto flower, and much more.

The noteworthy point of Crop kings is that it has made many of the strains on its own with the help of expert breeders, and many strains are in the pipeline.

The company sells 40 strains at present and is in plan to breed new strains in the future.

Crop kings guarantee a significant germination ratio of 80%.

The seeds from Crop kings are of superior quality, as each seed has to pass through rigorous tests from growing experts. Only then the seeds are ready for packaging and sales.

Crop king maintains high-level safety, security, and privacy in delivering cannabis seeds. Crop kings do it for a hassle-free experience for the buyers.

It conceals the seeds beneath random objects like pens, T-shirts, etc.

Crop kings do not have a free shipping policy. You have to shell out a few dollars to receive your cannabis seeds packaging.

It takes a shipping cost of 10$ and a shipping time of two weeks for US buyers to get their package at their doorstep.

If the order fails to get delivered timely to you, the brand resends the second package again, without asking a single question.

The exciting and interesting part is the freebies!

Crop kings offer free shipping for orders above 200$.

Additionally, it offers 10 free seeds and free shipping for purchases above 420$.

As far as the payment is concerned, Crop kings supports multiple payment modes like bitcoin, visa, money order, cash in the mail, and MasterCard.

The customer care of Crop kings is excellent. It provides 24/7 support on chat, email, and telephone.

Apart from regular online stores, Crop Kings facilitates many retail outlets too.

After looking at so many features and services offered by Crop kings, we can say that it is truly one of the best seed banks.

Select the best cannabis seeds from one of the best online seed banks in the league.

Stay ahead in the cannabis cultivation game!

Official Website

4. Quebec Cannabis seed Bank

best online seed banks

Quebec Cannabis is one of the topmost seed banks that have been selling cannabis seeds for over 15 years as of now.

It is located in Canada and has been honored with the tag of Canada’s best seed bank in 2019.

Quality comes first when talking about the Quebec cannabis seed banks.

Quebec Cannabis facilitates high yield seeds that are available in a wide range.

This seed bank sells various seeds like auto-flowering, regular, feminized, and CBD.

QCB has a broad range of 50 types of world-class seeds to choose from.

Additionally, it also features special packs in its seed inventory called ‘mixed pack,’ which is an excellent assortment of different strains in one place.

Quebec Cannabis hosts a well-experienced and eminent team of geneticists in-house that performs high-level research and development and brings its own innovative and high yield strains at a regular frequency.

A primary positive trait of this seed bank is, in spite of being based in Canada, it ships to the USA.

The most sold strains on the Quebec Cannabis are Quebec Black Gold, Jeck Herer, AK 47, Quebec Gold2.0, and so on.

It also keeps updating its ‘featured’ seeds category. Bruce banner, northern lights, Girl Scout, M 39, etc. are some of its features seeds.

QCB guarantees germination as sure as 80%. In case more than 20% of your seeds do not germinate, QCB will happily replace them for you.

That’s reliable, indeed!

The packaging of QCB seeds comes in a plain envelope, right at your doorstep. The shipping is covered under the stealth delivery program.

Yes, they ship discreetly. QCB hides the seeds inside random objects like pens, birthday cards, etc.

As far as shipping is concerned, the brand ships all across the globe.

However, they do not provide a free shipping program. You have to shell out some dollars for shipping. It costs around 10$ to get your order shipped to your doorstep.

If you are a buyer from the USA, then it will take around two weeks to reach your address.

(*QCB mentions that it is the buyer’s responsibility to be aware of the rules and regulations of one’s country and they will not be responsible legally in any way.)

QCB occasionally hosts sales, offers, and various discounts for their buyers. You can take advantage of that and get the most steal deal on the best marijuana seed bank company.

Are you a freebies fan?

Then choose this seed bank for your next cannabis cultivation.

If you tend to be a large-scale grower or if you need seeds in wholesale quantity, rest assured you will be eligible for some freebies like a bunch of free seeds.

QCB supports payment modes like Visa or MasterCard for various payments.

QCB is well known for its timely delivery.

Apart from the regular stock, QCB also features ‘Limited Edition’ in its seed inventory.

This limited edition is a set of phenotypes, i.e., new marijuana strains in the form of feminine and regular seeds from pure or hybrid Sativa.

As the name suggests, it is exclusive and limited, so you have to be quick to claim your special seeds.

Undoubtedly, Quebec cannabis seed bank is one of the best online seed banks in the marketplace.

Official Website

5. Seedsman seed bank


The Seedsman seed bank is a UK-based seed bank that has made it to our top 10 seedbanks list.

This seed bank began this fantastic trade-in 2003. Since then, it is growing exponentially.

They are popular among the masses and much-preferred seed banks to ship to the USA.

Dear buyers and growers, as you know, the Cannabis Cup is regarded as the most reputed award for any Cannabis breeder, grower, or professional.

Seedsman has been the top-notch player owing to its fantastic contribution to the field of cannabis.

Seedsman is the recipient of as many as 40 Cannabis Cup awards as a winner.

Undoubtedly, their quality seeds and yields are worth appreciation and trial.

Seedsman gets world-class quality seeds from its award-winning Barney seed farm, Greenhouse seeds, Serious seeds, and Reserva Privada.

Seedsman mainly trades the famous seeds like the regular, feminized, auto flower, and Auto-flowering regular seeds.

The strains provided by this brand are Indica, Sativa, Indica plus Sativa hybrid, High THC, low THC, high CBD, and other strain collections.

Seedsman sells seeds that are compatible with various environments like hydroponics, greenhouse, indoor, higher altitudes, outdoor, and different location cultivation.

Also, it offers various strain types like skunk strains, blueberry strains, haze strains, Kush strains, northern light strains, white widow strains, and sour diesel strains.

Thus, Seedsman offers as high as 3000 strains. This number of strains can cover almost every cannabis grow enthusiast preference on the globe.

Seedsman especially has a seed selection tool to help put the users to find their required seeds.

They have made this number possible with the collaboration of around 65 seed banks and 80 breeders. A few to mention are ace seeds, big Buddha, Dank Genetics, Nirvana seeds, ONE premium CBD seeds, and so on.

Additionally, they also offer 27 different kinds of medical seeds. A few to name for cure are ADHD, Anxiety, Cancer, Depression, Fatigue, Headache, Stress, and much more.

Seedsman has a high market value and reputation, and it guarantees germination.

The seedsman takes immense care of the shipping of the seeds. They maintain a high level of privacy and keep the package discreet with the help of stealth shipping.

The shipment cost of seedsman is not free of charge. The buyers have to bear the cost of shipping.

But, Seedsman has an excellent shipment delivery ratio, and it hardly fails in this regard.

If you are in the UK, the package will be shipped to you in 1-3 working days.

For Europe, you will get your parcel in 3-14 working days, and globally you can get your box in 50-25 working days.

Seedsman also provides the option of tracking your parcel.

Here we have reached your favorite part. Yes, the freebies!

Seedsman is much generous when it comes to freebies. They offer many free seeds (6 in number) along with each order.

The best thing is that the buyers are given the flexibility to choose their seeds for the freebies.

Additionally, they host one of the best promotional discounts and competitions with great prizes to look for.

Another reason to go for seedsman is, you can mix and match the type of strain you need.

Not all seedbanks go flexible in this regard.

Seedsman also offers attractive loyalty programs for their buyers.

As you know, the loyalty programs aim to benefit the customers by earning the points, which can be useful to them while redeeming the points in the form of currency or discounts for subsequent orders.

You can gain loyalty points and be a part of this beneficial loyalty program by orders and referral to friends, and those referred friends must buy from the seed bank.

Seedsman is compatible with a plethora of payment modes.

The various supported modes are cash, credit cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrency, and check/money order.

Apart from that, the Seedsman website is SSL certified. So all your transactions and payment will be encrypted throughout the process and will be secure.

Therefore, with so many features and product ranges, all in place, Seedsman can be considered as one of the best places to buy cannabis seeds online.

Official Website

6. Seed supreme seed bank

Seed supreme seed bank review best online seed banks

If you are a medical patient, pot smoker, or a pro cultivator who is looking for the best online seed banks that ship to the USA and across the world, you have stopped at the proper place.

Seed supreme has made a bit late entry in the field of selling cannabis seeds. It was established around 2013 in England.

In spite of entering late into the market, they have managed to get the grip of the marketplace appropriately.

Seed supreme is rightly known for its reliable and quality seeds and enjoys a perfect rating among the buyers. This brand is well known for good quality strains.

Seed supreme sells regular stock like auto flower seeds, feminized seeds, medicinal seeds, and regular seeds.

Seed supreme provides an ample variety of strains and seed banks to choose from. They have as exhaustive as 4000 cannabis strains and 100 top seeds globally.

Some of their latest strains are Somango and white widow.

A few of their famous seed banks are Sensi seeds, Dutch passion, Big Buddha, Barney’s farm, and many more.

That’s massive to choose from!

The brand confidently offers a 100% guarantee. But if in any case (which happens very rare), the parcel is not delivered, then Seed supreme will send you another pack without an interrogation.

Let’s discuss the important aspect of shipping!

If you are a buyer from the USA, then the brand will take 15 to 30 working days to deliver your parcel.

But, they do free shipping only for orders above $125. The buyers have to incur the cost of $15 if the order is below $125.

The supreme seed brand ensures that the delivery is done. They pack all their seeds safely along with other items for privacy and to avoid them from being crushed or damaged.

Hence they follow the discreet stealth delivery process. The brand encloses the seeds in cool items like a tote bag or pen.

If you are concerned about knowing whether this brand will deliver the seeds to your place, then let us tell you that seed supreme delivers seeds around the USA and across the globe as well.

All the freebies lovers, attention, please!

Freebies are raining all over by seed supreme! The freebies are categorized based on the purchase order.

For example, if you shop below $72, you will get 2 free seeds. In the case of a seed valued above $72, you will get 4 seeds free.

Thus, the range of freebies increases by 2 seeds for each incremented purchase of $50.

One thing to note is about a small constraint related to the freebies.

The brand provides free seeds of feminized flower type only and that too of the same strain. So here, you do not have the choice to choose your seeds or strain.

Seed supreme supports various payment modes.

You can fulfill the payment of your orders via bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies like ethereum, bitcoin, Cash by mail, or bank transfer.

One important thing to note is, seed supreme does not accept money orders or check payments.

Seed supreme has a dedicated sale section that hosts attractive discounts and deals on various benefits. You may visit the sale section, clicking the top right orange ‘sale’ button, and make the most of it.

Nowadays, all reputed seed banks have their loyalty programs. The loyalty program hosted by seed supreme is called ‘Kush Money.’

For every account opening, each order, and referral, Kush money is added to your e-wallet of seed supreme.

You can later use the collected Kush money as a real currency to buy for your next order.

You may also redeem them, so payment or discounts of subsequent orders.

Additionally, it has seed friendly search, which searches seeds for buyers like a breeze.

Is secure payment your concern for your orders at seed supreme?

Stay assured as they have the famous and digitally secure SSL certificate. Your password and payment details will remain encrypted and private and hence safe from cyber attacks, which are rampant these days.

As we conclude this Seed supreme seed bank review, let us list some of the best seller seeds.

Afghan kush feminized seeds, Afghan kush regular seeds, Auto white widow feminized seeds, Blueberry feminized seeds, skunk #1 feminized seeds, etc. have made it to the list of best sellers.

Therefore, Seeds supreme seed bank is one of the best online seed banks to get your choicest cannabis seed.

Official Website

7. True North Seed Bank

True North seed bank review

If the combination of fresh cannabis seeds, global stealth plus safe shipping, numerous seeds and breeders, attractive deals, multiple payment methods, and SSL is what you are looking for in a seed bank, then True North is the best place to buy marijuana seeds.

‘Supplying most Fresh Cannabis Seeds’ is the USP of True North Seed Bank.

The True north seed bank is an international selling seed bank for cannabis seeds located in Canada.

It is separate from other seed banks. Other seed banks do cannabis seeds trading online, whereas True north seed bank does so via both the platforms, online as well as offline.

This seed bank brand is one of the most reliable and trustworthy seed banks. Its numerous seeds have won the prestigious award called ‘Cannabis Cup Winners.’

Some of the awards winning seeds are AK feminized seeds, Acapulco Gold Feminized seeds, AK 47 feminized seeds, Amnesia Haze feminized seeds, Barbara bud Regular seeds, BC blueberry feminized seeds, and so on.

This seed bank has a wide range of seeds and strains.

The true north seed bank has an ample variety of basic flower types like regular seeds, auto flower seeds, feminized seeds, auto regular, and auto feminized seeds.

The seed bank collects seeds from 48 different seed banks. Ace, CDB Crew, DJ Short are a few of them. Imagine the choices you would be getting for the seeds and strains, as well.

I know, next, you would wonder is how many numbers of strains are offered by true north? It provides around 33 strains. Indica, Sativa, High THC, Low THC, High CBD, Bulk Seeds are a few of the strains.

It offers special strains called Genetics and Color strains, which are the results of many breeders’ experimentation and innovations. True north keeps adding newly invented strains to their stock.

In addition to dealing in retail, True north also sells wholesale/bulk. They have a dedicated ‘BULK SEEDS’ section on their website for the same. Special costing is set for the bulk seeds.

How would you feel if you get a guarantee for something? You trust and rely on the same.

True north offers guaranteed germination. This trait emphasizes brand value by manifolds.

If there is a failure in timely delivery to the buyer, true north resends the package without any hassle.

True north implements a flat fee for all kinds of shipments, irrespective of the number of seeds you purchase. The flat fee varies location-wise.

If you are a resident of Canada and the USA, it will take CA$20 and 5-14 working days to get your parcel.

If you live in Europe, it will take 3- 14 working days and 35 CA dollars.

In the case of Australian and New Zealand buyers, it takes 7-21 working days and CA$75.

For buyers living in Costa Rica, it takes 7-21 working days and CA$55.

And for African buyers, it takes 7-21 days and CA$180 to get the package.

For the rest of the globe, it takes 25 working days and CA$70.

The shipment of the true north is safe, private, protected, and discreet. They wrap the seeds in bubble wrap and then keep them secure in an envelope.

They recommend adding random products like pens along with the order to keep it extra stealth.

Plus, the point is you can track your parcel because of the bar code present on the parcel.

Like every good seed bank, true north offers significant freebies.

They have various freebies packages.

With some orders, they offer 2 free seeds of selected strains. With others, they offer one full pack free with another box.

On special occasions, they announce giveaways.

For example, on the company’s 10th anniversary, they offered ‘get one seed free with every set of 5 seeds’, free vape pen with every order.

Additionally, a monthly scheme is also announced for their buyers.

Attractive discounts, offers, and deals are an integral part of True north.

Moreover, the inventory of True north is not just limited to Cannabis seeds. It extends to different merchandise like clothes, mugs, storage, smoking accessories, and smokes focus.

There are 7 different payment modes supported by True North.

The debit/credit card payment is available only for the USA. E-transfer is available for Canada only. Fast Debit pay is available for the USA.

International money orders (USD or CAD), cash by mail, and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin, and potcoin are available globally for payments.

If you are thinking about the safety of your money for the financial transaction, via the seed bank website, be rest assured as it has an SSL Certificate.

Now, what difference does SSL make? It encrypts the payment details of the buyers, saving the transaction from being a victim of cybercrime.

Now perform those transactions fearlessly!

Apart from secure transactions, True north also facilitates custom advanced search, which will help the user to perform quick and required search effortlessly.

Like any big and reputed seed bank, true north also offers a loyalty program called ‘The true Loyalty program.’

There are 7 ways, by which you can gather the loyalty points like account registration, newsletter signup, social media sharing, referral to a friend, birthday points, etc.

The points are equalized as 500 loyalty points equal to 1 CAD$.

You can redeem the points for the next order.

However, there is a time frame limit of 180 days to use your points (except referral points), else it will expire.

Thus, it is quite a buyer-centric loyalty program.

The True north is quite pro-active as it regularly updates the best seller seeds, most popular breeders, and recommended seeds.

Canuk Seeds, Barney’s farm, DNA Genetics, and Dinafarm are a few of the most famous breeders’ list.

Afghan hash feminized and Automatic gourmet collections are some of their best sellers.

White crystal auto flower, Black Amnesia Haze fast, Killer Kush fast, Northern lights are a few of the new arrivals at True north.

Also, recommendations in strains are available in different categories of seeds.

Female seeds, HoTGG, Sensi seeds, CBD Botanic, and Ace seeds are recommended for buyers from experts.

Therefore, buying seeds from True north seed bank is a brainer. Choose from True north seeds bank as it is among the best online seed banks.

Go and get it now!

8. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS)

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds seed bank review

As the name suggests, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds seed bank is one of the oldest best online seed banks located in the Netherlands.

AMS is well-known worldwide for its different genetic strains.

They are suppliers of different kinds of cannabis seeds like regular seeds, feminized seeds, auto flower seeds, premium line, indoor seeds, outdoor seeds, white seeds, Sativa seeds, Indica seeds, Low THC CBD seeds, Cheap seeds, Medical Seeds, and Hybrid seeds.

Along with the usual seeds, they also facilitate the mixed combination of seeds like auto flowers, cannabis cup winners, fruit species, or medical combo. Christmas combo and cup-winner feminized combo are a few popular ones among them.

AMS offers a broad range of strain selection. You can choose among 135+ strains for you grow space.

AMS has a simple motto, ‘Pick a pack and start enjoying multiple strains!’

Apart from the essential seeds, AMS also sells marijuana fertilizers like flower power fertilizers bio starters, Flower Power foliar All in one fertilizer. These are a few of them to mention.

Apart from fertilizers, it also sells hemp cheese. Dutch Hemp cheese is primary among them. It is filled with nutrients and leads to a healthier lifestyle.

Additionally, AMS also provides various articles as grow guides for newbies and blog posts on a wide range of topics, which is excellent in its regard.

Many breeders of AMS have been awarded the cannabis winner cup, which is a proud achievement in itself.

Owing to the freshness and superior quality, germination from AMS seed bank seeds can be guaranteed.

To ensure germination guarantee, various tests on seeds are conducted by expert breeders.

AMS follows the stealth shipping system.

AMS ships globally except in a few regions that have stringent regulations. Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey are a few of them to name.

They guarantee shipment within 21 days across the globe. But still, if the parcel does not reach you, contact them, and they will resend the whole stuff to you again, and that too free of cost.

As far as privacy is concerned, AMS sends seed in a crush-proof envelope, with a neutral return address.

Your seeds may be hidden inside a foreign object to protect it from the prying eyes of suspicious users.

The best point of AMS is that they provide free of cost shipping or free shipping for all orders and all locations.

AMS supports multi-payment methods like cash, cards, bank transfer, and cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

A minus point of this seed bank is that you cannot track your parcels. There is no such facility as a barcode system.

An added advantage is the SSL certificate. SSL certificates encrypt all your personal and payment details and keep you the same from the infamous cyber attacks.

Time for the most exciting section, freebies!

AMS is generous in terms of offering freebies.

It provides 10 seeds free on sale of 10 on various seed and strain type selection like white widow XTRM auto-fem.

Apart from the freebies, the AMS brand actively arranges sales and discounts on various seeds and strains periodically. You may get your desired deal. Check it now!

Another minus point is, AMS mainly deals in retail. There is no special bulk section available.

AMS has a user-friendly and intuitive navigation website. The GUI is just natural to go.

It also hosts a quick search to help the buyers get their preferred choice quickly.

The website of AMS also shows the hot picks (popular products), the best sellers, and the recommendations.

Big bud feminized, Happy haze feminized, AMS XTRM feminized, White widow feminized, Mother of all buds, etc. are some of the hot picks (a popular choice among buyers).

Premium line seeds are the recommendations from the experts. 420 Carat feminized, AK 47 XTRM feminized, Amnesia Trance feminized, Dream catcher, Rainbow Kush are some of the expert recommendations.

Go for AMS as it is one of the best online seed banks present at this date.

Do you wish to buy the best seeds now? Click here.

9. Growers Choice Seeds seed bank


The Growers’ choice seeds have marked their place in our list of the top 10 best online seed banks that ship to the USA.

If fully-feminized seeds are your top priority for your grow space, Growers choice seeds are the best place to be.

They do all their trading, mainly from California.

A noteworthy point to mention is, 20 years of experience in the field of cannabis cultivation have made them the king of the marketplace for feminized seeds.

The vision of the brand lies around, ‘Freshest Cannabis with the highest germination rate.’

Let’s unveil their inventory and what they have in store for our buyers!

As mentioned in the starting, they mainly have feminized seeds, auto flower seeds, and high CBD seeds for trading.

The focus of the brand is also to curb many medical ailments like anxiety, sleep disorders, chronic pains, and much more, and they have medical seeds for the treatment of each of them.

GCS has more than 40 varieties of strains available for buyers.

It also sells other related products like CBD balm that heals and creates a therapeutic effect on medically ill patients.

Apart from seeds, the brand also believes in making buyers and grow enthusiasts aware of all the essential growing information.

Therefore, they have a highly informative and valuable blog that has articles related to best cannabis growing practices and all information related to it.

They float articles with interesting topics like, ‘Why cannabis cafés are marking a great rise in North America?’ and many such issues.

They additionally also have an online resource called ‘cannabis grow’ to advise and forum, to help all the growers grow marijuana irrespective of their experience level.

There you will learn the A to Z of cannabis cultivation like beginners guide, best strains, best fertilizers, and so on.

Apart from selling the seeds and strains of the same type and category, Growers choice seeds are flexible with the mix and match of different seeds, and it allows users to buy their preferred combo.

Another unique trait of Growers Choice Seeds is, you can use online as well as telephonic mediums to order your cannabis seeds.

Isn’t a human telephonic interaction significant?

If at all, are wishing to expand their grow space or if vast scale cultivation is on your mind, then you have hit the bull’s eye.

GCS does retail as well as wholesale trading. You may select the one suitable for you.

For those interested in large-scale cultivation, wholesale will work the best for you.

The brand goodwill increases by the fact that it offers a massive 90% seed germination guarantee.

If that is not the case, then the brand is ready to replace them without a speck of doubt.

They are confident enough to offer the highest germination in the whole cannabis cultivation industry.

To get the replacement seeds, you must have followed grow instruction to the T, as mentioned in the grow guide (water glass/ Paper towel germination method).

The brand also takes extra efforts to ensure a 90% seed germination guarantee. Each seed undergoes a rigorous test, and only then the seed becomes eligible inside the sales inventory for sale to the buyer.

GCS knows and highly values the time, privacy, and safety of the buyers.

GCS offers discreet shipping. Packages are stealth, and they come in airtight padded parcels. And they do free stealth shipping!

Isn’t that incredible!

Very few seed banks give such types of services.

The company prints only the necessary postal information and buyer information.

The rest of the data is not revealed in the package for safety and privacy purpose.

They offer flat-rate shipping. A flat rate ship fee means the shipping fee will remain the same irrespective of the number of seeds ordered by you.

If you are eager to know whether your location is covered for delivery, be rest assured as

GCS ships the cannabis seeds globally.

However, the discretion of the respective country’s rules and regulations is advised by the brand.

Another advantage is, if your order is a bigger one and it surpasses $500, then you would be waived off from the shipping cost altogether.

That’s fantastic!

US residents get their orders in 7-10 working days at a flat rate of $9.95.

Australian residents can get their orders in 7 to 25 working days at a flat rate of $30.

If you are a buyer from Canada, then it will take 7-14 business days and $14.95 for the delivery as a flat fee.

For Europe and other countries, you will be charged $30 as a flat fee, and it will take 7 to 25 business days for your parcel to reach your doorstep.

A plus point from GCS is, now you can keep a close tab on your seeds.

Yes, you can track your package. GCS follows the orders with the help of a tracking number.

One minus trait is, the company is not generous with very limited freebies.

For example, if you pay via pay by mail, you will be eligible for monthly free seeds on subscription to their website.

If you are one of those breeders interested in creating new strains by the mix and match of various seeds, then this is your place.

GCS offers wholesale seed combos for those buyers looking for a mix and matches flavor in a single order.

As far as payment is concerned, GCS provides as good as 6 different payment methods.

You can pay by mail (get free seeds), Bitcoin (secure and anonymous payment), Zelle (the US only), Interac e-transfer (for Canada only), ACH electronic checks (for the US only), Visa, and MasterCard (* conditions apply).

Additionally, you can swim through the payment modes as safe as a newborn child owing to the SSL certificates.

What SSL does is, encrypt your sensitive details like payment and personal information.

This SSL keeps unethical hackers and cybercrimes at bay.

Hence, it is excellent incorporation on their website.

GCS thinks about their buyers’ benefit. It hosts various sales and decent discounts periodically.

Click the orange-colored ‘Buy seeds on sale’ button at the top left of the website homepage and get benefits right in your bank account.

Like high-end seed banks, GCS also hosts a good loyalty program.

It works as all the traditional loyalty programs work.

You gather loyalty points by sign up, placing an order, referring a friend, and posting a product review.

As a buyer, you can redeem your point for your next subsequent purchase by logging into your account, choosing the product of your choice, choosing to redeem the points option, and applying that.

You can only redeem if you have sufficient points.

Your points have a validity of one year only, but the good thing is, you will get a notification of your loyalty point’s expiry a month before your point’s expiry date.

Apart from the exciting loyalty program, the website GUI is also user-friendly, and it consists of a search button to help users click with the exact product they are in quest of.

Now we move to the exciting part of the review.

We have consolidated a list of best sellers and most popular seeds for you to decide at a glance and buy them right now for your grow space.

A few of the best yield cannabis strains are Blueberry auto-flowering, CBD Moby Dick, Cheese Auto- Flowering, Critical Purple Auto-flowering, and Hindu Kush Auto.

Best recommendations from experts are Cinderella 99, Cheese auto-flowering, CBD shark, and Chemdog #4.

Buying seeds online has never been so easy and better.

Choose yield, choose GCS as one of the best online seed banks available out there.

Follow this link and see it for yourself.

10. Ministry Of Cannabis seed bank

Ministry of Cannabis seed bank review best online seed banks

This one is from Spain. Yes, buyers, the Ministry of Cannabis seed bank is sought after as one of the best online seed banks and has fixed its spot in our Top 10 best online seed banks.

With 15 + years of experience in selling marijuana seeds, they have becomes buyer’s favorite picks.

Research, innovations, new strains with the latest hybrid genetics are their topmost priority. MOC is the top breeder and expert growers den.

Ministry of Cannabis mainly deals with feminized seeds, auto flower seeds, and mixed seeds.

A mixed seed combination is a plus point, which many seed banks do not offer.

Big bud XXL, Cannabis light, Carnival, CBD star, and God’s glue are some of the feminized seeds for trade.

Auto CBD star, Auto cheese NL, Autopilot XXL are some of the auto flower seeds for trade.

Mix auto chill out, Indica mix deep relaxes, Sativa mix are some of the mixed seeds for trade.

This being one of the best online seed banks guarantees as good as a 90% germination ratio.

Now, that is phenomenal!

If the ratio fails to satisfy the given limit, then be ready for your next package from their side, and that too free of cost.

That’s what highly reputed company’s do!

The buyer’s privacy and safety matter a lot to the Ministry of cannabis. Hence they will provide their buyers with discreet and safe packaging.

The delivery cost is not entirely free. You have to bear some costs from your pocket.

If your order value is under 75 Euros, then you will have to pay 8 Euros for Europe and 10 Euros for a location outside Europe.

However, if you buy seeds worth a value greater than 75 Euros, then delivery is absolutely free for you!

Ministry of Cannabis does shipment throughout the globe (Europe as well as out of Europe).

Ministry of cannabis has surely something for freebie fans!

You get 1 free seed for every purchase under EU 50, two free seeds for purchase between 50 to 120 Euros, and 5 free seeds for purchase above 120 Euros.

That’s amazing!

If you are thinking of how to pay for the orders, then we let you know that the Ministry of cannabis supports 5 payment methods.

You may use the credit card from Visa and MasterCard, debit card, bank transfer, cash, money gram, and bitcoin.

Can the payment options get better than this?

Another point worth mentioning is all your payments are safe because of the incorporation of an SSL certificate on the website of the Ministry of cannabis.

So, what difference will that make?

If the website has an SSL certificate, then all your important credentials like payment details and personal details will be encrypted. This security feature helps your payment transaction to be safe from cyber trouble makers.

The Ministry of cannabis hosts a dedicated new arrivals section at the top of their home page. Gods Glue, Mamacita’s Cookies, and Cannabis Light are some of the latest strains generated by the breeder.

Undoubtedly, Merchandise is one of the best ways to be in the minds of people for a longer time.

The Ministry of cannabis has a separate merchandise section for brand awareness and brand promotions.

The brand has T-shirts and various gadgets like the grinder in the inventory as merchandise. The merchandise also has discounted prices for some products too.

Their website has a simple and straightforward GUI and searches options for the ease of buyers.

Another unique feature, which no seed bank offers is the comparison table. You have to select the seeds and add them to the comparison list, click the compare button and you will get a good comparison list.

The site also features the popular choice seeds list. Auto Blue Amnesia Feminized seeds, Auto Blueberry Domina, Auto cheese NL are some of the hot items on the list.

The Ministry of Cannabis has got every reason to choose it as one of the best online seed banks.

Official Website

If you appear to be an experienced buyer, you will be able to quickly decide on the best seed bank for buying your cannabis seeds.

Still, if you are a newbie, you are bound to get overwhelmed by the plethora of choices that are available today in the marketplace.

But, we are here to guide you for your first seeds purchase, strain selections, and do’s and don’ts for selecting one of the best online seed banks.

How to choose the Best online seed banks

Seeds are available in the market via two main mediums, the local marketplace, and the online marketplace.

The reputation of the local marketplace is not as good and as reputable as that of the online marketplace.

The main advantage of selecting a reputed seed bank with years of experience and a good reputation is that those seed banks will not ditch you in the matter of quality and timely delivery.

Therefore, we recommend you go for the best online seed banks for your grow space.

Read the points below to know what are things are to be taken care of while selecting an online seed bank.

  • Check the reputation of the best online seed banks

Now the question is, how will you do that?

Research the years of experience of the seed bank, their quality, and the customer reviews for the same.

You will get a picture of how the seed bank is.

  • Is the after-sales customer care available?

Is it important? Yes, it is important.

What if you have any questions or queries or you are stuck up at any point of usage?

The presence of 24/7 support online, through mail or telephonic, demonstrates how thoughtful the brand of the seed bank is for the customers.

What about the consistency and trust factor?

The timing of the delivery and quality of the seeds are the two factors that determine the consistency and reliability of the brand.

The shipment must be made as per the time. And seeds should be as per the promised quality.

If anything other than that happens, like post order cancellation or untraceable shipment, then the brand scores less in reliability and consistency.

Check if the seed banks ship to your location?

What is the purpose of all the hassles you make, research seeds, seed banks, and the seed bank does not come to your location to deliver the seeds?

Huge disappointment!

To first step is to enter your locality pin code and check if the seed bank delivers at your location.

Do they provide guaranteed delivery?

The seed bank should offer guaranteed delivery with consistent quality and timely service. It adds a lot to the seed bank’s reputation.

What if your package got lost the midway or if confiscated by the officials?

The seed bank should guarantee delivery in such unexpected events.

Is the seed bank up with the germination guarantee?

Yes, this criterion is also essential. Imagine your reaction when 5 among 20 seeds germinate, and the rest one does not.

So choose the seed banks that offer a 90% – 100 % germination guarantee.
This trait will surely save your time, energy, and effort for further process.

Is the packaging discreet?

Often, cannabis-related products are spied, or the prying eyes of people always stare at it, as if it was some destructive weapon, shipped to harm humanity, and we know it is not.

Well, we cannot change people’s perceptions, but the right actions save us from unnecessary hassles.

Choose the seed bank that supports stealth shipping or discreet packaging.

Does the seed bank offer freebies, discounts, or loyalty points?

The majority of all of the companies offer attractive freebies, discounts, and loyalty programs to benefit subsequent order and customer retention.

Why should you be devoid of all this benefit?

So, use the gift of your choice wisely.

Are the prices on par with other counterparts in the marketplace?

You will not want those seeds that cost a bomb. Take quotes from three to four different seed banks and check if the range of the price is more or less the same.

If the seed bank has an unexpectedly high price, remember, the marketplace is flooded with other seed banks that offer a similar product at a reasonable and affordable range.

Is cryptocurrency payment possible with the seed bank?

Yes, cryptocurrency is the next big thing that all people are looking forward to. Many buyers invest and prefer famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, potcoin, litecoin, and so on.


The answer is anonymity and security.

Cryptocurrencies involve direct seller and buyer connections. There is an absence of a middle man or third party involved like the banks.

That makes it simple, straightforward, quick, and, most importantly, secure.

So, if you are done with using conventional payment methods like cash, plastic money, and bank transfers, bitcoin and cryptocurrency are the way to be hands down.

The feather on the cap is the attractive discounts offered by the seed banks on making payments via cryptocurrency.

How many varieties of strain are offered by the best online seed banks?

There are those seedbanks with a massive variety of strains, whereas there are others that have primary strains and the seed bank breeds on their own.

Prefer seedbanks with primary strains like Indica, Sativa, and hybrid, and they breed other genetics on their own. Producing their strains leads to full quality control, and you get pure strains.

Do the strains have a purpose or are they used just for recreation?

Among ample strains available to the seed bank, choose those with purpose like the ones that are having medicinal healing qualities. Pure recreation is for limited buyers.

Best online seed banks: FAQs

What are the main types of flower types/cannabis types sold in the best online seed banks?

The cannabis or its basic flower types are mainly classified into three types:-

Regular seeds

Growers across the globe most commonly use regular seeds. The proper seed can finally result in any sex of the plant. It can be a male, or it can be a female.

It is a cumbersome process to determine whether the seeds are male or female and involves a lot of expertise.

After the Flowering stage, it’s a child’s play to differentiate the male and female plants. If the plant yields sticky and big buds, then the seeds and strain are feminized.

In the male plant, there are no buds found. So, if you are sure about harvesting feminized ones, do not opt for these seeds.

So are they needed?

Yes, traditional strains were not feminized; hence, it can be useful there. And, most important, it can be used to develop the new breed and new strains, because a single male or female plant cannot be used in breeding all alone on its own.

If Pure genetic strains are your choice, close your eyes and go for the regular seeds.

Feminized seeds

As mentioned in previous seeds, feminized seeds are the main contributors to the buds and the harvest.

Feminized seeds are genetically changed by removing the male chromosomes from them.

How would you feel, if you get 20 regular seeds, and only 5 of them come out to be feminized with the buds as the output?

You would feel disappointed, right?

Therefore, if high yield and better sticky buds with a great harvest are your preference, then certainly choose the feminized seeds.

Auto-flowering seeds

Are you one of those growers who find changing the light schedules in various stages of plants a big headache?

Hold your horses as this one is coming, especially for you!

You all would be aware of the different spectrum demands of marijuana plants at various stages of the plant growth cycle.

The VEG stage needs more of the blue spectrum, whereas the BLOOM stage needs a red spectrum the most.

Auto flower seeds are those special ones, which change themselves gradually from the VEG stage to the FLOWERING stage.

It makes the growing process, so simple and all the hassles involving the light and schedules can be removed.

Mention the type of cannabis strains or phenotypes.

The most basic strains or phenotypes of cannabis are Sativa, Indica, and hybrid. Let’s have a sneak peek of all of them one by one.


Sativa is the tallest of the lot. The Sativa seeds become big, tall with narrow leaves.

The most suitable climate for Sativa is a warm climate. With a flowering time of more than ten weeks, Sativa plants can grow as long as fifteen feet.

Another plus point of Sativa is its resistance to disease and molds.


Indica is what the bushes are all about. Full and short, these strains find their comfort in colder climates.

The USP of Indica is the most sought-after dense, sticky, and thicker bud harvest.

Another plus point is the harvest time. Indica buds harvest quickly, much better than the Sativa variants.


Hybrid strains are a combination of Sativa and Indica.

There is a varied proportion of Indica and Sativa in hybrid. It can be 1:1 or 0.25: 0.75 depends on the breeders.

Hybrid seeds are most sold, famous, and preferred because of the characteristics of both Sativa and Indica.

What are the various payment modes available, and which one is recommended?

Online seed banks offer ample payment methods that are compatible globally.

A few amongst them are:-

Traditional cheques, PayPal, Bank/wire transfer, Plastic Money (Debit or Credit cards), Cash, and Cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

We recommend bitcoin because it is the most secure, safe, and anonymous mode of payment. It is the next big thing that the majority of people will prefer in the future.

It directs connects the bearer and payer without the intervention of any third party like a bank.

Seed banks attach drool-worthy discounts on the use of Bitcoin as a payment method.

What about safety and security if we pay for the orders online?

All of these seed banks are SSL Certified. SSL Certificate is a Network security concept in which all the credentials related to the payment get encrypted and thus keep all your information safe.

How can I get marijuana seeds in the USA?

There are three options in which you can get the seeds in the USA. One is the local store, the second is the state legal store, and the third is the online seed bank that ships to the USA.

You can choose a local store like Sidewalk XD for the marijuana seeds.

From the state legalized stores, you can choose any of them.

The best of the above two options have the risk of quality compromised seeds.

So, the best one to choose is the online seed bank option.

This post has listed the best seed banks for the USA; you may choose any one of them.

What will happen if my parcel is confiscated?

In case the authorities confiscate your parcel, they will discard the marijuana seeds from the parcel and send other things back to you.

The authorities will also add a note that they have discarded your seeds from the package.

Can I claim another package from the seller, if the authorities confiscate my parcel?

If there is substantial evidence of confiscation like a note from officials, then the sellers will resend you your parcel free of cost again.

Does every seed bank make registration and login mandatory?

No, you will not have to register in every seed bank and have a login.

It depends on the individual seed bank.

Many seed banks allow guest checkout and seeds order without usual sign-up and login.

However, when the seed backs offer the loyalty program, then you have to sign up and login for the same.

Can I share my cannabis growing experience with anyone?

If cannabis cultivation is legal in your state, then you may surely broadcast it by all means.

However, if cannabis growing is not legal, why do you invite yourself to the trouble?

Just keep that up with yourself!

You do not know when that information passed in the grapevine may harm you directly or indirectly.

What are some of the best strains that you would recommend to a beginner?

Our expert team suggest some of the best strains available in the marketplace for beginners in cannabis cultivation:-

  • White widow cannabis strain
  • Gorilla Glue strain
  • Jack Herer strain
  • Bergman’s gold leaf strain

What are the traits of the best online seed banks?

The best online seed banks will have the traits below:-

  • Each seed is a symbol of superior quality.
  • Customer care people are quick, responsive, and friendly.
  • The Seed bank supports all major payment modes.
  • Their websites have an SSL Certificate for the security and safety of payment transactions.
  • They are very clear with the high-end sensitive and important stuff like legal policies, privacy policy, and other terms.
  • The seed bank properly lists all of the variants of seeds, seed banks, strains, and breeders.
  • They all come with a germination guarantee.
  • They all provide stealth and discreet shipping.
  • On-time delivery and high consistency of quality seeds are their usps.
  • They sell natural, pure, and authentic marijuana strains.
  • They maintain their trust, loyalty, and goodwill at all costs.
  • Their refund and resend policies are crystal clear and praiseworthy.

What are the traits of a bad seed bank?

When you reverse all of the traits of a good seed bank mentioned above, you can come up with bad seed bank traits.

  • Bad seed banks do not pay much heed to the customer’s needs, queries, and suggestions.
  • Some sellers may compromise the quality of seeds. They may ditch you with old seeds that may fail to germinate fully.
  • Seed banks may support limited payment modes.
  • The website of such seed banks will not have an SSL Certificate.
  • They are not sure of and do not mention stuff like legal policy, privacy policy, and other terms.
  • The seeds do not come with a significant germination guarantee.
  • Bad seed banks do not have timely delivery and consistency in the quality of seeds supplied.
  • Their genetic strain may not be 100% accurate.
  • They may not refund the buyers’ money in case of discretion.

Disclaimer: Be well-aware of your state and countries rules and regulations before growing marijuana or purchasing any marijuana seeds online.

Many seed banks have their ways of selling seeds as souvenirs or for scientific/medical study purposes.

Growing Cannabis opposite to your state and local laws is not allowed and they do not encourage it.

We do not advocate or promote breaking any laws. We will not be directly or indirectly related or responsible for any activity related to it, which goes against the prescribed rules of the region.

Final Verdict

Each seed bank mentioned in the list is close to our heart as we have personally scrutinized and selected each one of them to be part of this elite and best online seed banks list.

All seed banks have their unique selling propositions.

‘I love growing marijuana’ has a broad range of strain selection and topnotch quality. ‘The ministry of cannabis’ has the seeds comparison feature. ‘Grower’s choice of seeds’ has a dedicated blog for their buyer’s guide. MSNL has a good loyalty program.

All of the seed banks that have made it to our expert list are the best online seed banks to order from.

But the winner in our list is ‘I love growing marijuana.’ Superior quality seeds, rich features, and a huge fan base among growers have made it our primary preference and editor’s choice.

The realm of cannabis cultivation is exciting and magical beyond words. Cannabis cultivation has many benefits, and it is worth a try at least once.

So decide on your environment, seeds and choose any of the top ten seed banks above for your to grow space.

Please leave your queries, comments, feedback, and suggestions in the comments section for us to answer.

Happy Cannabis cultivation!

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