Amsterdam Marijuana Seed Bank Reviews

Are you looking for a reliable seed bank? Then read this Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review to find out what precisely a secure seed bank consists of.

Amsterdam seed bank is every grower’s top choice, especially when it comes to reliability.

It is also known by the title of ‘Dutch King among seed banks.’

This seed bank is the torchbearer and one of the first seed banks to start the sale of the seeds online. This seed bank set out ten years ago to make a mark in the cannabis industry.

It is a brilliant combination of seed quality, strain selection, payment methods, customer service, discounts, and reliability.


Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review
Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review


Amsterdam Seed bank review is all about history, stature, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, variants of strain, stealth packaging, all about shipping, payment modes, freebies, medicinal benefits, seeds at a glance, yields at a glance, germination guide and much more.

Our expert team at ‘’ does a lot of research and experimentation in the domain of cannabis cultivation.

We exist and thrive intending to help readers with the most insightful facts and information on ‘Growing Marijuana’ and various ‘Seed Banks.’

Let us dig deep into the rabbit hole of this Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review and start with the history of the seed banks.

Precise History of Seed Bank

Amsterdam seed bank has a long and worthy experience of more than ten years. This seed bank is a Dutch-based seed bank.

Therefore, it is legal to grow Amsterdam seeds across the globe.

Amsterdam seed bank was the first among the seed banks to put their store online. This trait is one of the most significant feats achieved by this seed bank.

AMS has a simple motto, ‘Pick a pack and start enjoying, multiple strains.’

With such a pioneering vision, it isn’t doubtful that Amsterdam seed bank is one of the best and biggest online seed banks available in the marketplace.

The Stature of the Seed Bank

How can you say that a particular product is reputed? Numerous customer reviews and ratings, years of valuable experience, seed quality, word of mouth, trust, goodwill, and reliability build the high stature of the seed bank.

Amsterdam seed bank is complete in every aspect mentioned above. It has numerous reviews and ratings on trusted rating sources like Trustpilot and Kiyoh.

This seed bank has a vast number of experiences in selling cannabis seeds online.

Additionally, the ultimate seed quality and word of mouth make this seed bank reliable and trustworthy.

Thus, all the above features exhaustively make ‘Amsterdam seeds’ a highly reputed seed bank.

What do they sell?

The ‘AMS seeds’ seed bank has a rich inventory consisting of 135+ strains.

This ‘Amsterdam seed company’ has various cannabis seeds like regular seeds, feminized seeds, auto flower seeds, premium line seeds, indoor seeds, outdoor seeds, medical seeds, indica seeds, sativa seeds, white seeds, low THC, cheap seeds and hybrid seeds.

In addition to the core seeds, the Amsterdam seed bank also hosts other products like mixed seeds combo pack, fertilizers, and hemp cheese.

Overall, Amsterdam seed bank has a vast variety of strains and other products.


Amsterdam seed bank is the winner of the esteemed ‘Cannabis Cup’ award. Many of the strains have been awarded this prestigious award, which is a matter of great pride.

These award-winning strains increase the reliability and stature of the seed bank to manifolds.

Germination Guarantee

With many years of experience and high-reputation, it does not come as a surprise that Amsterdam seed bank offers an intact germination guarantee.

If the seeds do not germinate, you may receive your order again by the seed bank, and that too free of cost.

That is Awesome!

Stealth Packaging

Are you one of those buyers, that prefer to have your seeds parcel in stealth packaging?

Then you would have a pleasant experience ordering cannabis seeds from Amsterdam seed bank.

The seed bank places the seeds in a crush-proof container/ bag. Then the seeds are hidden in random objects like pens, toys, and cards to save it from prying eyes of suspicious onlookers.

To maintain privacy, the seed bank sends seeds in a padded crush-proof envelope, along with a neutral return address.

Therefore, be rest assured, your seeds are safe, secure, private, and confidential!

Shipping Guarantee

The Amsterdam Seed Bank has numerous customer reviews, ratings, and successful delivery ratios.

Owing to the factors above, we can say that the seed bank offers an excellent Shipping Guarantee.

However, the seed bank does not have any tracking facility or bar code, which can be a slight minus point on the seed bank’s side.

*If your seeds fail to arrive, inform them, within 21 days, to claim your next free order.

All about shipping

The best point of AMS is; it provides free of cost shipping throughout the globe, irrespective of the value and location of the order.

Amazing indeed!

Amsterdam Cannabis Seeds are shipped to all locations across the globe.

It takes 21 business days to send the orders across the globe.

One negative trait, which you can say about shipping is, the tracking facility is not available.

Is AMS seed bank safe?

There are specific criteria, which make the seed bank safe. A few of them to mention are seed bank stature, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, word of mouth, SSL certificate, and bitcoin payment methods.

And you guessed it right!

‘Amsterdam Seeds’ has all the features to make it a safe seed bank.

AMS marijuana seeds enjoy a highly esteemed stature in the marketplace.

In addition to that, it offers a germination guarantee and shipping guarantee.

What ensures the safety of this seed bank more is the strong word of mouth and excellent customer ratings.

Moreover, for encrypted and extremely safe financial transactions, the website has integrated SSL certificate and seamless bitcoin (cryptocurrency) payment.

Therefore, we consider the AMS seed bank safe.

Seed Quality

AMS hosts rich quality seeds, and numerous testimonies from various buyers are its proof.

Numerous breeders individually inspect each seed.

Also, each seed undergoes various strict tests and rigorous control measures to check the seed quality.

Thus, what more can be better to ascertain the high-class quality of seeds.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review : Freebies

AMS offers a lot of freebies. The seed bank regularly updates the freebies.

Very few seed banks will fair closely to AMS, in terms of the freebies.

How enthralling it is if you get ten seeds free on the purchase of 10 other seeds?

AMS offers the same number of seeds as you purchase, the majority of times.

Payment Mode

Multiple payment modes are indeed a boon as it increases the horizons of payment for buyers.

AMS supports multi payment modes. Cash, debit card, credit card, bitcoin, and bank transfer are a few to mention.

Using bitcoin, you get an extra discount, plus it is more safe and secure as the identity of the payee remains anonymous.

Other extra features

We are done with discussing the core features of this seed bank. Now let us proceed further discussing the additional features like occasional discounts, customer service, retail selling, AMS blog, merchandise, GUI, and search options.

AMS website has dedicated discounts and sale section, where discounts and sales are occasionally featured.

The sale section has three main parts, namely sale seeds, sale fertilizers, and sale merchandise.

That is exemplary!

Further, AMS seed bank has responsive customer service. They pay good heed to all the customer issues and complaints.

You can contact the customer care via email on

However, a small negative trait of this seed bank is, it does not deal in wholesale. It just deals in wholesale.

The AMS seed bank is much considerate to share everything related to ‘Growing marijuana.’ Hence it has structured the knowledge in the form of a prestigious blog.

The blog has various grow guides, how-to’s, and other informative articles.

It is indeed a great treasure house for the beginners, the intermediates, the experts, and the medical patients.

Additionally, AMS has various merchandise products that have a long-lasting impact on the buyers’ minds.

Some of them are apparel like t-shirts and others in the inventory.

The ‘merchandise’ is indeed a great idea to stay in the minds and hearts of people for a longer time.

Next, the seed bank has a straightforward and quick navigation website, which has many intuitive pages and sections.

Finally, the’ Amsterdam Marijuana seeds’ has the advanced search section, which helps the website visitors find their seeds and strains with just a single query.

Medicinal Benefits

The main aim of marijuana legalization was to use them so that the medicinal patients can get some relief.

The experts study that proper CBD content aids many ailments of the patients.

Some of the problems that can be solved by prescribed and controlled intake of marijuana seeds are,

  • Depression
  • Cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain
  • Multiple spasms
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Inflammation

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review : Seeds at glance

The seeds and strain collection of AMS seed banks can be described in one word, ‘huge.’

AMS has essential seeds like regular seeds, auto flower seeds, feminized seeds, indoor seeds, outdoor seeds, indica seeds, sativa seeds, white seeds.

In addition to the core seeds, it also consists of other unique seeds like premium line, CBD seeds low THC, cheap seeds, combination packs, medicinal seeds, and hybrid seeds.

We are mentioning a few of them from each category for your reference.

Regular Seeds: – Afghan seeds, African seeds, Aussie Blues, Bianca, Big bud

Auto Flower Seeds: – Amnesia trance Auto fem, Big bud auto fem, Blueberry 420 auto fem

Feminized Seeds: – 420 carats feminized, afghan feminized, AMS supreme feminized

Indoor Seeds: – AMS most wanted, Californian skunk, Candy Kush feminized

Outdoor Seeds: – Afghan, Afghan feminized, African, Blueberry 420, Bonfire feminized

Indica Seeds: – Cheese, Cheese Auto- fem, Cheese feminized, chronic auto fem, crystal rain

Sativa Seeds: – Bob Marley, Haze, Lemon ice, Light of Jah, Megha Jackpot feminized

White Seeds: – La Blanca, supernova, white queen, white widow, Super silver haze

Premium line: – 420 carats feminized, Bonfire feminized, Candy Kush feminized, Dreamcatcher

CBD seeds Low THC: – AMS Carmagnol, AMS CS CBD Genetics, AMS Futura 75 CBD Genetics

Cheap seeds: – Afghan, African, Aussies, Big Bud, Citral, Crystal Rain, Durban Poison

Combination pack: – AMS most wanted feminized combo, Christmas combo pack, Cup winner feminized combo pack, Happy outdoor mixed, Fruit basket feminized combo pack.

Medicinal seeds: – Afghan, Afghan feminized, AK 47 XTRM, Bianca, Bianca feminized seeds, Blue Dream, Bob Marley

Hybrid seeds: – African, American trance, Bonfire feminized, AMS supreme feminized, Californian skunk, Cheese, Cheese feminized, Dutch dope, early misty.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review: Yields at glance

How does your confidence in any brand and its product increase? Demo or output would be your answer.

Yields are solid proof of the perfect seed quality. In this section of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review, we present to you the returns of the various strains from this seed bank.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review: Yields
Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review: Yields

After having a glimpse of the yields of various strains, all I can exclaim is marvelous!

(image source:-

(image edit

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review : Germination Guide

In this section, we present the Germination Guide to help all levels of Growers.

This guide has the most renowned ‘glass method.’ However, you can use glass or bowl interchangeably.

Follow the steps to the T, to get fully germinated cannabis seeds:-

1. Order the seeds from any of the best seed banks like ‘Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

2. All you need is a glass filled with water. and pour your newly arrived cannabis seeds in water for 12-14 hours.

3. After step 2, take a kitchen towel and place all the soaked seeds on it.

4. The cannabis seeds germination is based on three critical factors, namely warmth, moisture, and darkness.

5. Ensure that the paper towel moist (but not wet). Do not worry; you will master this consistency in a few hours.

6. Cover this paper towel with another plate or paper towel to ensure warmth and darkness.

7. After 2-3 days, check if the taproots have started to emerge from the seeds.

8. Wait for 5-6 days for the taproot to ultimately emerge out from the cannabis seeds.

9. Once the taproots have fully emerged out of the cannabis seeds, the seeds are entirely ready for the cannabis plantation.

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Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review : FAQ

1. What is the exact location of the seed bank?
The seed bank is located in Amsterdam, also known as the Netherlands.

2. Where does AMS get the seeds from?
AMS gets the seeds from different breeders, to get the best strains in the market.

3. Does AMS offer any discount or coupon codes?
Yes, AMS offers coupons. Currently, it gives 20%, and now it is hosting ‘ALT420’ coupon code to offer a discount to their buyers.

4. How many does this seed bank take to ship the seeds to the USA?
It takes around 15-21 days to ship the seeds to the USA.

5. Where does AMS ship seeds from?
AMS ships seeds from Amsterdam.

6. Is AMS seed bank legit?
Yes, AMS is a legit seed bank by all means. Supreme seed quality, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, and word of mouth makes it a legit seed bank.

7. Which countries does AMS ship to?
AMS ships to all parts of the globe except for those regions that have stringent ‘cannabis growing’ laws. A few of them to mention are Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Singapore.

8. Does AMS offer to track shipments?
No, AMS does not offer a tracking facility on shipments.

9. What will happen if the authorities confiscate the order?
If the authorities confiscate the order, they will discard the seeds and send you a confiscation letter. You may send AMS seed bank that confiscation letter, and it will deliver your ordered seeds again.

10. What is 3D secure?
3D secure is an extra check done while you make an online payment with your credit card.

When you do so, you will be asked for a verification code to ensure that the identity of the legitimate owner of the card.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review: Conclusion

We have reached the final countdown of this Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review. It has been a pleasant experience to describe in-depth about various aspects of this feature-rich seed bank.

At this point, after much thought process and deliberation in this Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review, we can conclude that AMS is a first seed bank.

It fits all the features like high reputation, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, stealth packaging, seed quality, freebies, payment mode, medicinal benefits, and enormous strains, all in one making it a complete and fulfilling package.

Therefore, we rate this seed bank as ten on ten and highly recommend it for your cannabis seeds purchase.

for more information on seed banks, you may also refer Seedsman seed bank review and True North Seed Bank review.

Have you ever tried ordering cannabis seeds? How was your overall experience? We would love to know from your side.

Also, do leave your queries, comments, feedback, issues, and suggestions. We will answer them as soon as possible.

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