BC Bud Depot Seed Bank Review in 2021

Do you wish to order seeds from an award-winning seed bank? Go through this BC Bud Depot Review and experience the highest yields.

BC Bud Depot is a world-class seed bank that is regarded as one of the best seed banks in Canada.

The BC Bud Depot is an extensive seed bank with a massive number of strains, limited edition, accessories, medicinal seeds, customer care, and recipient of numerous industry awards.

In this BC Bud Depot Review, we are going to cover seed bank history, the stature of the seed bank, products sold by seed bank, awards, germination guarantee, shipping details, payment modes, and conclusion.

BC Bud Depot Review
BC Bud Depot Review

Our dedicated ‘bestofseedbanks.com’ team, toils day and night on a single mission of providing the readers with the accurate and valuable information on cannabis cultivation.

This trait, in turn provides immense value to the users and saves much of time, energy and effort for the same.

The Stature of the Seed Bank

This seed bank is based in British Columbia, Canada. It has 25 years’ long and valuable experience.

This experience itself is enough to prove the credibility of the seed bank.

Additionally, all significant seeds and strains from this seed bank have 4+ ratings, which in itself says a lot about the supreme seed quality and the seed bank stature.

Finally, word of mouth, the mammoth 25 years of experience, and seed quality add much trust and goodwill to this seed bank.

What do they sell?

BC bud depot sells different kinds of marijuana seeds like Feminized seeds, Auto flower seeds, high CBD seeds, and regular seeds.

BC bud inventory hosts as broad as 515 types of seeds.

That’s a vast number to choose from!

Apart from the core flower types and seeds, BC bud depot also deals with other accessories like ‘Wollammo’ wollastonite, an admixture that prevents mildews, pests, and other troubles from reaching the cannabis plantation and thereby, saves them from spoiling the ultimate yield.

All-in-all it fulfills all the needs of buyers, related to cannabis cultivation.


It has 36 awards in its kitty, which itself speaks of brand recognition.

A few of the awards to mention are ‘Best seed bank’ by ‘Grow Up awards’ in 2019, ‘#3 Sativa cup’ by ‘Canadian Cannabis Awards’ in 2017, ‘Top Strain’ award to ‘Night Nurse’ by ‘Top 10 Strains of the year’ in 2015 and ‘#1 Indica cup’ by ‘High Times Cannabis cup’ as early as 2004.

By and far, BC bud depot is one of those seed banks that has won the highest number of awards in the field of cannabis cultivation.

Germination Guarantee

BC bud depot is one such reliable seed bank that offers germination guarantee around 90%. But the seeds will germinate, if and only if you follow the germination guide provided by the BC bud depot website, to the T.

Stealth Packaging

BC bud depot offers stealth packaging for all its cannabis seeds orders.

In stealth packaging, the cannabis seeds are placed in a stealth container, which is crush proof. After that, that container is placed in a padded envelope, keeping details of the seed bank and some details of buyers discreet.

As you all know, cannabis legalization is still a matter of concern in many regions, cities, and states.

In such a scenario, this stealth packaging is immensely helpful in maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of the seeds delivery.

Because of the above trait, the BC bud depot seed bank can perform the stealth packaging.

Shipping Guarantee

The BC bud depot seed bank guarantees the shipping of the parcel. If the seed bank fails to do so, they will resend you your order.

That is awesome!

All about shipping

BC bud depot is well known to ship cannabis seeds worldwide.

However, the buyers are advised to be sure of the cannabis cultivation rules and regulations in their region, to ensure a smooth and pleasant growing process.

It takes around 9-10 business days to reach your seeds at your doorstep from the date of order.

Also, the seed bank insists on the buyers to keep a waiting buffer of 30 days from the order date, before contacting their customer care staff to report the non-delivery issues.

As far as the shipping rates are concerned, there are two slabs for the same.

The shipping rate is 5$, which is for default shipping, whereas the price for express shipping is $35. The default shipping takes regular business days, whereas express shipping makes the delivery faster.

Is BC Bud Depot safe?

BC bud depot seed bank has a plethora of features that make it a safe seed bank. A few of them to name are Shipping Guarantee, Germination Guarantee, SSL certificate integration, bitcoin, reviews, and ratings.

Shipping and Germination guarantees have been discussed in detail in the sections above.

Additionally, the website has an SSL certificate integrated into it, which makes the website and numerous transactions extra safe, owing to the encryption added to the website.

The next feature that makes BC bud depot safe are the numerous buyer’s reviews and ratings.

Finally, the bitcoin payment method ensures the safe and anonymous payment of the cannabis seeds.

Seed Quality

After reading this BC Bud Depot Review, you would be sure that the cannabis seeds from BC bud depot are undoubtedly the best of its class.

Each seed is handpicked and tossed by experts in growing.

Moreover, the seeds undergo strict tests and control measures plus quality assurance, to pass the seed quality test.

These traits above show the seriousness, sincerity, and dedication of the seed bank to provide the world-class quality seeds to the buyers.

At this point, we have reached the midway of this informative and exciting BC Bud Depot Review.

Stay with us till the end, and let us unleash more layers from this seed bank.

Payment modes

BC bud depot supports numerous payment modes.

Some of them are VISA credit card (pre-paid and postpaid), MasterCard (prepaid and postpaid), VISA debit card, MasterCard debit card, Cash, and Bitcoin.

You may use different payment methods in different scenarios.

If you wish to maintain anonymity, you may use bitcoin.

If you wish to be anonymous, yet do not need any trail, then you may use bitcoin.

Other Extra Features

Apart from the core features, the BC bud depot seed bank supports ample other features like occasional sales, customer care, informative blog, Good website GUI, and advance search option.

The BC bud depot team is much active to host occasional sales and discounts, to benefit the customers.

The deals can be as attractive as a 10-20% discount.

The next feature, which we will discuss, is the customer care. The customer care staff is helpful and co-operative in solving numerous queries.

You can contact them all days of the week via telephone (+1-888-402-2283) or email id info@bcbuddepot.com.


Also, the BC bus seed bank believes in spreading the knowledge related to cannabis cultivation to its readers all around the globe.

Therefore, they have launched a full-fledged blog. The BC bud depot blog is a rich collection of valuable and factual articles and guides for cannabis cultivation.

They keep updating their blog with the latest posts.

That is fantastic!

The next noteworthy feature BC bud depot has the simple to navigate website GUI (Graphical User Interface).

The website of the BC bud depot is highly organized and structured with most effortless navigation.

You will get all sections and pages in place and quite intuitive.

Finally, BC bud depot has an advanced search option, which refines the search of various seeds and strains.

If these features, astound you, click here to get seeds online from this seed bank.

BC Bud Depot Review: Medicinal Benefits

Apart from commercial selling, marijuana seeds are used in various therapeutic, medicinal, and recreational purposes.

BC bud depot has a dedicated section of ‘High CBD Seeds,‘ which has many medicinal benefits.

Some of the medical benefits of marijuana seeds are listed below:

  • Muscle pain
  • Headache
  • Migraine
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Insomnia
  • Lupus
  • Nausea
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Calming Nerves
  • Relaxation of Nerves
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • PTSD
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation

BC Bud Depot Review: Seeds at glance

BC God bud, Bubba God, Girl Scout cookies, Original blueberry, Tuna God, etc. are some of the best sellers.

Pie Crust (kre8 genetics), Ninja Star (kre8 genetics), Patty Cake (kre8 genetics), and Ape escape are few of the new arrivals (latest section).

The cake, Tangie Cookies, Girl Scout cookies, and BC God bud are among the featured products.

CC original haze, CC- Skunk #1, CC Skunk Wreck, and ROC Seeds – Grape X are some of the prized possessions of the limited edition.

Apart from these particular seeds, some of the seeds from the basic flower types are also mentioned for your quick reference.

Marijuana seeds (Various genetics): – BC bud depot seeds, Kre8 genetics, DNA genetics, Limited edition, and Scorpio crew seeds.

Feminized seeds: – 24K gold, 60 day Lemon, 60 Day Wonder, BC Cheese, BC Hash plant, BC kush

High CBD seeds: – CBD Elixir, CBD God, Harlequin BX4, Sour Tsunami

BC Bud Depot Review: Yields at glance

How do marketers make sure that you will surely buy the product? The output, result, benefits, and demonstration would be your answer.

In this section, our expert team of ‘bestofseedbanks.com’ has compiled numerous yields for you in the frame, to show you the magnificence and reliability of the BC bud depot cannabis seeds.

BC Bud Depot Review: Yields
BC Bud Depot Review: Yields

After having a look at the attractive yields of BC bud depot cannabis seeds, all we can exclaim is ‘amazing’!

BC Bud Depot Review: Germination Guide

BC bud depot is one of those trustworthy seed banks, that offers a decent germination guarantee for all its cannabis seeds.

However, to germinate all your seeds, all you have to do is follow the germination guide below, to the T, as mentioned in the BC bud depot website.

Germination steps for glass method or paper towel method:

1. Order your seeds online from BC bud depot seed bank.

2. Fill the glass with spring or distilled water.

3. Soak the seeds in the glass of water for 12-14 hours.

4. After that, you have to transfer the seeds to a damp paper towel.

5. One thing that you need to understand is, three factors are crucial for the germination of seeds. They are the right amount of warmth, darkness, and moisture.

6. You have to try to maintain the balance of all these three factors near your cannabis seeds.

7. After the seeds are transferred in the paper towel method, you have to soak them up in Jiffy Peat Pellets.

8. Jiffy Peat Pellets are one of the most convenient ways to start the seeds germination. They are made up of sphagnum peat from specially selected bogs.

They are made up of lime and a special fertilizer with low ammonium content. The pellets have a ph of 5.3.

Thus, they are the best medium to start seeds indoors!

9. Soak the pellets in ph balanced water, and then when they have cracked open, take them out and allow them to drain off.

Few more steps to Germination

10. After that, place every single seed per pellet in the dark for 1-2 days and observe the seeds intermittently to check if the roots are emerging from them or not. Remember that you have to maintain the level of moisture consistency at all stages.

11. Once the taproots have developed from the seeds, transfer the seeds to the propagator.

12. Use a strip or a fluorescent light for 18 hours a day and maintain temperature around 21 degrees Centigrade.

This method guarantees a 90% plus-minus germination rate for seeds.

BC Bud Depot Review: Germination Guide
BC Bud Depot Review: Germination Guide

(Image source:- bestseedbank.com)
(Content source:- bcbuddepot.com)

BC Bud Depot Review : FAQ

Where does BC bud depot ship seeds?
BC bud depot ships seeds worldwide. But you should be aware of the laws of your region regarding marijuana legalization, for you to be eligible to order the cannabis seeds online.

What name appears on the bill of the buyer if he chooses a credit card as a payment mode?
The credit card of the buyer is billed under a very discreet name. The seed bank takes care of privacy and confidentiality.

Does BC bud depot offer a shipping guarantee?
Yes, BC bud depot offers a shipping guarantee.

How will the seeds be packages?
Acute care is taken to maintain a stealth packaging of seeds. This stealth packaging maintains the privacy and secrecy of the shipping of cannabis seeds.

What is the compatible currency for BC bud depot?
The compatible currency for BC bud depot is US dollars.

Are there any retail stores of BC bud in existence?
Right now, there aren’t any retail stores of BC bud depot. But the creation of such offline retail stores is undoubtedly in the pipeline.

When is the order shipped?
The order is shipped within a week, as soon as it is received.

Is there any way to increase the female to male ratio?
Yes, there is a sure-shot way to increase the female to male ratio. You can do so by ordering from feminized varieties.

Which credit cards are accepted by BC bud depot?
The BC bud depot seed bank accepts Visa and MasterCard vendor’s credit cards.

What is the shelf life of these seeds in terms of storage?
The cannabis seeds from BC bud depot can be stored for as long as 20 years. But, the only primary condition is proper storage.

Some more FAQs

Is BC bud depot seed bank legit?
Yes, BC bud depot seed bank is legit by all means. It has topmost seed quality, shipping guarantee, and germination guarantee.

Is it mandatory to register to the BC bud depot website, to order seeds from the seed bank?
No, it is not mandatory to register to the BC bud depot website. You may order the seeds as a guest and checkout accordingly.

All you would have to do is, enter the contact and shipping information during the checkout.

What happens if the authorities confiscate the seeds?
If the authorities confiscate the seeds, they will discard the seeds and send you the remaining pack with a confiscation letter.

All you have to do is, show that confiscation letter to the seed bank to claim your next resend batch of cannabis seeds for free.

Does the BC bud depot seed bank support refund?
No, the BC bud depot seed bank does not support the refund. But, you can try seeds by ordering a small quantity of them at the initial instance.

BC Bud Depot Review : Conclusion

After much deliberation and in-depth introspection, we have come to the endpoint of this valuable BC bud depot review.

BC bud seed bank is every cannabis grower’s dream. It has distinct features like high reputation, germination guarantee, high-class shipping, superior quality seeds, ample payment modes, and a conclusion.

These features make it a buyer’s top preference seed bank.

Therefore, we give this seed bank a 5-star rating and highly recommend it to all the buyers for the purchase of cannabis seeds.

To know about various seed banks, refer our two other articles, namely ILGM reviews, and MSNL reviews, to get more insights for the same topic.

Have you grown your cannabis by ordering cannabis online? If yes, then let us know your overall seed bank experience and insights from the same. We would love to grasp something from your valuable expertise.

Also, leave your suggestions, queries, feedback, and issues down in the comment section, and we will attend to them as soon as possible!

Meanwhile, enjoy your cannabis cultivation!

Official website:- https://www.bcbuddepot.com/

(image source for feature image:- pixabay.com)

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