Crop King Seeds Bank Review in 2021

Are you searching for an award-winning seed bank that guarantees ultimate yields? Go through this Crop King Seeds Review and experience best seeds from the kings of the seed bank, ‘Crop king seed bank.’

The seed bank is also referred to as ‘the king of the seed banks.’ It has earned its title owing to multiple years of experience and goodwill in the market.

Crop king seeds have a plethora of fantastic features like the recipient of many awards, multiple strains, top-notch seed quality, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, reliable, co-operative customer care, and easy GUI.

Crop King Seeds Review

The strives 24 x 7 to help you out with growing cannabis and provide useful information to the growers at all levels.

This Crop King Seeds Review is one of the many compiled pieces of observation, experimentation, and research of our expert team.

This Crop King Seeds Review will contain various sections like history, reputation, seed bank products, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, awards, safety, shipping, numerous payment methods, loyalty programs, advance search, and FAQ.

Are you as excited as we are?

Let us start the Crop king seed review.

The precise history of Crop King Seeds

Crop king was found as early as 2005. Since then, it has been improvising on the seeds and acing the quality of seeds with each passing day.

Crop King seeds have the mission of ‘deliver ideal seeds for beginners and growers.’

Crop king started as an employee company with selling seeds from just an apartment to being a full-fledged company spread across 300 outlets in Canada alone.

The transition from a retail shop to online selling was vast and influential.

An interesting fact about Crop king is, it was to start as early as 2000, but owing to the timing of the ‘Cannabis Legalization’ in Canada, it began in 2005.

The major turning point, which brought Crop king at the top of the pack, was the Cannabis legalization in the states like Colorado and Washington in the USA,’ which marked the rise of Crop king in the arena of ‘Cannabis Cultivation.’

Crop king seeds seed bank is improving and progressing exponentially with each passing day. They have 40 strains in their rich inventory.

The seed bank focuses on the development of new strains. Each year the brand adds up to many strains.

Thus, Crop king seeds help the new and expert growers to get their ideal cannabis yield.

The stature of Crop king seeds seed bank

What factor makes you trust a product? Is it word of mouth, years of experience, guarantees, multiple awards, or ratings from a trusted source?

Crop King seeds have it all. It stands strong among numerous seed banks, like ‘a king’ as the name suggests.

This seed bank started small, but due to its consistency and delivery of quality seeds, it has become the buyers’ favorite. All this feat has been achieved in a short span of fourteen years.

That is a vast and remarkable experience!

With more than a hundred physical retail outlets in Canada, the reputation of this seed bank increases to manifold.

Adding more to its rich profile are the buyers’ reviews and comments that add more to the reliability and trust factor.

The germination guarantee and the shipping guarantee add much to the stature of crop king seeds seed bank.

Moreover, multiple awards won by it add to the trust and reliability factor.

We at ‘’ really feel happy to write this Crop King Seeds Review post.

Thus, Crop king seeds seed bank holds a high stature in the marketplace.

If you are curious to know more about the seed bank, click here.

What do they sell?

The buyers tend to check out the whole range of products available in the inventory or display of the company and then consider the brand.

Crop king seeds seed bank has a large number of strains, which are suitable for all levels of cannabis growers like beginners, intermediates, and experts.

Crop king is the proud inventor and owner of 40 different genetic lines of marijuana seeds.

These seeds are of different categories like feminized seeds, auto flower seeds, regular seeds, High medical CBD seeds, mix and match seeds, and dwarf auto fem seeds.

Purple Kush feminized, Gelato feminized, Northern lights auto flower, Lambs breath auto flower, Blueberry regular, Afghan regular, CB diesel CBD feminized, Auto flower mixed, feminized mixed and Dwarf low flyer auto flower are some of the top seeds from Crop King.


Crop king is a proud recipient of many awards and accolades in its kitty.

A few of the best ones to mention are ‘Top Canadian seed bank award’ awarded by ‘Canadian Cannabis. ‘

Additionally, it also received the prestigious ‘Best Canadian Seed Bank Award’ in 2017.

These awards add immense value and reputation to the seed bank and make it trustworthy for the Buyers in the marketplace.

Germination Guarantee

The Crop king seed bank offers as good as an 80% germination guarantee. This germination ratio is indeed very appreciable.

Therefore, if you follow the germination instructions to the T, as mentioned in the crop king website, your seeds are sure to sprout.

The policies are fair enough that if your seeds fail to germinate, you will be resent the whole order.

Have you come across any seed bank with this feature?

Stealth Packaging

‘Growing marijuana’ is yet to be legalized in many parts of the USA, Canada, Europe, and worldwide.

Hence, it seems evident if many eyes are prying your package of cannabis.

So, Crop king seed bank takes a wise step.

It does stealth packaging. In stealth packaging, the brand packs your seeds in a robust container, which will keep the seeds intact.

Then the robust container is hidden within random unexpected objects like pens, birthday cards, and t-shirts.

In this, the brand ensures you safe, secure, private, and confidential delivery of seeds.

This feature is worth applause, indeed!

Shipping Guarantee

The Crop King brand ensures that, if, in any case, the delivery of the order fails due to any reason, then it will resend the whole order again.

Crop king ensures the free and timely delivery.

However, if you give the wrong input of your address, then you will not be eligible for resend of order.

That’ impressive!

All about shipping

Crop king does not offer free shipping. You have to shell out the cost of shipping, i.e., $10(regular shipping) from your pocket.

The shipping is available throughout Canada and other regions as well.

In some instances, you may take advantage of free shipping, e.g., If your order crosses $200.

It takes 2-7 business days to reach the order within Canada. For other international parcels, you would have to wait for two weeks to reach your package at your doorstep.

There is also the additional facility of tracking the order if you are willing to pay 30$.

That is great!

Is Crop king seed bank safe?

How can you ensure that the seed bank is safe? Your answer would revolve around many factors like guarantees, word of mouth, and much more.

The Crop king seed bank is a holistic seed bank with a germination guarantee and shipment guarantee.

Moreover, the tracking feature, SSL certificate of the website, bitcoin payment method, and buyer’s reviews add more to the safety feature altogether.

However, we can also assure you that it is safe.

Crop King Seeds Review: Seed Quality

The seeds from Crop king are of the topmost quality.

A dedicated team of expert breeders is hired to inspect every single seed for its quality, and only then it is sent out for packaging within the orders.

Throughout the procedure, the seeds have to undergo strict tests and standard procedures.

Additionally, the freshness of the seeds is ensured by the scrutiny.

Therefore, you can be sure that supreme quality seeds will be delivered to you.

Crop King Seeds Review: Freebies

Here comes the section of your interest.

Crop king follows the concept of ‘Buy more, save more!’

You will get ten free seeds on purchase above $420. There are many such freebies on board.

Freebies rock!

Crop King Seeds Review: Payment modes

Yet another vital feature is the compatibility with many payment methods suiting the buyer requirements.

Crop king supports numerous payment modes.

The ones supported by payment modes are Visa Card, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Cash in the mail, Interac e-transfer, and Money Order.

Bitcoin provides privacy and safety to the buyers at the same time, maintaining anonymity.

In case you do not need any trails, go for payment via cash.

Payment is in Canadian dollars for Canada and US Dollars for the rest of the world.

You have to be older than nineteen years to place your order and cultivate cannabis in your premises.

Other Extra Features

Apart from these mainstream features, some extra features contribute to the greatness of this seed bank.

A few to mention are offers, customer service, retail outlets, blog, GUI and advance search option.

Crop king seeds regularly keep its offers, deals, sales, and discounts section active and give various benefits to the customers.

Customer care plays a very crucial role in the success of the brand.

This seed bank has helping and co-operative customer service. The customer service staff addresses any issues calmly and gives a proactive solution.

Moreover, there are several contact methods like email, phone, and live chat via which you may contact them and resolve your queries quickly and easily.

This phenomenal seed bank has two platforms for trading of Cannabis seeds. First is the physical retail outlet, and the second is trading of seeds online via the website.

That sounds incredible!

Crop kings share their valuable knowledge, hacks, tips, and experiences with readers via a blog/forum called ‘Crop king articles.’

Crop king articles are a collection of superbly crafted and well-written informative articles and guides.

You cannot afford to miss it!

Next, let us discuss the Ease of Use and GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the Crop king website.

The website of the crop king is well designed and very simple in navigation. All sections are at a place and very intuitive.

The cherry on the cake is the color theme that keeps the visitors interested and engrossed for a longer duration.

I give eight on ten for the website.

In addition to the website, what grabs our attention is an efficient search.

You may directly enter the seed, strain, or topic of your need, and there you go with the results.

That is time-saving, indeed!

Overall, Crop king is a mixed jumble of ample basic features and numerous extra features, which make it comprehensive.

Crop King Seeds Review: Yields at glance

The most critical and vital part of any product is the outcome. It demonstrates whether the product justifies the purpose, need, or desire for which it was purchased for.

Yields are the visual testimony of how great the product is!

We have curated and consolidated some of the pictures of yields from various seeds and strains, which will surely increase your confidence in the brand.

Below are the yields from different seeds of feminized, auto flower, CBD, and regular type strains.

Crop King Seeds Review: Yields
Crop King Seeds Review: Yields

I just can’t stop myself from looking at the elegant and beautiful Purple Kush yields. It is my favorite among all. Others too are just impressive and attractive in their own way.

You can describe the yields as ‘phenomenal,’ and they surely leave you ‘speechless‘ and ‘spellbound.’

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Crop King Seeds Review: Germination Guide

As we have already mentioned, Crop king offers a brilliant 80% germination guarantee.

But this guarantee is honored if you follow these instructions to the letter.

Plus, crop king takes guarantee of just the germination of seeds, not after the phase where they are transferred in unfavorable soil medium and environment.

Three essential components govern the germination of marijuana seeds.

They are warmth, moisture, and darkness.

*Use bottled spring water only

Step 1:- Put your seeds in a cup or glass of water for 12-14 hours. Take care of this timing as less than this timing is not enough, and if the timing is more than this, then the seeds will drown.

You have to make sure that the seeds sink at the bottom. If some of them may not sink, then it’s okay. Do not force too much.

Step 2:- Fold a thick paper towel and keep it on a plate. Put two pieces of paper towel above and below each other on a dinner plate.

Step 3:- Pour the seeds and water into the paper towel. Wrap the paper towel over the seeds to cover them. Pour off any excess water. The seeds must experience air, moisture, and heat simultaneously.

Step 4: Keep the plate in a warm, dark room and let them remain as it is till they open and crack up. One thing you have to make sure is that the paper towel remains moist at regular intervals. But one more caution is not to overdo it.

*Do not keep seeds in enclosed places without ventilation.

Step 5: By this, the seeds will begin to crack up, and a taproot will start to appear from them. Let this taproot grow around half or three fourth inches before transplanting.

More to Germination

Each strain takes around 2 to 7 days to open up and generate the tap root.

*Do not suffocate the plate and the paper towel by any means like another plate on top or zip lock back as they restrict the flow of oxygen in seeds.

*NOTE: – The guarantee will be honored if and only if this method (glass/cup and paper towel method) of germination is followed.

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‘*’ = important do’s and don’ts

Crop King Seeds Review: FAQ

Is crop king seeds seed bank legit?
Yes, it is. There is no speck of doubt regarding it. The guarantees, tracking, ratings, and reviews add up to the crop king seed bank, in making it legit.

Crop king is not interested in your money; it would rather deliver a quality product and so that you can spread it via word of mouth.

Who is eligible to buy the cannabis seeds from crop king?
All individuals, who are elder than nineteen years are eligible for buying seeds from crop king.

Which city has the main office of Crop king seeds seed bank?
The main office of this seed bank is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, on the western coast of Canada.

Does Crop king have physical retail stores?
Yes, crop king has many physical retail stores located in various parts of Canada. The website has a banner section, where you can spot a store nearest to your location.

What height will my cannabis reach?
The height of the cannabis plant depends on many factors like growing environment, soil medium, light and air qualities, etc. can cause the height of the plants to vary.

Dwarfs are the shortest, Indica spreads like bushes, whereas sativa grows thinner and taller.

Describe the best and most preferred method to germinate the seeds.
You may prefer to use the cup of water and paper towel method. For more information related to the germination of seeds, you may refer to the Germination Guide section above.

What if my store or company wishes to become the distributor of Crop king seeds?
Crop king seed bank openly welcomes the distributors to collaborate with them. You may contact them via the contact section on the website.

Few more noteworthy FAQs

Is it possible that a feminized seed changes its gender?
Yes, the feminized seed may become male or a hermaphrodite. But the occurrence of this event is as rare as 1 in 1000.

It is caused due to stress generated during the germination process.

What happens if my seeds are confiscated?
In case your parcel gets confiscated by the authorities, they will discard the seeds and will send you the remaining extra items like cards, t-shirts, which were used to hide your seeds.

They will post you a letter regarding the same.

You may show the letter from the authorities as substantial evidence of confiscation to the seed bank if you wish to claim your order once again.

On receiving the evidence of confiscation, the Crop king seed bank will send you the seeds once again.

Is registration compulsory to order cannabis seeds from crop king seeds seed bank?
You have to fill a ‘shipping details’ registration form, before your checkout from the website.

So yes, registration is a must, if you wish to buy seeds from this seed bank.

How can the Crop king seeds seed bank ensure privacy?
Crop king deleted your records from their system, as soon as it completes the order.

In addition to that, the crop king also keeps the buyers and brand’s information concealed and only reveals the necessary information needed for the billing and shipment.

Is there any availability of discount codes and coupons?
No, the site does not support discount codes or coupons as of now.


We have completed the informative journey of this Crop King Seeds Review and have reached the destined end.

Throughout the Review, we have covered the exotic features of this seed bank and how exhaustive it is!

There is a fine balance of quality, affordability, germination success, shipping guarantee, trust, numerous payment methods, and goodwill.

The Crop king seeds are all about being comprehensive!

Therefore, we give it thumbs up and highly recommend it for your cannabis grow space.

You may also refer our other seed bank review posts like ILGM reviews and MSNL reviews for more information related to this topic.

Have you ordered cannabis seeds from any other seed bank? Tell us about your exciting experiences. We would love to have them.

Your comments, suggestions, feedback, issues, and queries are precious to us.

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Till then, feel like a king, by trying Crop king!

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