Dr. Seeds Bank Review in 2021 (Updated)

Are you looking for the most reliable and award-winning Canadian seed bank for buying your cannabis seeds? Read this Dr. Seeds Review and get the guidance to ultimate yields.

Dr. Seeds Seed Bank is every grower’s ultimate quest. It is one of the most prominent seed banks based in Toronto, Canada.

This seed bank is a comprehensive collection of multiple strains, prestigious awards, seed quality, germination and shipping guarantee, ample payment modes, and other extra features.

This Dr. Seeds Review will cover various sections like the history of the seed bank, the stature of the seed bank, multiple seeds and products, awards, germination guarantee, shipping details, payment modes, FAQ, and other features.

The Dr. Seeds Review is done by our eminent and efficient ‘bestofseedbanks.com’ team.

We strive with the laser-focused aim of sharing the most value-added and worthy information related to Cannabis growing to our readers and growers.

Dr. Seeds Review
Dr. Seeds Review

The ‘bestofseedbanks.com’ is well aware of the problems faced by the Cannabis growing enthusiasts and professionals.

Hence our team strives the best to gather the most spot-on information of that domain.

That research leads to help you buy the best cannabis seeds for your grow space.

Our team is not about sugar-coated reviews but actual value-added honest reviews. Apart from this seed bank, we have already reviewed the best seed banks available and famous in the marketplace.

Let us unveil the various aspects of the Dr. Seeds seed bank!

The stature of the Seed Bank

You would be wondering, what can be the essential features of the seed bank, which consistently improve its yield.

You stay relaxed, as we have compiled them for you.

Word of mouth, Seed Quality, Experience, Goodwill, Trust, and Reliability are few of the impacting features to mention.

The Buyer’s reviews, ratings, and the pleasant experience that they share with others contribute much to the seed bank stature and the subsequent sales.

The next feature in the list is Seed quality.

It is rightly quoted that ‘Great quality is not an act, but a habit.

Nothing can subside the importance of excellent quality in a product. Dr. Seeds is a Toronto cannabis seed bank, which is well known for its supreme quality seeds.

Let us proceed with the experience. Dr. Seeds Seed bank is one of the oldest seedbanks with ample years of experience.

This experience adds much to the wisdom, trust, reliability, goodwill, and loyalty of the Dr. Seeds seed bank.

What do they sell?

Dr. Seed’s seed banks sell basic flower types like Feminized seeds, Auto-flowering seeds, CBD seeds, and Regular seeds.

Dr. Seeds also has primary strains like Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, top pick for outdoor, easiest to grow, big yields, high THC, Flower fast, Grows short, Prettiest flowers, and Good for extract.

Additionally, the Dr. Seeds website also features seeds that are ‘best sellers,’ ‘for beginners’ and ‘easy to grow.’

Also, Dr. Seeds sells Fertilizers and Organic Bio Stimulants. Flowering hydroponic fertilizer, Kelp Organic Bio Stimulant, Mother plant Hydroponic Fertilizer A+B are some of the fertilizers.

Finally, the website has separate sections, where it offers ‘shop by feature.’

‘Shop by feature’ has various features like indica, sativa, hybrid, top pick for outdoor, significant yield, high THC, Flowers Fast, Grows Short, Prettiest Flowers, Good for extracts.


Awards are a big way to recognize the seed bank efforts and increase its prestige to a greater extent.

Dr. Seed is the winner of the highly prestigious ‘Donkey Phallus Award.’

Numerous cannabis awards like these are organized annually by many ‘420’ organizations.

You will be eligible to qualify for this ward if the buds are perfectly grown and loaded with ripe trichomes, and you build the cannabis buds like the size of the ‘donkey Phallus.’

Winning this award is an unbeatable symbol of achievement, and only most deserving growers receive it.

Winning it, your bud with its photograph will enter the winner’s gallery. Plus you would also get the much loved and limited edition cup.

Thus, winning this award creates a high level of achievement and pride for the seed bank.

Germination Guarantee

What increases the confidence and gut of a buyer in choosing a seed bank for their grow space?

Undoubtedly, the Germination Guarantee is one of the essential base features of any Seed Bank.

Dr. Seeds Seed’s bank offers a high Germination Guarantee.

If the seeds fail to germinate, the whole idea of growing Cannabis fails.

If the cannabis seeds from Dr. Seeds seed bank fail to germinate, the seed bank honors its germination guarantee, and it resends the order of seeds again.

Shipping Guarantee

The ‘guarantees’ increase the certainty quotient of any event to happen. The same is the case with the shipping guarantee offered by the Dr. Seeds Seed Bank.

Dr. Seeds seed bank has a high success shipping reputation in the marketplace.

If your parcel is not delivered to you in the expected time frame (lost or misplaced case), contact the customer care.

Dr. Seeds Seed bank will ensure the delivery of the seeds again, and that too free of cost.

(* Provided you have given correct shipping address. The shipping guarantee will not be honored in case of wrong address credentials.)

That is phenomenal!

All About Shipping

Dr. Seed’s seed bank ships the seeds throughout the globe.

The shipping charges are not free of cost. You have to shell out 7$ for local Canadian delivery of the parcel.

Also, for parcels of international regions, there are different slabs.

For example, if we consider delivery in Las Palmas in Spain Europe,

International Parcel Surface fee is $50

Priority worldwide envelope is $72,

Priority global parcel is $92,

Small packet international air is $11,

Small packet international surface is $10,

Traded-packet international is $35, and

Finally, Xpresspost international is $74.

You may check the shipping charges according to your region and service chosen.

It takes around 1-5 business days to ship your parcel from Canada to other regions of the world.

Moreover, all the Canadian shipping options can be easily tracked by the Buyer’s, which is a plus point.

Thus, the shipping options of this seed bank are viable.

Is Dr. Seeds Seed Bank safe?

How can you say that a seed bank is safe?

Many factors working in combination, make a seed bank safe.

Germination guarantee, Shipping Guarantee, Tracking of the parcel, SSL Certificate integration, Bitcoin, and Buyers’ reviews make the seed bank safe.

Let us discuss each one of them gradually.

One of the prominent features of Dr. Seeds seed bank is the Germination Guarantee.

This guarantee forms a strong base of trust and goodwill for the seed bank.

The next factor in the list is the shipping Guarantee. That feeling is fantastic and different altogether when you are most relaxed and assured knowing that your parcel will be delivered with 100% surety.

Another added advantage is the tracking facility of the seed bank. You can track your parcel anytime, which is an excellent service and relief on its own.

Now, let us proceed towards the SSL Certification.

The website of the Dr. Seeds seed bank is integrated with the ‘COMODO SSL certificate.’

This SSL certificate enables encryption of important and sensitive details for financial transactions and other risk-prone transactions.

Isn’t that fabulous?

The next big thing that makes any seed bank safe is ‘the buyer’s reviews and ratings.’

People swear by other people’s testimonials and experiences.

Dr. Seeds seed bank has a massive collection of successful testimonials by many customers.

This trait makes it even more reliable.

Finally, using the much famous cryptocurrency bitcoin makes the seed bank safer altogether.

Seed Quality

Many buyers swear by the ultimate quality of seeds offered by the Dr. seeds seed bank.

These seeds ensure highest yields, densely plus sticky buds, and supreme harvest.

Moreover, each seed from the Dr. Seeds seed bank undergoes a manual inspection and high-level scrutiny from the expert breeders.

Also, every seed is approved of quality assurance by undergoing strict tests and other control measures.

Thus, the seed bank offers nothing less than very high-quality seeds.


Here comes the section that interests and matters the most.

Dr. Seeds seed bank has many unusual Freebies combinations.

Dr. Seeds offers one tin of seeds free with the purchase of 2 tins, as a part of the festive sale.

The seed bank is also known to host many free giveaways, which is highly visible.

All in all, freebies rock!

Payment mode

Let us discuss the payment methods, Dr. Seed’s seed bank hosts various payment methods like Visa card, MasterCard, American Express, and Bank transfer.

Dr. Seeds seed bank makes a plethora of payment modes available to reach a significant buyer base.

That is exemplary!

Other Extra Features

Dr. Seeds seed bank is a precious treasure of ample extra features apart from the essential core features.

We have listed them for you.

Merchandising, customer care, search options, offers, custom sort, good GUI, and photo contest.

Come; let us explore each one of them.

Merchandising is, by and far, one of the best methods of marketing and creating an impact in the minds and hearts of people.

There is much merchandising stuff available online.

Next, we have onboard is the quick and responsive customer care of Dr. Seeds seed bank.

You can ask your queries and suggestions via email rebecca@drseeds.net, provided on the website.

Further, we have is the search option, which will locate your desired seed and strain quickly.

Also, the Dr. seeds seed bank hosts numerous sales, offers, and discounts that get updated periodically.

The next unique feature of this seed bank is the custom sort. You can sort the seeds and strain via different criteria like Popularity, Rating, Latest, Price: low to high, and Price: high to low.

The website of Dr. seeds seed bank follows the simple yet effective Graphical User Interface (GUI).

All the pages and sections are precisely where they should be, and new readers also feel it easy to navigate and find their way through different pages.

Some more features

In addition to all the outstanding features above, Dr. Seed’s seed bank also has various guides, which will be a blessing for new growers.

Some of the guides are ‘how to start cannabis seeds in the soil,’ ‘how to start cannabis seeds in Rockwool,’ ‘lighting tips for new seedlings.’

All in all, it is natural, intuitive, and perfect!

Finally, the photo contest is yet another unique extra feature incorporated in this seed bank.

If you enter the Dr. seeds photo seeds contest, you will be eligible to win free seeds. Detail instructions are provided on the website.

If these extra-ordinary features impress you and motivate you to order cannabis seeds online, click here for the same.

Dr. Seeds Review: Medicinal Benefits

It is a known fact that marijuana seeds have tremendous medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

The primary reason to include the medicinal seeds is the high-demand and the tremendous therapeutic benefits from these medical marijuana seeds.

Medical benefits are one of the first reasons for marijuana legalization in different parts of the world.

Some of the medicinal benefits from marijuana seeds are listed below:

  • Lupus
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Mental depression
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Insomnia
  • Vomiting
  • Calming
  • Relaxing
  • Chronic muscle pain
  • Migraine headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation

Dr. Seeds Review: Seeds at glance

Feminized seeds:- Bruce Banner #3 Cannabis Seeds, Gorilla Glue #4 Cannabis Seeds, Grand Daddy Purple Cannabis seeds, LSD cannabis seeds, Blue Dream Cannabis seeds, Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds, Girl Scout cookies cannabis seeds.

Auto flower seeds:- Auto Girl Scout Cookies, Auto Bubba Kush, Auto Cream Cannabis seeds, Auto Low dryer Cannabis seeds, Auto Amnesia Gold, Auto Jeck Herer

CBD seeds: – 1:20 THC: CBD, CBD White widow cannabis seeds, CBD Jack Herer, CBD OG Kush, CBD Critical Kush, CBD super silver cannabis seeds.

Bruce Banner, Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream, and Granddaddy Purple are some of the best-sellers among various cannabis seeds.

Dr. Seeds Review: Yields at Glance

Our expert team of ‘bestofseedbanks.com’ has specially curated the magnificent and incredible results for you.

Dr. Seeds Review: Yields
Dr. Seeds Review: Yields

Looking at these yields will help you praise Dr. Seed’s seed quality as well as Mother Nature.

The only thing that I can utter from seeing these exemplary yields is ‘remarkable.’

Do you resonate the same with me?

Dr. Seeds Review: Germination Guide

You have chosen your favorite online seed bank, and you are excited about your next harvest. But, then you incur a small disappointment. Your precious seeds, on which you spent so much time, energy, and money, do not germinate.

That would dishearten you.

We do not want that to happen with you.

Therefore we are introducing this Germination Guide for you.

This method is famous as the paper towel method

1. Order cannabis seeds online from your favorite seed bank.

2. Put the seeds soaked in a glass of water for 12-14 hours. Make sure the seeds dip at the bottom. If the seeds fail to do so, tap them gently and dip them at the bottom of the glass again.

3. After two days, a small taproot will start to appear from the seeds.
One thing important to note is light, warmth, and moisture are the three essential components for proper germination of cannabis seeds.

4. Transfer all the seeds and water to a paper towel. One thing you have to make sure is to maintain the water consistency. The water should not be too wet or too dry. The dampness should be kept in a paper towel.

5. After 5-7 days, full tap roots of 0.5’’ to 0.75’’ would have emerged from the cannabis seeds.

6. Now the cannabis seeds are ready for plantation in your favorite medium, be it soil, hydroponics, or Rockwool.

Dr. Seeds Review: Germination Guide
Dr. Seeds Review: Germination Guide

(Content and Image Source: – bestseedbank.com)

Dr. Seeds Review: FAQ

Where is Dr. Seeds seed bank located?
Dr. Seed’s seed bank is located in Toronto, Canada.

Where do Dr. Seeds seed bank ship seeds?
Dr. Seeds seed bank ships seeds worldwide.

Do Dr. Seeds offer Germination and Shipping Guarantee?
Yes, Dr. Seeds does offer a shipping and germination guarantee.

How long does it take to ship an order?
Shipping time for an order depends on how far the location is from the central office. It usually takes 5- 10 business days to ship the order.

In which currency do Dr. Seeds accept payment?
Dr. Seeds accepts payment in US Dollars.

Does the Dr. Seeds website demand compulsory registration to buy seeds?
No, the registration to Dr. Seeds website is not compulsory. You may even order the seeds online as a guest.

What happens in the case of authorities confiscating the order?
If the authorities confiscate your order, your seeds will be discarded by them. They will also hand over a confiscation letter to you.

When you submit that letter to the customer care, your order will be resent to you by the seed bank.

Is Dr. Seeds seed Bank legit?
Yes, Dr. seeds is a legit seed bank. Germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, Seed quality, and buyers’ reviews, all of them make it a legit seed bank.

Dr. Seeds Review: Conclusion

Here we come to the wrap up of this Dr. Seeds Review. After digging deep into the various features of the Dr. Seeds seed bank, all which can be said is ‘impressive.’

Dr. Seeds seed bank is a great treasure house of world-class features for a seed bank.

It is a fantastic jumble of high reputation, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, multi-pay options, freebies, and lots of extra features.

Therefore, our highly esteemed expert team has given this seed bank a green signal for purchasing seeds online.

Have you ever used an online platform to order your favorite cannabis seeds? If yes, share your unique experience.

If seed banks interest you much, you may also refer to our other articles like Crop king seeds review and Quebec cannabis seeds review.

Our entire team is profoundly happy to respond to your suggestions, comments, and feedback, which you leave in the comment section.

Till then rock and Roll with your Cannabis!

Official website: – https://drseeds.net/

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