Growers Choice Seeds Bank Reviews in 2021

Do you want to order cannabis seeds that are fully feminized, yielding the best harvest? Then go through this Growers Choice Seeds Reviews post and get yourself the best cannabis seeds available in the marketplace.

Grower’s choice seeds seed bank is a Spanish seed bank, which is renowned internationally for its supreme quality of cannabis seeds. Its main focus area revolves around nature and wellness.

Also, it has marketing branches at USA and Canada.

Grower’s choice seeds seed bank is one of those seed banks that have ‘something in store‘ for every Grower.

Additionally, it has branches in the USA, and it also ships to the USA much fast, which is a plus point for many cannabis lovers and enthusiasts in the USA.

Growers Choice Seeds Reviews
Growers Choice Seeds Reviews

In this Growers Choice Seeds Review, we will describe the seed bank history, reputation, various products of the seed bank, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, all about shipping, seed quality, freebies, payment mode, and much more.

Our team of ‘’ works on the laser-focused mission of providing the most accurate and valuable facts related to ‘Growing Marijuana’ and various ‘seed banks.’

We buy and review an online strain that helps the growers with the overall experience.

Let us start this exciting expedition of ‘Growers Choice Seeds Review.’ Be with us till the end to unleash the Knitty gritty of ‘Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds.’

Precise History of Seed Bank

‘Grower’s choice seeds’ is best described as an internationally trusted and reputed cannabis seeds seed bank.

This seed bank takes pride in its precious and worthy, twenty years of experience.

Because of this outstanding experience, the horticulture experts have invented numerous strains called ‘Growers Choice Seeds’ of supreme quality that give the abundant harvest.

The company’s tagline, ‘We Grow better,’ truly resonates with its work.

The stature of the seed bank

Grower’s Choice Seeds (GCS) trades the supreme quality cannabis seeds that assure maximum yield.

Also, twenty plus years of experience in the ‘Cannabis Cultivation’ and ‘Cannabis Seed trading’ have made this seed bank ‘the king of the cannabis marketplace.

The experience also increases the trust and goodwill of seed bank among growers across the growth.

Additionally, the word of mouth and grower ratings do add significantly to the seed bank stature.

Overall, the stature of GCS is high in the marketplace.

What do they sell?

The USP of this seed bank is ‘Fully Feminized Seeds.‘ If you are one of those growers who crave highly feminized seeds, then you have reached the correct spot at the right time.

Also, the seed bank has 40 + different strains added to its inventory.

The main flower types of GCS are Regular seeds, Auto flower seeds, fully feminized seeds, and high CBD medical seeds.

Additionally, it also deals with other products like CBD balm, which has a highly therapeutic effect on medical patients.

The vision of the brand revolves around providing, ‘Freshest Cannabis with the highest germination rate.’

Thus, the inventory of GCS is overall rich with something for every level grower.

Germination Guarantee

‘Growers Choice seeds’ offer as high as 90% germination guarantee. So, if your seeds fail to germinate, just let them know, and you will get another pack of your seeds free without even a single interrogation.

That is phenomenal!

Stealth Packaging

Growers Choice Seeds offers stealth packaging of the marijuana seeds.

In the stealth packaging, the seeds are placed in a crush free, airtight, or zip lock or container. After that, they are concealed beneath any random object like a pen or card.

With this random object placed in a padded envelope, the seeds are shipped to the buyers.

This concealing of seeds ensures 100% safety, privacy, and confidentiality of cannabis seeds amidst stringent cannabis growing laws across different parts of the globe.

Shipping Guarantee

The GCS seed bank ensures a shipping guarantee. It has a huge success ratio of shipment delivery.

The reputation of the seed bank is such that, if the shipment fails to deliver, then GCS sends you another pack of your ordered seeds, again and that too free of cost.

*The shipment address details must be provided correctly by you; else you will not be eligible for second time delivery of seeds.

All about shipping

GCS delivers cannabis seeds throughout the globe (but you have to determine the legalities of purchase in your region to ensure smooth shipping).

The seed bank has a flat shipping fee rate per order, whether you buy ten or two hundred marijuana seeds.

If you stay in the US, you have to pay $ 9.95 as a flat shipping rate. For Canadian residents, $14.95 is the flat shipping rate. In the case of Australian residents, you have to shell out $30. For Europe and other countries, the flat shipping rate is $30.

Moreover, if you have ordered seeds with a value larger than $500, you will be waived off the shipping charges.

For the US and Canadian residents, it will take 7-14 business days. And, if you stay in Australia, Europe, or other parts of the world, it will take 7-25 business days to reach your parcel at your doorstep.

Finally, you can also track your parcel. All the orders are shipped with a tracking number so that you can keep a tab on your seeds at every step.

Is GCS seed bank safe

Let us introspect on what makes a seed bank safe!

Seed quality, numerous buyer reviews, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, shipment tracking, SSL certificates, and bitcoin cryptocurrency make a seed bank safe.

Grower’s choice seeds consist of all the above points.

The seed quality is supreme and fit for perfect yields.

The ample customer reviews and ratings add to the safety of this seed bank.

Also, the germination shipment tracking and shipping guarantee add much to the safety aspect of the seed bank.

Moreover, the integration of SSL certificates in website and compatibility with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin makes it an excellent seed bank altogether.

All in all, the Growers Choice Seed bank is indeed safe.

Growers Choice Seeds Reviews:Seed Quality

Undoubtedly, GCS offers top-notch quality cannabis seeds to all the buyers across the globe. The GCS team has horticulture experts that devise high yield and supreme quality strains that promise to deliver the most harvest.

Moreover, each seed is manually inspected by the experts, and it undergoes rigorous quality tests.

Thus, GCS has the best Seed Quality.

Growers Choice Seeds Reviews:Freebies

GCS lacks a bit regarding the freebies. It offers very limited freebies to buyers. For example, if you pay via pay by mail, you will be eligible for monthly free seeds on subscription to their website.

Growers Choice Seeds Reviews:Payment Mode

Growers Choice Seeds supports multiple payment modes.

A few of them to mention are pay by mail, Bitcoin, Zelle, Interac e-transfer, ACH electronic checks, Visa and MasterCard.

You will get free seeds if you are using pay by mail. Use bitcoin if you wish to ensure anonymous payments.

Another payment modes available are Zelle and ACH electronic checks, which are the best and suitable, especially for the US residents.

As far as cards are concerned, Visa and MasterCard work the best.

For Canadian residents, Interac e-transfer suits the best.

Thus, numerous payment modes are available to suit the different needs of the growers.

Other Extra Features

Apart from the core features, there are many extra features, which make GCS, an extraordinary seed bank.

An online forum, Wholesale and retail seeds, blog, occasional sale, customer care, loyalty programs, advance search option, and excellent website navigation are some of the extra features of this seed bank.

An online internet forum is an internet message board, in which people discuss a specific topic based on the message postings or a message thread.

GCS has a very active online forum, which discusses Cannabis Seeds Strain, Germination Guide, and other Cannabis related advice.

Next, GCS sells cannabis seeds in both wholesale and retail. In case you buy in bulk, you will get numerous benefits like freebies.

Moreover, GCS also has its blog, where new posts, industry news, myriad health benefits of cannabis, and articles related to marijuana and its cultivation are floated.

For example, ‘the best and worst strains to treat anxiety’ or’ Does cannabis interfere with antibiotics and many such articles’ and many such more articles.

Next, we proceed towards the sale and discount part. GCS hosts many sales and discounts that are updated at regular intervals on the website.

The plus point is, the sale keeps the inventory moving, plus it benefits the customers too.

Next, let us discuss customer care. The customer care of Grower’s choice seeds is prompt and responsive.

The customer staff responds to the calls via live chat and phone calls. They are available from Mon to Sat. 9 am to 6 pm PST.

Some more features

Next, we have an attractive loyalty program offered by the website.

Like every traditional loyalty program, the seed bank has an effective loyalty program, in which you can earn points via various activities like sign-ups and referrals and redeem them for buying your next batch of seeds.

Thus, the scores would work like currency.

But, there are specific terms and conditions attached to it. You can redeem the points only if you have a certain threshold of points.

Also, the validity of those points is up to one year only. However, you would be informed a month in advance to your points expiry.

In addition to the above features, the website of GCS has an easily operative site with much intuitive GUI. You can naturally predict and navigate through different sections of the website much more comfortable.

Finally, the GCS website hosts an ‘advance search option,’ using which you can quickly search your seeds and strains.

Growers Choice Seeds Reviews:Medicinal Benefits

Grower’s choice seeds have an exceptionally dedicated section ‘High CBD medical seeds’ for the seeds with medical benefits.

The numerous benefits from GCS seeds are listed below:-

  • Asthma
  • Autism
  • Cancer treatment
  • Migraine
  • Headaches
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Pain Treatment
  • Tourette Syndrome

Mango Medical feminized seeds, Shark Medical feminized cannabis seeds, CBD Blueberry Medical cannabis seeds, CBD Moby dick medical cannabis seeds, CBD critical mass medical cannabis seeds are few of the best High CBD medical cannabis seeds.

If these features and medical benefits of GCS impress you, click here to buy cannabis seeds.

Growers Choice Seeds Reviews:Seeds at Glance

With as many as 40 different strains, this section describes the different seeds at a glance by GCS.

Let us have a glimpse of various seeds and strains of this seed bank.

Feminized seeds:- American haze seeds, Amnesia seeds, Diesel Feminized seeds, Great White Shark seeds, White widow seeds, and Purple Kush seeds.

Auto Flower seeds:- Candy Kush Auto flower seeds, cheese auto-flowering seeds, Afghan auto-flowering seeds, Tangerine auto flower seeds, AK auto flower seeds

Medical Cannabis seeds:-CBD Critical Mango seeds, CBD Moby Dick Cannabis seeds, CBD Blueberry Medical Cannabis Seeds

Wholesale seeds:- #4 feminized seeds, critical kush feminized seeds, Candy Kush Auto Flower, Northern lights auto flower,

Best yields:- Blueberry auto-flowering, CBD Moby Dick, Cheese Auto- Flowering, Critical Purple Auto flowering, and Hindu Kush Auto.

Expert recommendations:- Cinderella 99, Cheese auto-flowering, CBD shark, and Chemdog #4.

Seeds on sale:- Skunk kush feminized seeds, Bubba kush feminized seeds, OG kush feminized seeds, Mazar seeds, Hindu kush auto seeds, Cinderella 99 feminized seeds.

Yields at glance

Yields or the harvest turns out to be the most effective visual testimony of the Grower’s choice cannabis seeds.

We have mentioned yields from some of the choicest strains, which will increase your confidence in giving this seed bank a chance to buy cannabis seeds online.

Growers Choice Seeds Reviews: Yields
Growers Choice Seeds Reviews: Yields

After viewing the yields from GCS seeds above, it can be ensured that GCS seed bank is nothing less than a marvel.

It deserved every trial and attention of the Cannabis Grow Space.

Germination Guide

There are many instances where the seeds fail to germinate, which ultimately leads to disappointment among buyers and the sellers as well.

So, to avoid that disappointment, we have added a germination guide in sync with the GCS to germinate the seeds successfully.

To get covered by the Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds 90% germination guarantee, follow the methods prescribed below:-

Quick Reference/ Water Glass or Paper Towel Method

1. Order seeds online from Grower’s choice seeds.

2. Take a glass of water and fill it with distilled, spring or rainwater.

3. Soak your seeds for 12 to 14 hours. Make sure that the seeds sink to the bottom of the glass within the first few hours. If they do not emerge on their own, tap them gently.

4. After the soaking period ends, put the seeds onto a layer of paper towel on a plate and drain off any excess water.

5. Turn the wet paper towel over the seeds so that they are completely covered.
The three essential metrics to facilitate the germination of seeds are warmth, darkness, and right moisture.

6. Now place the plate in a warm and darker place. Make sure that the paper towels are wet to a balanced extent. Not too much, and not too less.

7. After 2-3 days, the taproot starts to emerge from the seeds. Keep checking that intermittently.

8. After 5-6 days, the taproot would have fully emerged. It would be of 1/4th to 3/4th inch.

9. Now your seeds are ready for the cannabis plantation.

Growers Choice Seeds Reviews : Germination Guide
Growers Choice Seeds Reviews : Germination Guide

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Growers Choice Seeds Reviews:FAQ

Where do Growers’ Choice seeds seed bank get their seeds?
GCS gets its seeds by coordination and collaboration with several in-house breeders in Europe, Canada, and the USA.

What is the benefit of ordering seeds from GCS in wholesale?
On ordering seeds in wholesale, you may be eligible for freebies, and you may be waived off with the shipping charges of the seeds.

Mention the shipping time of various regions.
For the USA and Canada, the shipping time is 7-14 business days, whereas, for Europe, Australia, and other parts, the shipping time is 7-25 business days.

Is ‘Growers Choice seeds seed bank’ legit?
Yes, Grower’s choice seed bank is legit from every aspect. It offers high-quality seeds, shipping guarantee and germination guarantee, parcel tracking, word of mouth, which make it a genuinely legit seed bank.

Growers Choice Seeds Reviews:Conclusion

We have reached the final countdown of this informative and exciting Grower Choice Seeds Reviews post.

As introspected above, Growers Choice seed bank is all about perfect quality, high yield seeds, germination guarantee, excellent shipping, freebies, numerous payment modes, loyalty programs, and enormous strains for selection.

All these features above make this seed bank, ‘Growers number one choice’ seed bank.

Therefore, our highly eminent team rates this seed bank as five stars and highly recommends it to all the growers across the world.

For more information on seed banks, you may visit our Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review and True North Seed Bank Review.

Have you ever tried ordering cannabis seeds online? If so, we would be happy to know and learn from your fascinating and valuable experiences. So be open to sharing them with us.

You may drop your queries, issues, comments, and suggestions in the comments section.

Our team will get respond to you in the best time window.

Meanwhile, Happy cannabis cultivation!

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