ILGM Seed Bank Reviews (ilovegrowingmarijuana) in 2021

Do you wish to have the best quality cannabis seeds to get the maximum buds and yield from them? Then this ILGM reviews post is the answer to your quest of premium seeds for cannabis cultivation.

ILGM (ilovegrowingmarijuana) seed bank is also referred to as I love growing marijuana seed bank. This online seed bank is the brainchild of Mr. Robert Bergman, a diehard passionate in the arena of Cannabis Cultivation.

ILGM seed bank is the most sought after combination of multitude features like vast strain selection, a massive variety of seeds and availability of mixed packs for versatile growers.

It also consists of guaranteed germination ratio, attractive freebies, steal deals, stealth packaging, multiple payment modes, and user-friendly GUI.

Ilgm reviews
Ilgm reviews

Our team and experts at ‘’ work endless hours to get the most valuable and helpful information regarding the world-class and best seed banks in the marketplace.

We know and understand the amount of time, energy, efforts, and resources that are needed to pick up the choicest seed bank suiting your requirements.

We thrive with a single topmost mission, i.e., ‘help our readers with the complete, authentic, and apt information related to seed banks.’

Let us get to the core details of this majestic seed bank and start the ilgm reviews post.

Precise History of ILGM (ilovegrowingmarijuana)

ILGM was found in 2012 by Robert Bergman.

There goes a much fascinating story behind the creation of this

Bergman was genuinely passionate about cannabis cultivation. Owing to his passion, he researched everything about cannabis cultivation and experimented with the knowledge of growing marijuana.

Bergman had a humble beginning. He started a blog related to everything about cannabis cultivation. His value addition blogs gradually turned into an online store to sell the cannabis seeds. This event was a significant turning point in Bergman’s life.

He started growing marijuana in a small room in Amsterdam. Slowly and gradually, with his immense knowledge, consistency, and dedication, he shifted to growing cannabis in large rooms commercially.

By the time he had become a pro in cultivation and breeding of cannabis and excelled in this space with 25 years of experience.

The ILGM now helps myriad growers get the best yield seeds and largely contributes to the domain of cannabis cultivation.

The stature of the ILGM

Why would you go for ILGM seeds? Well, we have got something very useful and noteworthy for you!

The ILGM seed bank has a 4.7/5* rating from 4850+ customers*. The numbers do speak for the seed bank.

The mission of the company revolves around ‘helping others grow marijuana, understand the entire process, and be a step by step guide to growers till they get their desired yield.’

The seed bank boasts of more than 25 years of experience, which adds mainly to the company’s trust and goodwill.

Additionally, the germination guarantee and the shipping guarantee add more too it.

Therefore, is the customer’s favorite pick and holds a high stature and reputation in the marketplace.

*-Subject to change with time

Does this impactful stature make you visit the website? Click here for the same.

What does ILGM (ilovegrowingmarijuana) sell?

The strain options for ILGM are as broad as 100+ strains*.

That is a large number to choose from if you are one of the regular growers!

The main types of gender (seed) types available for sale are feminized seeds, regular seeds, auto-flower seeds, and medical marijuana seeds.

These seed types consist of 55+ feminized seeds, 15+ auto-flower seeds, 35+ fast-growing seeds, and 5+regular cannabis seeds.*

Some of the seeds perfect for beginners to try for are White Widow, Girl Scout cookies, Banana Kush, ilgm Blue Dream, and Gorilla glue by ilgm.

Apart from this gender (seed) types, the brand also trades mixed packs of various seed combinations, nutrients like CBD oil, and miscellaneous other grow kits.

The main advantage of mixed packs is, it helps beginners and versatile growers experiment with different seed combinations.

Whereas, the grow kits work the best as they are a fully-fledged package consisting of seeds, fertilizers, and plant protector liquids.

With this kit’s help, you can also customize your super organic oil and get started with your cannabis cultivation.

In short, there is something for everyone.

That’s considerate!

*-Subject to change with time

Germination Guarantee

How relaxing it is for a grower when a seed bank offers a 100% germination guarantee!

So, if you follow the germination instructions with the status quo of the ilgm germination, the seeds are sure to sprout.

However, if at all, your seeds fail to germinate in spite of all the care taken as mentioned above, then they may resend you the seeds.

The only thing that they would need from your side is the sample of seeds that failed to germinate for inspection.

If more than 50% of your seeds do not germinate, they will send you a free package of another set of seeds free altogether.

That’s highly credible!

Stealth Packaging

Are you bothered about the suspicious stares of neighbors or people nearby? Then ilgm has got all the reasons to calm you down.

Ilgm does stealth packaging as it is pro at the delivery of cannabis seeds.

In stealth packaging, nothing is mentioned related to cannabis or its cultivation products.

Your name and return address are the only things that the envelope contains.

They strategically hide seeds in random objects like pens, cards, toys, etc.
That is thoughtful!

Shipping Guarantee

Traits like shipping and germination guarantee are those, which make a seed bank great and reputed!

With every order of seeds from this seed bank, the delivery of the shipment will be guaranteed.

If, due to any unforeseen circumstances, the parcel does not reach, ilgm will resend your seeds all for free without a speck of doubt or interrogation.

However, you have to follow the time window from the 25th day of ordering until the 90th day of ordering. If you fail to contact them after 90 days of order, your order will be considered as shipped and received.

Moreover, there are also options for an address change, if at all you need to access that.

Truly phenomenal!

All about shipping

ILGM does shipping in countries like the US, Australia, West Europe, and New Zealand.

Also, ILGM provides free of cost shipping around the USA and Europe.

But, for Australia and New Zealand, you have to pay around 25 dollars as a shipping charge.

Another noteworthy thing to mention is, if your order exceeds USD 150, in that case also you will be eligible for free shipping to New Zealand and Australia.

Once ILGM receives your order, it ships within two weeks of getting the order.

If the order is of the US, it takes around two to ten business days.

As far as nutrients like CBD oil are concerned, it takes around ten to twenty-five business days to deliver the same.

Above all, there is also a facility for tracking your shipment, which comes via the ‘Registered Shipping’ option.

That sounds fantastic!

Is ilovegrowingmarijuana safe?

With a brand that offers the ultimate shipping guarantee and germination guarantee, there isn’t much left to be said.

But, your concern is obvious owing to rampant cyber crimes occurring each day.

However, let us assure you that ordering these Robert Bergman seeds is safe.

There are SSL certification and bitcoin, which take safety to another level altogether.

To get more assurance, you may also read customer reviews and experiences related to the same topic.

Seed Quality

After going through various sections like the stature of the brand, germination guarantee, and delivery guarantee, there isn’t a single doubt regarding the supreme quality of ILGM brand seeds.

To ensure the top-notch quality of seeds, Robert Bergman, along with his team of expert breeders, individually inspects each seed.

There is a full, supreme quality control procedure that is followed to ensure seed quality.


Here comes the most beloved section of yours in this ilgm reviews post, dear growers.

Yes, freebies are raining!

You would be eligible for many freebies that offer like ten seeds free on orders of ten seeds. Such offers are quite frequent.

There are also other offers available at

Payment modes

This world-class seed banks support many payment modes.

A few to mention are cash, debit card, credit card, WIRE transfer, bitcoin, eCheque, and bank transfer.

To ensure discreetness and safety, go for bitcoin. You will also be eligible for a 10% discount if you choose to pay via bitcoin.

If you order from the USA and Europe, then you may pay by transferring money to their USA account.

You may also opt for Bill pay or send out a cheque.

ILGM reviews: Other Extra Features

After covering the essential features in this ilgm reviews, let us head towards extra features.

Some of the extra features of ILGM are sale, ilgm discount, customer service, retail outlets, blogs and forums, merchandise, ilgm affiliates, advance search and easy GUI website and loyalty programs.

There are many ilgm discounts available from ilgm on various seeds and strains throughout the year.

You may use the ilgm discount codes and avail the best discounts on various seeds.

The discounts and the sale may be hosted, especially in the holiday season, festive season.

Additionally, if you are placing an order in bulk/wholesale, you would be eligible for many discounts, sales, and freebies.

Further, let us put some light on the ilgm forum, also known as the ilgm blog.

ILGM has created an information hub called ‘ilgm forum’ to help out the newbie’s and professional growers with every possible detail, step by step guides, useful tips, hacks, and experiences of other growers.

Merchandise is yet another popular marketing strategy to occupy the mind of buyers for a long time.

This seed bank has elegant and updates merchandise sections consisting of T-shirts, caps, mugs, hoodies, and tank tops that increase the brand value and worth to manifolds.

ILGM (ilovegrowingmarijuana) reviews: Loyalty program and GUI

ILGM also hosts a loyalty program called the ‘ILGM VIP Loyalty program.’

You can earn points on joining, ordering seeds, referral to a friend, huge bonuses, and access to numerous strains.

Your friends may also use your discounts, and you may earn points on their referral.

All in all, it’s a win-win situation for both of you.

We do not see a reason not to be a part of this excellent loyalty program.

Start collecting your points right now!

After the classy Loyalty program, ILGM has the best website design.

The website of ILGM has easy navigation and intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface).

All the vital sections like seed types, other products (nutrients, fertilizers), loyalty program, login, wish-list, deals section, new arrivals, popular products, best sellers, seeds as per the climate, forums, grow bible and FAQs are taken care of in website.

Seeds at glance

We have mentioned a few of the best seeds from various categories in this ilgm reviews post, as listed below. This trait may help you spot your choice strain, and then you may order it as per your need.

New Arrivals

The breeders at ILGM work continuously to innovate and bring out new strains at regular intervals.

Durban Poison (fem), Wedding cake by ILGM (fem), Harlequin by ILGM (fem), Blueberry CBD and OG Kush CBD are some of the new strains

Most Popular Products

The ilgm website has a dedicated section for the most popular cannabis seeds, which is updated at regular intervals.

Ilgm Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies(fem), White Widow, ilgm Blueberry auto flower, Bergman’s Gold leaf, Beginners mix pack, auto flower mix pack are some of the most sought after products from ILGM.


White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato by ilgm, power mix pack, fertilizer pack, beginner mix pack, Marijuana Grow kit for beginners, Dutch classics mix pack, widow mix packs are some of the best sellers from this brand.

High THC strains

High strains give an extraordinarily stimulating and invigorating effect to the user. Also, it is extremely helpful in reducing nausea, increasing appetite, pain reduction, and better muscle management.

Bergman’s gold leaf, Bergman’s gold leaf auto flower, Chronic fem, California Dream fem, Crystal fem, Green Crack, Train Rack are some of the High and extremely high THC strains.

Medical strains

One of the primary purposes of marijuana and its legalization revolves around growing marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Afghan fem, AK-47 fem, AK-47 auto flower, Amnesia Haze, Amnesia Haze auto flower, Bergman’s gold leaf, Bergman’s gold leaf auto flower, Big bud fem, Bubble Gum, Cheese, and Blueberry are some of the famous medical strains.

Few more seeds to the wide collection

Highest yield strains

The ultimate aim of every cannabis grower is to achieve the highest possible yields and get the maximum benefit and profit from the same.

The highest yield seeds from ILGM are Big bud blueberry, Blue Dream, Chocolope and many more.

Mix Pack Seeds

Mix pack is a boon for new growers and versatile growers who wish to experiment with various strains in growing.

Beginners mix pack, Rainbow haze mix pack, widow mix pack, Power mix pack, DEA mix pack, Fruity Kush mix pack, Indica mix pack, and Sativa mix pack are some of the best mix packs available.

Climate based seeds

What would be better than the cannabis seeds suiting multiple climates!

These seeds are mainly divided into five broad categories.

They are Indoor Seeds, Outdoor Seeds, Outdoor Sunny, Outdoor Cool, and Outdoor Mixpack.

Blue haze, Blue Dream, and Blue Cheese are some of the Indoor Seeds.

Purple haze and pineapple haze are some of the Outdoor Seeds.

Big bud, blue dream, and Chocolope are some of the Outdoor Sunny Climate Seeds.

Amnesia Haze and Purple Haze are some of the Outdoor Cool climate Seeds.

Ilgm reviews: FAQ

Below questions are some of the most frequently asked questions along with their answers.

Is legit?
The web is full of scams with each passing day, so this question is bound to cross your mind. However, is a genuinely legit and authentic seed bank.

The reviews at the website and authentic experiences of the buyers in the forum section are enough to prove its genuineness and authenticity.

Is registration compulsory in the ilgm website for placing an order?
No, registration is not compulsory to place an order. You can purchase your seeds online as a guest.

Where does the ILGM brand ship the seeds from?
ILGM ships its seeds from Europe to the orders of buyers.

Are new strains a regular phenomenon at ILGM?
Yes, new strains are a much regular phenomenon owing to the passionate ILGM founder

Robert Bergman and his expert team breeders.

They keep experimenting and researching various strains and their varied proportions to bring out new and better strains with each passing day.

Can an order be canceled?
If you have not initiated any payment irrespective of payment selection, your order will be automatically canceled in forty-eight hours.

In case your order is already paid, you can request order cancellation and refund for the same.

As soon as you do that, your personal information will be trashed from the ILGM system.

But, if your order is already shipped, it is not possible to cancel and refund the order.

Conclusion of ilovegrowingmarijuana

We have reached the endpoint of this useful and valuable ilgm reviews post.

By now, you would be impressed by the ilgm reviews and would be interested in taking it to the next level.

As per our experts’ experience, research, and scrutiny, I love growing marijuana seed bank in one of the best seed banks worth a try.

It is filled with jam-pack features like high market reputation, variety of cannabis cultivation products, germination guarantee, Stealth packaging, quality seeds, freebies, payment modes, safety, and lots of extra features.

Therefore, ‘one pack fits all’ best describes the online seed bank.

Hence, this seed bank gets a high recommendation from our side and is a must-try seed bank.

You may leave your comments, suggestions, queries, feedback, issues, and queries. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

You may also refer Top 10 Canadian Seed Banks for more information on best seed banks.

Enjoy your Cannabis Cultivation!

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