Ministry of Cannabis Seed Bank Review in 2021

Are you looking for a seed bank with the best cannabis seeds and the latest strains? Read this Ministry of Cannabis Review to explore more about one of the best cannabis seed banks.

Ministry of Cannabis is an internationally renowned seed bank based in Spain. This seed bank was established in 2008 online. Offline were laid as early as 2000.

The people involved with the Ministry of Cannabis (MoC) have a deep relationship with cannabis. The company founders are well experienced with more than fifteen years of experience.

Ministry of Cannabis Review
Ministry of Cannabis Review

MoC has its production and test rooms in three different countries.

The company has two ambitions.

The first one is to ‘Keep the availability of classical cannabis strains (White widow) in the female form.’

Second is, ‘To make the new strains available that each breeder has developed during the years.’

In this Ministry of Cannabis Review, we are going to cover the introduction, seed bank stature, history, germination guarantee, shipping details, products, freebies, payment mode, and conclusion.

Our expert team at ‘’ buys seeds and strains online from best seed banks, and we give the most honest and authentic seed bank review.

So stay with us till the end and know what this seed bank is all about.

The precise history of the seed bank

The Ministry of Cannabis came into existence in 2008. With ten years plus experience, the seed bank is all about premium seed quality, high stature, reliability, and goodwill.

The founders of the seed bank were cannabis passionate with more than fifteen years of experience. Their passion, expertise, and efforts led to the establishment of what we today know as ‘Ministry of Cannabis.’

The immense dedication led to the establishment of three more labs and testing rooms in different countries.

They balance out the old and new strains very well. Initially, the seed bank had all the basic flower types, namely auto flower, regular and feminized seeds.

But, since January 2009, they sell only feminized seeds.

They also have an active customer service, which pays heed to each customer nicely.

The seed bank strives continuously to make the world a little greener than before.

Right now, the seed bank mainly operates from Barcelona, Spain, while the production stays in the Netherlands.

The stature of the seed bank

Ministry of Cannabis enjoys a highly reputable stature in the marketplace.

Huge strain variety, the balance of old and new strains, germination and shipping guarantees, word of mouth, and numerous buyers’ reviews make MoC, a highly reputed seed bank.

It is a well-known fact that MoC has a rich quality of seeds that give the unbeatable harvest.

Also, the seed bank strikes a perfect balance between old school strains like a white widow and new strains like Carnival; in their inventory.

Moreover, the seed bank offers germination and shipping guarantee, which increases its trust among buyers.

Thus, the Ministry of Cannabis has a high reputation in the cannabis marketplace.

What do they sell?

The Ministry of Cannabis sells basic flower types like a regular, auto flower, and feminized seeds.

And if you are one of those growers, who is a beginner in cannabis cultivation who needs to experiment with different strains, then go for special ‘mixed seeds.’

Apart from the regular stock of seeds and the specially mixed seeds, the MoC also trades in numerous merchandise like T-shirts and gadgets that increase the brand value among the people.

Overall, MoC has a substantial inventory!

Germination Guarantee

The ministry of Cannabis seed bank offers as good as a 90% germination guarantee.

In case your seeds fail to germinate, they will resend you the whole pack of seeds free of cost.

That is what, reputed seed banks do!

Stealth Packaging

In this Ministry of Cannabis Seeds seed bank review, let us proceed with the stealth packaging.

The Cannabis seeds from the MoC seed bank are packed using the stealth packaging.

In the Stealth packaging method, the seeds are taken out of their original cover and are packed into transparent bags with a label.

Then the seeds are wrapped in a bubble envelope and preceded for further delivery.

Shipment Guarantee

MoC seed bank enjoys a higher success ratio of Shipment Guarantee.

The seed bank guarantees shipment, even if your order parcel is lost the midway. The seed bank does that for you, and that too free of cost.

That is truly phenomenal!

Now, we know why MoC is regarded as one of the best cannabis seeds breeders.

All about shipping

The Ministry of Cannabis seed bank ships around all parts of the world.

However, the shipping charges are not free.

Shipping charges depend on service chosen and by the destination

The costs start around 8 Euros for the European countries and 10 Euros for the other part of the world.

One plus point is, if your orders are above 75 Euros, the seeds are shipped for free via registered mail.

It takes one to four weeks to deliver seeds all across the globe.

If you are a grower from Europe, you will get your parcel in 7-10 days. North American growers will have to wait for 15-20 days for your parcel to reach your doorstep.

The parcel will take 15-20 days to reach the Middle East.

And finally, for the rest of the world, it will take around four weeks.

Moreover, the tracking facility for your parcel is also available, which takes shipping and safety to the next level.

Therefore, the shipping is impressive, indeed!

Is MoC safe?

Word of mouth, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, seed quality, parcel tracking, SSL integration, event participation, and bitcoin make any seed bank much safe.

The buyers are king, and if they like the seeds and their yields, they will surely spread it word of mouth.

Next, we have a germination guarantee.

How often you have been disappointed by the non germinated seeds and all the hustle that follows after that!

Be relaxed, as MoC offers a 90% germination guarantee.

Along with the germination guarantee, the seed bank also offers a shipping guarantee.

Now, let us talk about seed quality.

Undoubtedly, the MoC seeds are of supreme quality with ultimate harvest surety.

Next, the impressive feature is parcel tracking, where you can keep a tab on your seeds.

The safety is also taken care of at the website level. SSL certificate is integrated into the MoC website, which ensures much safety of payments owing to the high-level encryption it goes through.

The MoC seed bank is a regular participant in various events like 420events.

Their consistent face-to-face presence increases their legitimacy, trust, and goodwill to yet another level.

Finally, the use of cryptocurrency bitcoin takes safety a level up.

Thus, all safety aspects are taken care of by this seed bank.

Seed Quality

All the seeds of MoC are from breeders. Each of them is manually handpicked.

After that, it undergoes rigorous tests and procedures.

These strict tests and procedures are done for the high-level scrutiny of seeds and to ensure the premium quality of seeds.

After knowing the above facts, I am sure you would be impressed by the overall quality of the cannabis seeds by MoC.


MoC offers attractive freebies.

The freebies are divided into different slabs. You will be eligible to get 1, 2, or 5 seeds free under the purchase of 50 Euros, 50-120 Euros and above 120 Euros.

And that is fantastic!

Payment Mode

The Ministry of Cannabis seed bank offers many different payment modes.

The primary currency mode is Euros; however, in case of cash payment, MoC accepts Euro, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian dollars, or GB pounds.

Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Moneygram, and Bitcoin are some of the payment modes supported by MoC.

Thus, MoC supports sufficient payment modes, which can be compatible with the majority of buyers.

Other Extra Features

MoC also consists of numerous extra features, apart from the basic features.

Customer care, retail outlets, offers, discounts, bulk, forum, GUI, and Advance search option are the ample extra features as an integral part of this seed bank.

The Customer care of MoC is beneficial and responsive. Another plus point of customer care is their availability.

MoC customer is available from Monday to Friday, 24 hours, which is great.

As of now, MoC mainly sells seeds at its online platform.

MoC is standard in terms of the seed price. Also, you would spot regular offers, sales, and discounts for its various seeds.

Also, there is an online discussion forum by MoC, which discusses various aspects like Growing information, Indoor and Outdoor plus Indica, Sativa, and THC.

Next, the MoC website has an excellent GUI (Graphical User Interface). It keeps the navigation and other pages straight forward and easy.

It gives any visitor a pleasant experience.

Finally, MoC has advanced search options, which give your search results of required seeds and strains in a single query fire.

We are almost midway of this Ministry of Cannabis Review, and we hope you are getting some value out of this review.

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Ministry of Cannabis Review : Medicinal Benefits

The cannabis seeds with specific THC and CBD ratios are immensely beneficial in treating many medical ailments and providing many therapeutic and medical benefits.

MoC cannabis seeds also have help in treating specific medical diseases.

Some of the leading medical benefits are mentioned below:-

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Insomnia
  • Lupus
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Nausea
  • Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Calming
  • Relaxing
  • Anxiety
  • Migraines
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Conditions of mental depression
  • Chronic muscle pain
  • Migraine headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic
  • Pain
  • Inflammation

Ministry of Cannabis Review : Seeds at Glance

The inventory of the Ministry of Cannabis is complete with the best possible strains.

It has all basics like auto flower seeds, feminized seeds, and mixed packs. It has around 20 different strains.

However, the USP of the seed bank is the feminized seeds.

We have enlisted a few of them from each category for your reference and knowledge.
Feminized seeds:-God’s glue feminized, Mamacita’s cookies feminized, White widow feminized, Zensation feminized, CBD star feminized, Carnival feminized

Auto-flowering seeds:- Auto Blue Amnesia feminized, Auto cheese NL feminized, Auto white widow feminized, Autopilot XXL feminized, Auto Northern Lights feminized.

Mixed packs:- Mix auto fun ( auto flower ), Mix Auto Chill Out( auto flower), Indica Mix( Deep Relax ), Sativa Mix( The Life energizer ), Mix auto relax( auto flower)

Although the number of strains may be low, it has something for every grower. And not to forget, it has that perfect balance of old school strains and the latest newly invented strains.

That is perfect!

Ministry of Cannabis Review : Yields at glance

When were you last motivated or influenced to buy a certain product? You would answer, when you heard a compelling pitch or when you saw its utility and demonstration.

We mirror the same here in this Ministry of Cannabis Review. We are going to demonstrate the yields in this section.

Ministry of Cannabis Review: Yields
Ministry of Cannabis Review: Yields

I am in love with the green and blue yields with those buds.

All you can do, looking at the yields, is praise the top-notch seed quality of the ministry of cannabis seeds.

Indeed, yields like never before!

Ministry of Cannabis Review : Germination Guide

The primary aim of this MoC seed bank is to help the growers grow cannabis, irrespective of you being a beginner, intermediate, or an expert.

For growing cannabis in the easiest and the best way, we have brought the Germination Guide, especially for you.

Follow the steps below to the T and get the final harvest.

Water Glass or Paper Towel method

1. Order seeds online from the Ministry of Cannabis seed bank.

2. Take a glass or bowl of water and fill it distilled or spring water.

3. Soak your cannabis seed for 12 to 14 hours inside the glass. One thing, which you have to make sure is the seeds should dip entirely at the bottom of the glass.

If the seeds are floating, then tap them gently to the bottom of the surface of the glass.

4. After the completion of this soaking period, transfer the contents of the glass i.e., the seeds and water, to a paper towel.

One important thing to be described is three critical factors matter for the seeds germination i.e., warmth, darkness, and moisture.

Hence, the cannabis seeds must not be completely dry or completely wet. You have to maintain the moisture consistency of the paper towel, in which the cannabis seeds are placed.

5. Now, put that paper towel in a warm and dark place for optimum germination.

6. After 2-3 days, a small taproot starts to emerge from the soaked cannabis seeds. Keep checking them occasionally for the same.

7. After 5- 6 days, the taproots would have entirely emerged out from seeds. They would be 1/4th to 3/4th in length.

8. Now your cannabis seeds are plantation ready. Handle them with care while transiting from paper towels to the grow space.

Ministry of Cannabis Review: Germination Guide
Ministry of Cannabis Review: Germination Guide

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Ministry of Cannabis Review : FAQ

Where are the headquarters of MoC seed bank located?
The headquarters of the seed bank is located in Spain, Barcelona.

Where are the marketing offices of the MoC seed bank?
The marketing office of the MoC seed bank is located in the US and Canada.

From where does MoC ship seeds from?
MoC ship seeds from Europe, Spain, and the Netherlands. Nevertheless, their base/headquarters are in Barcelona, Spain.

What is the main currency for payment at MoC?
MoC mainly accepts payment in Euros. However, if you pay via cash, there are many modes of payment available.

Can you track the shipments from MoC?
Yes, you can track shipments from MoC. You can do so via a unique code that you get from MoC.

What is the US shipping time?
It takes 15 – 20 days to ship seeds from the US to your doorstep.

What is the limit of Credit cards?
You can buy as much as 350 Euros from your Credit card, after that you would have to switch to different payments.

Does the MoC seed bank have a substantial social media presence?
Yes, the MoC seed bank has substantial social media presence.

Is MoC Seed bank legit?
Yes, by all means, MoC seed bank is legit. It has high-class quality seeds, germination guarantee, social media presence, 420events presence, and parcel tracking.

Ministry of Cannabis Review : Conclusion

We have reached the round-up of this Ministry of Cannabis Review.

After touching each facet of this seed bank in-depth, we have concluded that MoC is one of the best cannabis seed banks.

It is complete in a holistic way in different aspects like fully feminized seeds, latest strains, high-quality seeds, germination guarantee, shipping service, freebies, payment modes, medicinal benefits, and conclusion.

Therefore, our expert team gives it a green signal for your grow space and highly recommends the purchase of cannabis seeds from this seed bank.

Moreover, if you wish to explore more on seed banks, read our Top 10 Canadian seed banks post and Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review.

Is this your first seed bank experience, or have you ever tried ordering from any of the seed banks? Share with us, as we love hearing the buyer’s experiences.

You may also drop your queries, comments, issues, suggestion, and feedback into the comment section and expect a revert in a few days.

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Meanwhile, Happy growing!

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