MSNL Seed Bank reviews in 2021

Are you looking to order Cannabis from a seed bank that has high-class quality seeds and a wide variety of seeds? This MSNL reviews post will be your ultimate guide to topmost quality seeds for your cannabis cultivation.

If you are familiar with the cannabis cultivation space, you would know the importance of selecting the right seed bank contributes so much to the yield.

But you may relax now, as our ‘’ expert team lives with the mission of guiding cannabis cultivators to the best seed bank in the marketplace that would suit their growing requirement and growing environment.

If you are the one who prefers to buy weed from random places like the streets, the probability is high that you may be scammed with the quality part.

You may not be sure of the seller, the funding organization, or the headquarters. But MSNL is there to help you get the authentic cannabis seeds.

MSNL stands for Marijuana Seeds NL (Netherlands). It was established in 1999 by two friends Christian and Ben. Since then, it has been improving and excelling by leaps and bounds.

MSNL seed bank is all about the massive variety of seeds and strains, various value packs, germination guarantee, stealth packaging, shipping guarantee, freebies, offers, new arrivals, and loyalty programs.

This MSNL reviews post covers precise history, reputation of seed bank, various products of seed bank, awards, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, safety, freebies, payment modes and other extra features.

It is one-stop-solution-to-all kinds of seed bank!

Let us get started with the engrossing MSNL reviews post!

MSNL reviews
MSNL reviews

Precise History of MSNL (Marijuana seeds NL)

The MSNL establishment is nothing less than an intriguing story line.

MSNL started as early as 1999 with a registered office in the UK. Two friends named Christian and Ben are the passionate founders of this seed bank.

MSNL is the result of the serendipity of both friends after a decade of smoking, traveling, and doing business across Australia and Europe.

While getting stoned and having various expeditions and experiences related to Cannabis, they concluded that there is something more extraordinary to the Cannabis other than the regular hash resin and standard glass.

With their thirst to know and innovate more in this arena, led them to the foundation of one of the best seed bank.

Twenty years have passed, and to date, MSNL continually tops the list of best seed banks.

The more noteworthy point is, within three years of its establishment, Christian and Ben had invented 40 different genetic lines. Additionally, they had developed some of the Landrace strains, F1’s, and 10’s.

Some of their high strength and best yield variants are White widow max, White LSD and THC Snow.

Moreover, the mission of MSNL is to ‘Empower the grower and smoker.

Thus, ‘MSNL is the original seed bank’!

The stature of the MSNL

If you happen to be among those people who rely on statistics for the credibility of the awesomeness of a seed bank, then this section is written especially for you.

This seed bank stands strong with long and valuable experience of twenty years.

That’s enough to be a pro in some fields, which exactly is the case with MSNL.

Moving further the experience part, MSNL has a 5-star rating on the majority of seeds and strains from numerous buyers.

Some reasonable review sites rate this seed bank as high as 4.9 out of 5.

The above two criteria are more than enough to trust the seed bank for its quality.

The germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, and safe modes of payment add to the customer’s preference for this seed bank.

The fact that a cannabis geneticists(Genetic Scientist) is the founder, it increases its reputation in the market.

Therefore, it would not be wrong if we say that MSNL is one of the customer’s favorite pick among numerous seed banks available in the market.

If the information above impresses you, click here to know more about the seed bank.

What does MSNL sell?

MSNL has a rich inventory with an ample variety of strains and seeds.

You can rightly call this seed bank as all-inclusive because it has something for all.

MSNL sells the basic flower types like feminized seeds, regular seeds, auto flower seeds, high CBD strains, multiple strains, and different value packs.

Additionally, it also sells high CBD, high THC, and medicinal purposes related to marijuana.

Some strains to mention are Cheese, Kush, Haze, Big Bud, New In, Beginners, and much more.

It may not have the most extensive collection of seeds and strains among all the available seed banks in the market. Still, the collection is large enough to cover the majority buyer’s requirements.

With time, the expert breeders in the MSNL team innovates the strains and keep bringing something new to the market.


Many seeds and strains of MSNL are award winners of famous awards like ‘Cannabis Cup’ and ‘High Times.’

A few to mention are auto Lemon Haze, White Widow, Skunk #1 feminized, Northern light feminized, Big bud, Amnesia Haze, NYC Diesel, and many more.

These awards and achievements increase the goodwill of the brand among the customers and the market.

Germination Guarantee

What would be your response, when you come to know that your seed bank guarantees a 90% germination rate.

I’m sure; you would be ecstatic!

Yes, you read that right and correct. MSNL offers as good as a 90% germination rate.

If your seeds fail to reach the germination rate, then you are eligible to receive the order again, and that too free of cost.

Do you need to do anything about that?

Yes, if more than 50% of your seeds fail to germinate, you may send the failed samples to MSNL and claim your new seeds for free.

That is a class apart!

Stealth Packaging

Are you one of those buyers who are bothered by prying eye of people and need a stealth packaging for your cannabis seeds delivery.

MSNL carefully packs the envelope with msnl seeds hidden beneath any of the random objects like CD or birthday cards.

They are a pro at this!

Additionally, they do not reveal any brand information (identity information, name, etc.) on the envelope, making it private and confidential (Just name of buyer and return address are mentioned) for accurate delivery!

It does so by the use of codes in the envelope.

MSNL offers guaranteed stealth shipping, which is an added advantage.

Therefore, Stealth packaging is a boon for every buyer!

All about shipping

MSNL offers three main levels of shipping.

They are Standard, Stealth, and Guaranteed stealth shipping.

With each level, the price and the number of services offered increases.

Let’s start exploring each one of them.

Standard shipping

Standard shipping is the most basic shipping option. Its price is 5.95 Euros. The brand packs the seeds in a crush-proof container inside a regular plain envelope.

There isn’t any acknowledgment system with this type of shipping.

Hence, it does not have a tracking number and does not require a signature.

Stealth shipping

Stealth shipping ships seeds securely and stealthily. It takes more time and costs. Hence it has an extra fee too.

This shipping is done in random objects, which are usually out of suspicion of anyone.

Stealth shipping is one level higher than regular standard shipping.

You can get an acknowledgment of this kind of cargo.

The brand attaches a tracking number (for high-value orders only) to track your orders.

You will have to shell out 10.95 Euros if you choose this option.

Guaranteed stealth shipping

The last and highest level in shipping is the ‘Guaranteed stealth shipping.’ The brand uses the same secretive packaging techniques. It hides the cannabis seeds in some random unrelated items.

As the name suggests, all the orders are guaranteed shipping. For guaranteed shipping, a tracking code is attached to each order.

You have to sign in return as an acknowledgment.

However, you may skip that if you wish to do so.

There is a time frame of 25 working days to reach the order to you. If the order fails to reach you, then the brand will resend your order, and that too free of cost.

Moreover, you would be eligible for free shipping if your order value crosses 55 Euros, and it is within the UK.

For other regions, other than the UK, there is a stepped discount system.

As far as the timing of the shipping is concerned, all orders are shipped within 24 hours of getting them.

(Only business days are considered).

All UK orders take 1-3 working days. The orders of Europe take 4-7 working days, and the orders outside Europe take 6-12 working days.

MSNL uses the services of ‘Royal Mail’ postal services to deliver your packages.

Moreover, if the seeds are genuinely damaged while en route your homes way, then MSNL has a solid intact return policy if the information and pictures convince them that the seeds were destroyed mid-way.

Is MSNL safe?

The ultimate metrics of the safety of a seed bank is germination guarantee and shipping guarantee.

In the case of MSNL, it offers both as mentioned above.

Also, the reviews of ample customers and our customer will ensure you that MSNL seed bank is the safe and secure option to go for.

As far as browsing and payments option is concerned, this brand uses SSL certification and bitcoin, respectively.

Both these mechanisms add an extra edge of safety to the MSNL seed bank.

Seed Quality

When the core founders themselves are cannabis geneticists(Genetic Scientist), there is no doubt about the supreme quality of the cannabis seeds, which can be expected to be delivered from the seed bank’s side.

Like any world-class seed bank, the msnl seed bank inspects each and every single seed that is to be packaged for delivery to the buyers.

Strict tests and standard procedures are followed to pack the top quality seeds.

Expert growers and breeders are hired to achieve the above tasks.

Therefore, you can expect high-quality seeds with the best yields from MSNL (marijuana seeds NL), without any doubt.

We have completed half of the msnl reviews post, with the best information of the msnl seed bank here. The next half is as valuable as the previous one, so stay with us till the end of this post.

MSNL reviews: Freebies

MSNL offers several freebies per order compared to any other seed bank.

You can get free seeds in the range from 5 to 10 per order.

The different freebies are distributed in a stepped manner below.

You will get five regular seeds with every order.

If you spend 55 Euros, you are eligible for three feminized seeds.

In case your order crosses 100 Euros, you will get ten seeds free, i.e., five feminized and five regular seeds.

That is impressive and valuable!

MSNL reviews: Payment modes

MSNL hosts numerous payment methods. A few to mention are cash, debit card, bitcoin, credit card, bank transfer, or money order.

There are also certain offers and double discounts clubbed with various payment channels.

For example, using bitcoin as a payment mode will make you eligible for a 15% discount on overall order value and double freebies on your order.

However, if you choose to pay via bank transfer, then you would get a 10 % discount on order value and double freebies on your order.

This is incredible!

MSNL reviews: Other Extra Features

What makes MSNL stand apart is the extra features like sale, loyalty programs, attractive discounts, customer service, informative blogs, strain quiz, strain guide, wholesale trading, affiliates, advance search, and user-friendly GUI.

MSNL regularly hosts great sale to benefit its customers. The sale can be as attractive as a 50% discount on seeds and many such luring deals.

Next, let us discuss the loyalty program. The loyalty program of MSNL is named as ‘MSNL reward program.’

MSNL speaks of benevolence from all angles.

To show gratitude and appreciation towards loyal customers, MSNL has launched an MSNL reward program.

You may get many benefits like earning points with every order, lifetime validity of points, unlimited points can be earned and saved, unlimited redeem limit per transaction.

Sounds interesting!

Now, your next question would be, how can I earn them?

You can earn points by referrals to a friend, purchase reviews, and some other promotional activities.

You may also convert those points in cash value and use them as a discount in your next order.

There may be the possibility that you would have collected so many points that you may get an order completely FREE of cost.

You need to register yourself to be a part of the loyalty program.

To redeem your points, you may use the ‘Use my rewards’ option from the Payment Methods page.

If you wish to check your points, you can press the ‘Reward’ button.

MSNL reviews: Strain guide, MSNL blog, and GUI

After the gripping loyalty program, MSNL has a strain guide and strain quiz for you.

The strain guide helps you choose the strains with their strain suggestions based on your Cannabis growing requirement.

For example, if you need ‘High Yield’ strains, choose Bumper Harvest and Commercial strains like Gelato feminized, Gorilla Glue feminized, Big bud feminized, and many more.

Strain quiz also helps you get clarity on what exactly you need and what is best for you.

MSNL believes in sharing the most valuable information related to cannabis cultivation with the readers.

Hence, they have added an MSNL blog that shares various information with readers and interacts with them to know their varied experiences.

It consists of useful information and guides like statistics, the latest posts, cannabis guides, growing tips, industry news, lifestyle, edible cannabis recipes, and various strains.

Next, we proceed towards the ‘Ease of Use’ section.

MSNL has very intuitive, naturally predictive, good navigation and fantastic GUI website.

All the options and sections are well divided for the convenience of users.

The home page has thumbnails and access to all vital sections, which makes navigation so easy.

The website design is true, appreciable!

Additionally, the website also hosts a search option, which will help you find the seeds, strains, and information related to your needs.

All in all, MSNL makes a complete package of a desirable seed bank.

MSNL reviews: Seeds at glance

In this section of this Marijuana seeds nl review post, we have enlisted some seeds from various segments like Feminized, Regular, Auto Flowering, Outdoor, Indoor, High CBD, Value packs, wholesale seeds, and Top strains.

This section will help you to get an idea of the overall rich collection of the MSNL seed inventory.

Feminized seeds: –Girl Scout Cookies, Green Crack Feminized, and THC bomb feminized are a few of them.

Regular seeds: –Thai stick, White Widow, Ice, Crystal, Big bud, Bubble gum, Northern Lights seeds, and many more.

Auto-flowering seeds:- White LSD auto feminized, Auto blue dream feminized, Auto GDP feminized, Auto berry feminized, and many more.

Cup/Award winner seeds:- AK-47, Big bud, Amnesia Haze, White widow, Ice, Crystal, Blueberry, The Cheese are some of the awards winning seeds from MSNL seed bank.

Outdoor seeds:- White widow, Ice, Crystal, Afghan, Purple Widow, Blueberry, Blue Mystic are some of the outdoor seeds.

Indoor seeds: – auto widow feminized, Auto Bluetooth feminized, Auto OG feminized, Auto berry feminized, and bubblegum auto feminized are some of the best indoor seeds.

Indica dominant: – Blueberry, Chronic bud, Cotton candy Kush, Critical, Hindu Kush, and Hash bomb are some of the Indica dominant seeds.

Sativa dominant: – easy sativa feminized, Golden nugget feminized, Neville’s haze feminized are some of the Sativa dominant seeds.

High CBD: – Buddha, Aurora indica, and Mazar are some of the High CBD seeds.

Value Packs: – Classic, Fruity, Budget, and Outdoor are some of the best value packs by MSNL.

Wholesale seeds: – Holland’s hope, Afghan, Girl Scout cookies feminized, Thai stick, and many such seeds are available in wholesale quantity.

Top strains: – Girl Scout cookies, White LSD auto feminized, THC Bomb feminized, Thai stick, and white widow are some of the MSNL top strains.

MSNL reviews: FAQ

Is ‘MSNL seeds’ legit?
Yes, by all means, MSNL is legit.

Shipping guarantee, germination guarantee, SSL certificate, safe payment, secure packaging, customer testimonials, and ratings are enough to make it a legit seed bank.

Is MSNL website registration compulsory?
No, you may order as a guest, but if you wish to take advantage of the ‘MSNL reward program,’ then registration is compulsory.

Does MSNL innovate regularly?
Yes, MSNL innovates regularly. They have a team of breeders that keep inventing new genetics and strains, and they surely enrich the MSNL seed collection.

Where does MSNL ship seeds from?
MSNL ships seeds from its UK work office.

Conclusion of MSNL (Marijuana seeds nl)

We are at the endpoint of the msnl reviews post.

By now, you would be familiar with the extraordinary features provided by this seed bank.

The MSNL seed bank is an excellent assortment of ample features like high stature in the market, a massive variety of seeds and strains, germination guarantee, stealth packaging, quality of seeds, freebies, payment modes, safety, and many extra features.

How much more can one ask for in a seed bank?

All in all, it is a complete package!

Therefore, we give it a 5-star rating from our side and a high recommendation.

We consider all your comments, issues, doubts, suggestions, and queries. We will pay heed to them as soon as possible.

You may also refer our Top 10 seed banks that ship to USA post and ILGM reviews, for more information on seed banks.

Relish growing Cannabis!

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