Quebec Cannabis Seeds Bank Review in 2021

Do you wish to order cannabis seeds from the seed bank that guarantees excellence and brilliance in every aspect? Then this Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review is specially meant for you.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is the top seed bank of marijuana seeds in Canada, as well as the international level. It started in 2013 with a bang. ‘Interesting phenotypes’ and ‘massive yields’ are the two main specialties of this seed bank.

Quebec Seeds serves entertainment, recreational, and therapeutic purposes.

You can consider Quebec seed bank as the one-stop solution for all Cannabis needs like numerous strains, mixed packs, germination guarantee, stealth packaging, freebies, multiple payment methods, regular deals and simple website GUI.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review
Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review

All these unique and valuable features make it one of the ‘best Canadian Seed Banks’ ever.

This Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review will cover various sections like seed bank introduction, history, stature, germination details, shipping details, seed quality, multiple products, payment modes, awards, and much more.

You would already be curious to know more about this marijuana seed bank review.

So, let us get started with the in-depth Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review, without any further delays.

Precise History of Seed Bank

Quebec Cannabis Seeds was established in 2013. Since then, it has mastered the trade of selling Quebec seeds with utmost finesse.

In their initial days, they had to struggle with inventory and storage space. But in the current scenario, it owns one of the largest cannabis seeds storage space.

The Quebec seed bank breeds the seeds by itself and continuously strives to match the buyer’s expectations thoroughly.

The seed bank has turned pro in dealing with cannabis seeds with a long six years of experience.

So, if supreme quality seeds are your priority, then Quebec seed bank is the indisputable choice.

The stature of the Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Having a glance at the website of this seed bank, you will observe that the majority of the strains have a 4-5 star rating from the buyers’ side.

Going through the Word of Mouth will ensure you the topnotch quality of the Quebec Cannabis Seeds.

This seed bank comes with a mission of ‘providing ideal quality seeds of various varieties of seeds and strains to the buyers.’

With such a benefic mission, it comes to no surprise that Quebec seed is often ranked and listed in the top 10 seed banks for marijuana seeds trading.

The QCS seed bank’s immense hard work, dedication, efforts, and consistency have made them a top seed bank in Canada and worldwide.

Moreover, the six years of experience adds much trust and goodwill to this seed bank.

What do they sell?

Quebec seeds inventory floods with more than 50 types of seeds and strains to select from.

It does not matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate, or a professional at growing Cannabis.

You will get the seeds of your choice for sure.

In short, Quebec seeds have ‘something for everyone.

The main variants of Cannabis sold by Quebec seeds are regular seeds, auto flower seeds, feminized seeds, CBD seeds, Outdoor seeds, mixed pack seeds, and limited edition seeds.

It also has seeds categorized into Indica dominant, Sativa dominant, BC Bud Depot, Bomb Seeds, Quebec Cannabis Seeds, and Next Generation Seeds.

One more trait that Quebec Seed bank is known for is, they keep their stock as per the trend.

Their inventory gets updated with newly invented strains as per the latest trends of the market.

Quebec seeds have also included the ‘Special Offers’ section and ‘Best Sellers‘ section.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review: Awards

The Quebec Seeds has won the ‘best Canadian Seed bank award‘ of 2019. This trait adds much weightage to its achievements, reliability, and stature.

 Germination Guarantee

We all love guarantees, right! So is the case with this seed bank. Quebec Seed Bank Offers an 80% germination guarantee.

This germination guarantee percentage is at par with the industry standards.

If more than 50% of your seeds fail to germinate, you may raise the alarm to the customer section of the seed bank.

The customer staff will surely pay heed to your issue and do the needful.

Stealth Packaging

Have you ever wondered why stealth packaging is ever needed in the case of marijuana seeds? ‘Growing Marijuana’ is still a matter of legal concern in many countries across the world.

Hence it is but obvious to save the cannabis seeds from the prying eyes of people and surroundings.

Therefore, cannabis seeds require Stealth Packaging.

First of all, Quebec Seeds transfers the seeds in a safe crush free container or zip lock poly bag. Thereafter it is placed in a padded envelope.

Only the name of the sender and the return address may be mentioned. Rest other details are not mentioned in the envelope to maintain secrecy, privacy, and confidentiality.

This envelope is enclosed hidden along with random objects like pens and cards and send out for delivery.

Thus, the Stealth Packaging of Cannabis Seeds is implemented successfully.

All about Shipping

Quebec Seeds does shipping all across Canada and all parts of the globe.

This seed bank is well known for the timely and quick delivery of the shipment of the Cannabis Seeds.

Quebec seeds do not have a free shipping option. You will have to shell out $10 from your side.

For USA parcels, it takes two weeks to deliver the seeds at your doorstep. It usually takes two to three weeks to provide cannabis seeds in different parts of the world.

Is the Quebec Seed Bank safe?

What would you label a seed bank that gives a germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, winner of best seed bank awards? ‘Safe’ is the word right.

Quebec seed bank is hands down the safest seed bank.

A few factors that add to the safety level are SSL Certification integrated with the website, bitcoin mode of payment, and numerous customers review and ratings.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review: Seed Quality

‘Unbeatable king’ are the words that best describe the seed bank. Quebec seeds have ultimate quality seeds, in their stock.

They have dedicated and expert breeders, which filter and scrutinize every single seed.

Also, strict tests and highly controlled procedures are followed for the same.

Moreover, a perfect balance of THC and CBD levels is maintained in the seeds by the expert breeders.

This practice guarantees excellent quality of seeds from this seed bank.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review: Freebies

Quebec seed bank marketers are great strategists indeed. They have included freebies, which is ‘spot on’ for the sale of their seeds.

If you are a large scale grower, who deals in wholesale, then you will be eligible for a ‘bunch of free seeds.’

Other than the above offer, there are other ‘freebies’ offers that are updated regularly on the website.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review: Payment Mode

Are you ever stuck up at a point where the trader or seller does not have the compatible payment mode as yours?

Do not worry! You will not experience such a situation, with the Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank.

This seed bank supports ample payment modes.

Some of them are Debit Card (Visa Card and Master Card), Credit Card (Visa Card and Master Card), Bank Transfer, and Bitcoin.

Other Extra Features

Freebies and Extras make every buyer happy!

Discounts, promotional events, limited edition seeds, bestsellers, latest arrivals, featured seeds, and website GUI are some of the extra features of the seed bank.

Starting with the discounts part, this seed bank hosts a ‘special offer’ section 15-20% discount, which attracts many buyers.

Moreover, it keeps on rotating the variants for discounts. It keeps updating the inventory as per the buyers’ changing requirements, which makes it unique among so many counterparts in the marketplace.

Apart from the rich core features, the Quebec seed bank boasts of many extra features.

Let us discuss customer service. Quebec seeds have helpful and responsive customer service.

The customer staff responds via email and telephone on weekdays (Mon. to Fri.) from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.

The Quebec seed is not limited to the online website and digital presence. It also has many retail outlets along Canada.

So you can personally select your strains and bring them to your grow space.

Another feature of this seed bank is that it sells seeds in two modes. One is the wholesale mode, and one is the retail mode.

So if you are a small scale grower or large scale grower, Quebec seed is the go-to store (irrespective of online or offline).

Additionally, this seed bank has a simple and easy to navigate website which has navigation quite evident and intuitive.

Also, all the relevant sections are in place like the best sellers, latest arrivals, special offers, seed types, FAQs, terms and conditions, about us and affiliates.

Lastly, the extra feature of Quebec seed is the ‘search’ section. Simply type the topic or seed of your need, and you will be suggested on the related page.

Useful, Time saving, and simple indeed!

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review: Medicinal Benefits

The primary aim of ‘Marijuana legalization‘ was for therapeutic purposes. With time, marijuana was used for other purposes like recreation or entertainment.

But still, significant countries legalize it for its immense disease healing qualities and therapeutic uses.

Some of the medicinal benefits from marijuana are ‘healing from ailments’ mentioned below:-

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Insomnia
  • Lupus
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Nausea
  • Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Calming effect
  • Relaxation
  • Anxiety
  • Migraines
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Conditions of mental depression
  • Chronic muscle pain
  • Migraine headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain
  • Inflammation

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review: Seeds at a glance

QCS Black Gold Cannabis seeds, Jack Herer cannabis seeds, AK 47 cannabis seeds, and Quebec Gold 2.0 are some of the ‘best sellers’ by QCS (Quebec Cannabis Seeds).

Bruce banner feminized cannabis seeds, Northern lights feminized cannabis seeds, Girl Scout cookies, and M 39 are feminized Cannabis are some of the ‘featured seeds’ by QCS.

Blueberry fast version, Bubble bomb feminized seeds, Gorilla bomb seeds, and AK 47 Fast is some of the ‘latest arrivals’ from QCS seed bank.

Bubble gum cannabis seeds feminine, Chemdawg cannabis seeds feminized, M 39 granddaddy cannabis seeds feminine and white Kush seeds feminized are some of the ‘limited edition’ seeds of this online seed bank.

Apart from the special ones, the basic flower types are mentioned with examples of each category.

Regular seeds:- Purple Kush cannabis seeds, blueberry cannabis seeds mixed pack, granddaddy kush regular, OG kush cannabis seeds regular

Auto flower seeds:- auto blueberry cannabis seeds, Auto CBD Kush seeds, Auto berry bomb cannabis seeds, Auto cheese cannabis seeds, Auto dynamite cannabis, Auto OG Kush

Feminized seeds:- AK 47 feminized seeds, AK-39 feminized seeds, Atomic cannabis seeds feminized, BC Golden Skunk, Quebec cookies cannabis seeds, Quebec purple bud, sour diesel cannabis seeds, white widow cannabis seeds feminized

CBD seeds:- CBD AK – 47 feminized seeds, CBD Jack Herer cannabis seeds feminized, CBD Mango haze cannabis seeds, Quebec 20-1 CBD cannabis seeds, CBD Kush cannabis seeds

Few more seeds

Outdoor seeds: – Outdoor seeds are divided into two duration. One in September and one in October.

Some of the seeds enlisted in October are Amnesia Haze Cannabis seeds feminized, Auto BC Blueberry seeds, BC God bud cannabis seeds feminized, Big bomb cannabis seeds feminized, Blue dream cannabis seeds feminized.

Mixed packs:– Mixed packs are an excellent combination for the versatile growers who wish to experiment on various kinds of seeds.

Auto flower mixed pack, Feminized mixed pack, Regular mixed pack, CBD mixed pack are some of the famous mixed packs from QCS.

The USP of the mixed pack is, their strain has a ratio of both Indica and Sativa strains. Its ration varies with different flower types.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review: Yields at a glance

The excellent quality of a good marketer is, it demonstrates the working as well as the result of its product.

We have gathered the best pictures of yields to present it to you.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review: Yields
Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review: Yields

I love the colors and dense buds in those yields. The above collage of the yields is the testimony of how great the QCB cannabis seeds quality is.

(Image source:-
(Image edit:-

If the yields above motivate you to buy the QCS cannabis seeds, click here.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review: Germination guide

For all the new growers, we have added a germination guide to give you a step by step guidance and a helping hand in growing your Cannabis.

You would have to follow the instructions to the T, to germinate your cannabis seeds properly.

1:- Get your seeds from the Quebec Cannabis seeds.

2:- After you get your seeds, soak/dip them in a glass of water or a bowl of water for 12 to 14 hours.

3:- After the seeds are soaked for 12-14 hours, take a kitchen towel, moist it( neither too wet nor too dry). Now place the soaked seeds in the moist towel to germinate the taproot from it.

Cover this moist paper towel with a plate for protection.

4:- Keep the seeds in a warmer and darker place.

5:- In the time of 2-3 days, the taproot starts appearing from the seeds.

6:-It would take around 5-6 days for the seeds to protrude the taproot fully.

7:- Now, the seeds are ready to be planted for Cannabis Cultivation.

Most noteworthy, in case of not following the germination guide as it is, you will not be eligible to claim any of the guarantees offered by QCS.

(Image source:-

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review: FAQ

Is Quebec Cannabis Seeds a legit seed bank?
Yes, QCS is a legit seed bank. Numerous guarantees, word of mouth plus customer reviews and ratings make it seed bank to go for.

From which location does QCS ship the cannabis seeds?
QCS ships the seeds from Canada, where its head office is located.

Who can buy or order cannabis seeds from QCS?
Any adult who has completed twenty-one years can get the cannabis seeds from QCS seed bank.

How can customer care be contacted?
You can contact Quebec Seeds customer care via telephone and email.

The customer care staff is available five days a week, from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. They are not open on weekends.

Does QCS offer any sales, offers, and discounts?
Yes, QCS inventory is occasionally updated with many sales, offers, and discounts.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review: Conclusion

We are at the final phase of this ‘Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review.

After an in-depth analysis of Quebec Seeds, our expert team has concluded that ‘Quebec Seeds seed bank’ delivers world-class seeds, which give ultimate yield.

To sum up, Quebec Cannabis seed is a perfect combination of quality seeds, ultimate yields, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, numerous payment methods, stealth packaging, and a massive variety of strains.

Hence, we give Quebec seed bank a green signal to prefer it for ordering your cannabis seeds online.

Also, you may also refer our MSNL seed bank review and Crop King seeds review for more information on seed bank.

Also, you may leave your comments, reviews, suggestions, issues, queries, and feedback in the comment section. Our team will be glad to revert them to you.

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