Seedsman Cannabis Seed Bank Review in 2021

Are in quest of best medicinal seeds for treating your ailments and best mixed packs? Read this Seedsman Review and order the most suitable cannabis seeds as per your disease and get relief quickly and effectively.

Seedsman seed bank is one of the top-rated seed bank known for selling high-quality seeds for many years.

Established as early as 2003, this Spain, Barcelona based seed bank has made a mark in the cannabis industry, and it never fails to reserve a spot in the top seed banks list.

Seedsman seed bank is every cannabis enthusiasts dream!


Seedsman Review
Seedsman Review


It consists of numerous features like ample strains, innumerable awards, different environment compatibility, many medical seeds, guaranteed shipment, tracking of the parcel, freebies, payment modes, and SSL certified website.

This Seedsman Review will unleash various aspects of this well-known seed bank like introduction, history of the seed bank, the stature of the seed bank, seed variants, awards, germination and shipping guarantee and much more.

Our expert team at ‘’ works constantly to squeeze the most valuable information for you, that will help you revolutionize your grow space.

If you want the best yield and mixed packs, stay with us till the end.

Let us start with ‘Precise History of Seedbank.’

Precise History of Seedbank

The Seedsman seed bank was established in 2003. Since then, this seed bank has been one of the most reliable and trustworthy online seed banks in the world.

Just like any organization at the start, Seedsman, too, has a humble beginning. After consistent focus, dedication, and commitment to produce the highest quality cannabis seeds, it has reached this phase.

Scrutinizing every single seed by their expert breeders themselves, Seedsman has made a mark in leading seed banks in the world.

Having more than sixteen years of experience in the field of cannabis cultivation and delivering top-notch quality seeds, Seedsman seed bank is sure to reach the numero uno spot and will not leave it any sooner.

The stature of the seed bank

Seedsman seed bank is rated ten on ten by more than ten thousand customers on various trusted web sources.

Apart from the ratings, the customer reviews and word of mouth for this seed bank is also fantastic.

All the buyers are in awe of this seed bank!

Also, it is worth mentioning that the Seedsman seed bank has the most number of awards in its name.

Moreover, the vision and mission of the seedsman seed bank revolve around ‘Delivering world-class seeds to buyers for their various purposes like medicinal, therapeutic, recreation, and entertainment.’

With such a contributing mission, it comes no wonder that Seedsman seed bank is a mandatory entrant in the top seed banks list.

Finally, the sixteen years of experience and guarantees add immensely to increase the stature of this marvelous seed bank to the peak.

What do they sell?

Seedsman offers the highest number of strains, which is as large as 1500+ strains.

Isn’t that amazing!

Seedsman stocks seeds from as many as 65+ seed banks and 80+ breeders.

All this is possible due to Seedsman’s unique approach.

Unlike other seed banks, Seedsman takes seeds from other breeders as well, because its main aim is to offer a more extensive strain selection to the buyers, which is undoubtedly the highest and the best in the globe right now!

However, it also has few personal strains to its credit too.

Finally, it also sells medical marijuana, and it has around 27 seed variants for the same to treat headache, fatigue, depression, and many such ailments.

Seedsman Review:Awards

Many different pinnacles are achieved every year in the field of cannabis cultivation.

‘Cannabis cup’ award is every breeders, grower, and cannabis professionals dream award!

Seedsman seed bank is a recipient of a significant number of awards. The number is as good as 40 cannabis cups and many others to its list.

The holistic seedsman seed library has the best collection of seeds from various seed farms and breeders like Barney’s farm, Greenhouse Seeds, Serious Seeds, and Reserve Privada.

Lake OG Feminized seeds, Power Plant Regular seeds, Valley kush 1.0 feminized seeds, White widow regular seeds, Gorilla candy feminized seeds, and Platinum valley feminized seeds are few of the award-winning seeds from Seedsman.

Germination Guarantee

The seedsman seed bank does not offer any germination guarantee from their side. But if you go by word of mouth, the fantastic reviews and ratings would make you believe in the excellent germination ratio of the seeds.

With the responsive customer care, if you have any germination issues, you may contact them within 90 days of your seeds purchase.

 Stealth Packaging

‘Growing Marijuana’ is still not legal in many parts of the world.

So, to keep your seeds away from suspicious eyes and avoid any trouble related to that, Seedsman seed bank packs seeds in a very secure and private packaging called stealth packaging.

You would have to decide if you need your seeds in an envelope or DVD case, as a part of stealth packaging.

 Shipping Guarantee

The shipment success ratio of Seedsman bank is excellent. There is hardly any time when the shipment from Seedsman seed bank fails.

There is a unique concept introduced by the seedsman seed bank. It is called ‘Delivery insurance.’

In case Seedsman fails in shipping, they will resend your order once again, that too free of cost.

You will be able to enjoy this facility, if and only if you have opted for the ‘Delivery insurance’ option.

So, carefully opt for this option.

Moreover, the tracking facility is also offered by the seed bank. This extra feature surely guarantees your shipment.

All about shipping

Seedsman seed bank ships to all parts of a globe (preferably where marijuana is legal).

If in case your region falls in a locality where marijuana is illegal, the seed bank does not recommend sending it to that location.

The shipping cost of a seedsman seed bank is not free of charge. You have to shell out some amount from your side. The shipping charge depends on the location of your order and the number of seeds that you order for.

If you are in the UK, the package will be shipped to you in 1-3 working days. For Europe, you will get your parcel in 3-14 working days, and globally you can get your box in 5-25 working days.

Additionally, there is also a tracking facility available, which ensures guaranteed shipping.

Is Seedsman safe?

Seedsman is a 100% safe seed bank.

Now you would be wondering, what made me say so?

Numerous years of experience, shipping guarantee, word of mouth, SSL certification in the website, bitcoin, and ultimate customer ratings from trusted rating sites add much trust value and loyalty to this seed bank, making it safe.

So, without much thought process, you can now order seeds online from this seed bank.

We are done with half of seedsman review and more of valuable stuff lies ahead.

Stay connected and keep reading!

Seedsman Review : Seed Quality

There is no speck of doubt regarding the superior quality of Seedsman seeds. The Seedsman gets its seeds from best seed farms and seed breeders in the marketplace.

These breeders ensure that each seed is handpicked and scrutinized after going through strict tests and severe control measures.

You can expect nothing but super yields from the seedsman high-quality seeds!

Seedsman Review : Freebies

Seedsman offers attractive freebies for their buyers.

This seed bank can be considered as a benefic seed bank, as it is much generous with providing freebies.

Be sure to get as good as six seeds free, with every order.

That is amazing!

Another thing to note is, you can select these free seeds.

Also, if you choose to pay via bitcoin, you will get up to 20% off on all orders and four bonus seeds on purchase of 50 euros.

Payment mode

What can be wonderful than a seed bank supporting multiple payment modes?

Yes, you read that right. Seedsman is one of those seed banks that support numerous payment modes.

The list of supported payment modes goes like cash, debit card, credit card, bank transfers, cryptocurrency, and money order.

Other extra features

Apart from the core features, the seedsman seed bank has a plethora of additional features to offer. A few of them to name are promotional events, discounts, loyalty programs, merchandise, and seedsman blog.

Let us start with the promos( promotional events).

The first promo is the bitcoin promo. You will get 15% off on your first order. Also, if you pay 50 Euros or more via bitcoin, then you are eligible for four free seeds.

Also, get a 15% discount on every subsequent bitcoin order plus get 10% more discount if you pay from bitcoin for an order value of more than 200 Euros.

One more clubbed offer is, get ten seeds free if you spend 100 Euros and get seven seeds free if you spend 50 Euros.

The second promo is called ‘the special seedsman freebies promotion.’

The concept here is, the more you spend, the more freebies you get.

Buy any cannabis seeds and get up to 6 free seeds. Another great thing is, you will get to choose your freebies from different flower types like a regular, auto flower, and feminized.

That is fantastic!

The next series of promos is a regular seeds promo for choosing regular flower types from various seed banks on different variants.

A similar pattern goes with the feminized promo seeds and auto flower promo seeds.

Now, let us proceed towards customer care. The customer care of Seedsman seed bank is helpful and prompt. It quickly responds to the queries and problems of the customers in a short period.

Some more extra features

Seedsman seed bank works to contribute to the growers and enthusiasts.

With an experience of more than sixteen years in the cannabis arena, Seedsman has started a ‘blog.’

This ‘blog‘ aims to share the beginner tips, growing guides, interactions of growers, exciting experiences, and other topics related to the field of cannabis cultivation.

Are you a fan of loyalty programs? Then this one is surely coming for you.

All you have to do is sign up for the seed bank, and you are already a part of the loyalty program.

These loyalty programs are designed to benefit customers. You can accumulate as many points as you want and then use these points as a currency for your next order.

You can accumulate the points by sign up, buying seeds from seed banks, and referrals to friends.

Another worth mentioning feature is the easy navigation and simple GUI(Graphical User Interface) of the website.

The website is well designed and effortless to operate.

Overall, we give thumbs up for the website.

Finally, the seed bank hosts an advance search option, which helps you spot your seed and strain quickly.

If you are impressed by the awesome features of seedsman seed bank, click here to buy seeds.

Medicinal Benefits

Seedsman seed bank features around 27+ medicinal seeds. The main aim of legalizing cannabis in various countries was to make it available for medical aid.

The following are the ailments for which Seedsman has cannabis seeds available.

  • ADHD
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Anorexia
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Cramps
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Depression
  • Epilepsy
  • Eye Pressure
  • Gastro. Disorders
  • Headache
  • Lack of appetite
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • PMS
  • PTSD
  • Pain
  • Seizures
  • Stress

Seeds at Glance

Undoubtedly seedsman seed bank is the seed bank with the highest number of strains. Let us have some glimpse of its rich inventory.

The seedsman seeds are classified mainly based on five categories. They are flower types, variety, cultivation, strain type, and medical seeds.

Flower type

Regular seeds:- 2 scoops regular seeds, 3D CBD regular seeds, 7th wave feminized seeds, Afghan hash plant, AIEA regular seeds

Feminized seeds:- 1024 feminized seeds, 24k gold feminized seeds, Afghan Kush, Ace mixed, Afghan cow feminized seeds, Amnesia 5 CBD feminized seeds.

Auto flower seeds:- ACID auto seeds, Afghan #1 auto feminized seeds, AK auto feminized seeds, Auto feminized seeds, Auto bomb feminized seeds.

Fast Strain seeds:- Big nuts fast feminized seeds, Bruce banger fast feminized seeds, Cream caramel fast version feminized seeds, Candy kush express fast feminized seeds, Fast and vast auto feminized seeds.


High THC:- 8 ball kush feminized seeds, 1024 feminized seeds, 2046 feminized seeds, 7th wave feminized seeds, Afghan cow feminized seeds, Afghan kush feminized seeds, Afgooey feminized seeds.

High CBD:– Agartha CBD feminized, Amnesia CBD feminized, Black Jack feminized seeds, Black widow CBD feminized seeds, Blue Dream CBD feminized seeds, Bomb CBD feminized seeds.

Award winners:- Arjan’s Ultra Haze #1 feminized seeds, Barbara bud feminized seeds, Big bull feminized seeds, Black bomb feminized seeds, Bubba Kush auto feminized.


Best indoor seeds:- 710 stilton seeds, Afghan Hash, Afghan Haze, Acid auto feminized, Afghani Mazar –I, Agartha CBD feminized seeds, Akorn feminized seeds, Alaskan purple seeds.

Best outdoor seeds:- 3D CBD regular seeds, Afghani #1, AK auto feminized, AK27 express auto feminized seeds, Alaskan purple feminized seeds, Alchemy regular seeds, American dream regular seeds.

High Yields:- 8 ball Kush seeds, afghan Kush seeds, afghan Kush x seeds, afghan skunk feminized seeds, afrokush feminized seeds.

Great for beginners:– 3D CBD regular seeds, Amnesia auto feminized seeds, Albino rhino regular seeds, Badass cookies OG feminized seeds, BC Hash plant, BC white widow regular seeds, Black sugar feminized seeds, Blue cheese feminized seeds, Brain’s choice feminized seeds.

Strain types:- Skunk strains, Blueberry strains, Cheese strains, Haze strains, Kush strains, White widow strains, Sour Diesel strains

If the seeds and strain collection of seedsman seed bank has impressed you, click here to order seeds now!

Yields at glance

What serves best than the pictures of how exactly your yields will look like?

It is rightly quoted that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.

This section of seedsman review brings numerous yield pictures, which may help you decide the course of your action in buying the cannabis seeds for your grow space.

Seedsman Review: Yields
Seedsman Review: Yields

Looking at the ultimate yields, the buds, and the quality, it can be ensured that seedsman seed bank is indeed one of the best seed banks in the marketplace.

Seedsman Review : Germination Guide

The mission of our website is to help newbie’s, intermediates, and professionals get awareness, knowledge, and excellence in the field of cannabis cultivation.

Therefore we have decided to cover the ‘Germination Guide; in this seedsman review.

If you follow the germination instructions below to the T, you can ensure guaranteed germination of seeds.

1. Order the cannabis seeds online from Seedsman seed bank.

2. Wait till your seeds arrive. Take a glass or a bowl full of water. Now, soak the seeds in the water for 12 to 14 hours.

3. After 12-14 hours, take a kitchen towel and place the soaked seeds inside it. After that, moist the paper towel. You have to do so because the main components responsible for cannabis germination are moisture, warmth, and darkness.

4. After that, cover the kitchen towel with a plate to ensure its safety. Additionally, you have to maintain the moist level of the kitchen towel, neither too dry nor too wet.

5. Within two days, a tap root should start emerging from the cannabis seeds.

6. After 5-6 days, the seed would be fully germinated with proper protruding of the taproot from the cannabis seeds.

7. Now the seeds are ready for transit to grow space and cannabis cultivation.

Seedsman Review: Germination Guide
Seedsman Review: Germination Guide

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Seedsman Review: FAQ

Is seedsman seed bank legit?
Yes, the seedsman seed bank is legit. 10000+ ratings, 16+ years experience, sufficient guarantees all these contribute to making Seedsman a legit seed bank.

Who can order seeds from Seedsman?
Any adult older than 18 years, can order seeds online from Seedsman seed bank.

Can I affiliate in wholesale trading with Seedsman?
Yes, you can very well do so. Contact the seedsman seed bank for more details.

What happens if the authorities confiscate my parcel?
In that case, the authorities will discard the seeds and return your package. They will also send you a letter for the same.

Seedsman Review: Conclusion

We have reached the climax of this gripping seedsman review. It was indeed an enthralling experience for me, and I am sure you too, would have felt the same.

After thorough deliberation, we have concluded that ‘seedsman seed bank‘ gives a Midas touch to your grow space, and it increases your yields to manifold.

It is a well-sorted and well-matched jigsaw puzzle made up of various pieces like the variety of strains and seeds, quality of seeds, great deal of awards, payment modes, shipping guarantee germination guarantee, and customer care.

As a result, it has earned ten on ten from our side, and we highly recommend it.

To know more about seed banks, you may also refer to our other articles like Quebec cannabis seeds review and MSNL seeds review.

Feel free to leave your comments, issues, queries, suggestions, and feedback in the comment box below. We will answer you promptly.

Make a quick move towards your best grow space!

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