True North Seed Bank Review in 2021

Do you wish to buy 100% fresh cannabis seeds? Go through this True North Seed Bank Review and get the freshest and high – yield cannabis seeds in your grow space.

True North seed Bank is a highly trusted international seller of cannabis seeds online, based in Canada.

This seed bank is an excellent assortment of multiple features like huge strain collection, tie-up with many seed banks, updated promotional campaigns, other accessories, bulk seeds, guaranteed shipping, and various payment modes.

Therefore it is not surprising that True North seed bank is often listed in the top 10 seed banks and is regarded as numero Uno among the best Canadian Seed Banks.

True North Seed Bank review
True North Seed Bank review

In this True North Seed Bank Review, we will discuss the various facets of the seed bank like fresh seeds stock, cannabis cup winners, huge strain selection, online and offline selling platforms, bulk and wholesale selling, freebies, payment modes and much more.

What makes True North seed bank different from other seed banks in the marketplace is, the two trading platforms. True North sells seeds online via its website and offline via its physical retail outlets.

The ‘’ team works on a dedicated vision and mission i.e., to help the readers and growers with reliable and valuable information related to the prominent seed banks in the marketplace.

Stay with us till the climax and unleash the treasure house of information and experiences!

Let’s commence the intriguing True North Seed Bank Review with the stature of the seed bank.

The Stature of the Seed Bank

‘Supplying 100% fresh seeds’ is the USP of this seed bank.

True North is years old seed bank with immense experience in selling the best cannabis seeds online.

Huge strains, word of mouth, online, offline trading platforms, excellent customer ratings plus reviews, germinating and shipping guarantees, and numerous awards contribute highly to the improvement of this seed bank’s stature.

A more substantial part of the seeds and strains from True North seed bank is ; they have 4.5+ star rating. This trait increases the trust, goodwill, and loyalty of the seed bank in the marketplace.

Overall, True North Seed Bank enjoys a high stature in the marketplace.

What Do They Sell?

As already mentioned, True North Seed Bank has an ample collection of seeds and strains.

True North collects seeds from 48 different seed banks. Aces, CBD Crew, DJ Short, are a few of the seed banks to mention.

Just imagine a large number of permutations and combinations available for the buyers among the numerous strains and seeds.

The next apparent curious question from your side would be the number of strains. True North has as good as 33 numbers of different strains.

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, High THC, Low THC, High CBD, and Low CBD are some of the strains from this seed bank.

Another worth mentioning point regarding the strains is, True North seed bank offers particular ‘Genetic and Color Strains’.

These strains are the result of the efforts, hard work, experimentation, research, and constant striving of many breeders and growers.

Moreover, True North seed bank deals in two formats of trading. Those are wholesale and retail.

True North website also has a dedicated ‘Bulk Seeds’ part, where it deals with seeds in bulk.

Apart from regular old school seeds and strains, True North also sells other products like smoking accessories, CVault containers, Smokus focus, and Boveda humidity control packs.

All-in-all, the True North seed bank has rich inventory filled with great seeds and other accessories!

True North Seed Bank Review: Awards

Every year, different seedbanks achieve numerous feats in the field of ‘Cannabis Cultivation.’

One such prestigious award in the arena of cannabis cultivation is the ‘Cannabis cup.

And we are very happy to let you know that True North Seed Bank’s many seeds are the winners of such ‘Cannabis Cup’ awards.

818 headband, aka Sour OG feminized seeds, AK feminized seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, Barbara bud feminized seeds, and BC blueberry feminized seeds are some of the ‘Cannabis Cup Winner’ seeds from True North Seed bank.

These awards surely increment the stature, trust, goodwill, and loyalty of the seed bank.

Thus, True North has many value addition awards in its kitty that glorify it!

Germination Guarantee

How would you feel if you hear of a surety or guarantee for something? It increases your trust naturally to go for the seed bank.

True North offers a sure germination guarantee to its buyers. If in case the seeds fail to germinate, the seed bank happily resends it again, and that too free of cost.

Stealth Packaging

‘Growing marijuana’ is still a subject of legal realization in many parts of the world.

Different states of different countries have separate laws regarding the ‘Cannabis Cultivation.’

Owing to the above scenario, the True North Seed bank does stealth packaging of the marijuana seeds for the orders.

In stealth packaging, the seeds are concealed inside random objects like pens, t-shirts, toys, etc.

After that, they are placed in a padded envelope and then are sent out for delivery.

Moreover, the envelope contains only your address, stamp, and bar code for tracking purposes. Other contents and company details are concealed and not put on the envelope.

Thus, cannabis seeds are safe, secure, and private using stealth packaging.

Shipping Guarantee

There are two different scenarios for the Delivery Guarantee.

‘Guaranteed Delivery Insurance’ is an option to guarantee the delivery of your package.

In case your parcel does not arrive at you, then you can avail this option, and the seed bank will reship your order without charging any extra amount.

You will have to shell out an extra CA15$ from your pocket to ensure shipping delivery!

This ‘Guaranteed Delivery Insurance’ is available only for Canada and the USA.

For the buyers across other regions, you would have to order the seeds at your risk.

All about Shipping

True North seed bank delivers cannabis seeds throughout the globe.

However, the buyers have to take care of the rules and regulations related to cannabis cultivation in their respective countries before ordering the seeds.

You can also avail the benefit of free delivery for orders above CA$525 in Canada & the USA.

The time for delivery depends upon various delivery locations.

To get your parcel delivered to the USA and Canada will cost you CA$20 and 5-14 working days. For Europe orders, you will have to pay CA35$ and wait for 3-14 working days.

If you stay in Australia & New Zealand, the delivery cost is CA75$, 7-21 working days.
Costa Rica orders need CA55$ and 7-21 working days.

Buyers in Africa allow 7-21 working days and a cost of CA180$.

For the rest of the world, the delivery cost is CA$70 and 25 working days.

Additionally, the tracking of the parcels is available via bar code, and signature on delivery is not required.

Is the True North Seed Bank Safe?

What are your criteria to consider a seed bank as safe?

Shipping guarantee, Germination Guarantee, tracking facility, SSL certificate integrated inside the website, bitcoin payment, and buyer’s ratings plus reviews make it a safe seed bank.

Therefore, it is a no brainer that True North Seed Bank is indeed a safe seed bank.

True North Seed Bank Review : Seed Quality

Fresh seeds are the main USP of this seed bank.

Additionally, all the seeds and strains are of superior qualities that guarantee ultimate yields.

Each seed undergoes strict tests and rigorous control procedures. Only after that process, they are passed for further delivery.

Additionally, this seed bank gets seeds from other seed bank’s expert breeders and professionals who handpick each seed manually and then pass it on for the next procedure.

Therefore, based on the above points, you can highly rely on superior seed quality.

True North Seed Bank Review : Freebies

Freebies are raining at True North seed bank!

There are different freebies packages offered by True North Seed Bank. At times, they offer two seeds with each order, while at other times, you can avail a full box free with another order.

May you get the best freebies!

Payment Mode

True north seed bank supports multi payment modes.

Some of them are as follows:-

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • E transfer
  • Fast Debit
  • International money order
  • Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and litecoin.

The debit/credit card payment is available only for the USA.

Also, E-transfer is available for Canada only. Fast Debit pay is available for the USA.

Moreover, all your financial transactions are safe owing to the SSL certificate integration on the website.

Pay fearlessly with those secure transactions!

Also, Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin provide much safety, anonymity, and security in transactions.

Other Extra Features

In addition to the essential core features, the True North seed bank does host many extra features like regular promotions, merchandise, customer care, loyalty program, and advance search finder.

Regular sales and promotions are an inevitable part of the True North seed bank.

Exclusive giveaways are also organized. For instance, on the company’s 10th anniversary, they offered ‘get one seed free with every set of 5 seeds’ or ‘free vape pen with every order.’

Additionally, the True North Seed Company has also launched a monthly scheme, beneficial to all the buyers.

Next, we have on our list is the customer service. The True North has pretty decent customer service.

The customer care staff is pretty helpful, prompt, and co-operative.

They are available all seven days of the week, from 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM. You may contact them via call or email.

Proceeding further, we all will agree that marketing forms an integral part in product sales.

Merchandising‘ is also one of the vital marketing concepts to stay in the hearts and minds of buyers for a much longer time.

Apart from prime seeds, strains, and other accessories, the True North seed banks host a variety of merchandise like mugs, t-shirts, and seed storages like zip lock bags, containers, humidity control packs, and stash jars.

That is fascinating!

Some more features

There are more noteworthy features included in this seed bank.

True North has a unique ‘Loyalty Program’ called the ‘True North Loyalty Program.’

There are many ways in which you can earn points and redeem them later on as a currency for the purchase of seeds.

You can gather points by sign up to True North account, purchase of seeds, referral to a friend, birthdays, social media sharing, and newsletter signup.

The point and Canadian dollar evaluation go like 1CAD$ = 500 Loyalty Points.

A slight minus point of this Loyalty Program is the limited validity. True North Seed Bank offers 180 days validity on its Loyalty points.

Moving ahead to the next feature, True North seed bank has a ‘Product Comparison’ feature. Using this distinctive feature, you can easily compare and print two or more seeds/strains to each other.

Next, we have in this True North Seed Bank Review is the much simple and easy GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the seed bank website.

All the pages, sections, and menu divisions are much intuitive.

Overall, a great design, indeed!

Lastly, True North Seed Bank has an ‘Advance search finder,’ which helps find various seeds and strains with just a single query type and click.

Medicinal Benefits

There are separate and dedicated high CBD and THC strains In True North Seed bank.

These strains have numerous medicinal benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:-

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Lupus
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Nausea
  • Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Calming
  • Relaxing
  • Anxiety
  • Migraines
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Conditions of mental depression.
  • Chronic muscle pain
  • Migraine headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain
  • Inflammation

True North Seed Bank Review : Seeds at glance

We have already mentioned the massive inventory of True North Seed Bank. Let us explore it a bit more.

The True North Seeds are categorized into Sex/flower type, Variety, Genetics, and Colored strains.

We have tried to mention some variants from each category.

Sex/Flower Type

Regular seeds- A13 Haze regular, 707 Headband Regular seeds, ACE mix regular seeds, Afghan Kush regular, AK 47 regular

Auto flower seeds- 60 day Lemon auto fem seeds, Ace auto flower fem seeds, Alien vs. triangle, Amnesia XXL auto-flowering, Auto ACID auto-flowering seeds.

Feminized seeds- Autochem OG feminized, 24 carats Auto feminized, 30th-anniversary mix (Dutch passion), 8 ball Kush feminized seeds.

Auto regular seeds- Bubba cheese auto regular seeds, Blue Himalaya auto flower seeds, California Haze auto regular seeds, Holy man auto regular seeds, Jet 47 auto flower seeds.

Auto feminized seeds- Amazing cherry super auto feminized seeds, Annapurna super auto feminized seeds, auto AK feminized seeds, Auto anesthesia fem seeds, Auto big gun feminized seeds.


Indica- Auto pineapple express, Auto pounder fem seeds, Auto blueberry fem seeds, White widow X big bud fem seeds, Blue widow fem seeds, Gelato auto flower feminized seeds, Pineapple chunk feminized seeds.

Sativa- Auto sativa mix pack, BC diesel fem seeds, cannalope haze fem seeds, Chazy auto fem seeds, coco melon regular seeds

Hybrid(Indica + Sativa)- 24k Gold, 818 headbands, Animal cookies regular seeds, Atomic bomb feminized seeds, Apollo 13 regular seeds, Auto berry rider, Auto big Gun feminized seeds, Auto Cinderella jack fem seeds

High THC- Acid feminized seeds, Afghan express, all Kush feminized seeds, AK x critical mass auto fem seeds

High CBD- Auto candy Kush feminized seeds, Auto great white shark feminized, Auto lemon skunk feminized, Auto Hindu Kush feminized

Few more seeds

Bulk Seeds –Afghan Hash feminized seeds, Agent Orange regular seeds, AK fast feminized seeds, Amnesia feminized seeds, Auto Blueberry feminized seeds

Industrial hemp seeds- Berry blossom fem seeds, Cherry blossom fem seeds, Cherry wine feminized seeds, Eletta Campana fem seeds.

New arrivals– Critical jack fast feminized seeds.

Best sellers- 8 ball Kush fem seeds, Auto Trans Siberian fem seeds, Atomic bomb fem seeds.

Award winners- AK feminized seeds; AK 47 feminized seeds, Animal cookies regular seeds, BC Hash plan fem seeds, Biddy early fem seeds.


Significant bud strains- Auto NL XBB fem seeds, Auto white widow x big bud, BC big bud regular, Big bud feminized seeds, Dinafem, Northern light x big bud fem seeds

Blueberry strains- Auto berry rider, Auto blueberry, Auto lemon drop fem seeds

Cheese strains- Auto UK cheese, Auto purple stilton, BC cheese feminized, Blue cheese fem seeds

Diesel strains- auto diesel Berry fem seeds, Amherst sour diesel fem seeds, BC diesel feminized seeds

Colored Strains

Blue strains- Auto blue mystic fem seeds, Auto blueberry fem seeds, Blue Amnesia XXL
White strains-Albino fire skunk, Auto great white shark, Auto white Russian feminized

Red strains- Acapulco gold fem seeds, Dr. Grinspoon fem seeds, Red poison auto fem seeds, Red dwarf auto fem seeds

Purple strains- Auto dark purple, Auto PK fem seeds, BC purple star seeds

Yields at glance

What makes you choose a product from a plethora of products in the market? Expected output and required features are the two driving features for choosing any product.

Therefore, we present before you the phenomenal yields from various seeds of True North Seed Bank.





I was spellbound seeing them. I hope, same is the case with you!

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True North Seed Bank Review : FAQ

Where does True North Seed Bank ship seeds from?
True North ships seeds from Canada or UK.

How much time does it take to ship to the USA?
It takes 5-14 working days to ship the seeds to the USA.

Is it compulsory to login the True North seed bank?
No, it is not compulsory to login or register. You can order seeds as a guest also.

What happens if the seeds are confiscated?
If the authorities confiscate the seeds, they will discard the seeds and resend the random object as a package to you, along with a confiscation letter.

Is True North Seed Bank legit?
Yes, True North Seed Bank is indeed a legit Seed Bank. Various guarantees, buyers ratings, reviews, tracking and seed quality make it a legit seed bank.

True North Seed Bank Review : Conclusion

After the thorough and in-depth discussion of multi-faceted True North seed banks, we have reached the final phase of this True North Seed Bank Review.

True North seed bank is indeed a top seed bank in its regard.

Innumerable features like a variety of strains, top-class seed quality, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, freebies, multi-payment modes, medicinal benefits, and other extra features make it the buyer’s favorite and preferred seed bank.

Therefore, we give a green signal to buy cannabis seeds online from this seed bank.

In case you wish to know Top 10 seed banks that ship to the USA or Top 10 Canadian seed banks, click here.

You are free to leave your comments, issues, doubts, suggestions, and feedback. We will reply to them for you at the best time and feasibility.

Till then, happy growing cannabis!

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