Vancouver Seed Bank Review in 2021

Are you looking for a seed bank that promises very high yields? Read this Vancouver Seed Bank Review and glorify your grow space now.

Vancouver seed bank is one of the best Canadian seedbanks selling cannabis. As the name suggests, this seed bank is located in Canada. It originated in 2006 and is ‘Growing since 2006’.

Vancouver seed bank is everything that a cannabis grower aspires for. It is an excellent assortment of multiple strains, top-quality seeds, germination guarantee, payment modes, and other extra features.

Vancouver Seed Bank Review
Vancouver Seed Bank Review

Vancouver Seed Bank Review is all about high stature, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, multiple payment modes, other features, and conclusion.

Our eminent team at ‘’ buys seeds and strains online from various seed banks and grows them.

Based on that experience and research, we float out the most informative and value-added reviews of seed banks for our readers and growers.

Let us go to the depth of this Vancouver Seed Bank Review and unleash all the possibilities that the seed bank has.

The Precise History of Vancouver Seed Bank

The Vancouver seed bank was established as early as 2006. Since then, it has been contributing immensely to the growth and development in the field of Cannabis cultivation.

After fourteen years of experience, the seed bank has aced the art of being the most loyal and trustworthy Canadian seed bank ever.

The company’s motto revolves around the tagline of ‘Growing since 2006’.

The stature of the seed bank

The Vancouver seed bank relishes a high stature in the marketplace.

Are you curious to know about the factors, which have increased the stature of the seed bank?

Here we go!

Experience, buyer ratings and testimonials, and seed quality make it a star seed bank in Canada.

Vancouver seed bank is fourteen years old. In the long time of fourteen years, the seed bank has managed to put all its resources, energy, and efforts in the development of the company and to sell the top quality seeds.

Next, let us discuss the buyers’ ratings and testimonials. With the top quality seeds being sold, the buyers can achieve the highest yields, which in turn lead to the benefit of the buyers and seed bank.

These buyer ratings and testimonials play a significant role in increasing the seed bank stature and taking it to the next level.

Therefore, Vancouver seed bank holds a high stature in the marketplace.

What do they sell?

Vancouver seed bank has as many as 200+ strains.

The Vancouver Seed co primarily deals with Auto-Flowering, Books, Breeder Vault, Cactus Seeds, Canadian Seeds, Feminized Seeds, High CBD, Beginners seeds, Indoor, Kush Seeds, Medicinal seeds, Poppies, Premium seeds, Vegetable seeds and much more.

Apart from the seed mentioned above categories, it also deals with ‘Spore syringes,’ which are used in injecting psychedelic mushrooms.

Also, some of the famous seed brands by Vancouver Seed Bank are Ancestral seeds, Dr. Atomic, Great white North, Magic Cactus, Seedsman, Shroom guy, Sweet seeds, Jordan of the island, and many more.

Right now, the company sells seeds at its online platform via the Website. In the future, it can expand its horizons by selling cannabis seeds on offline platforms like retail outlets in various parts of Canada and Worldwide.

Germination Guarantee

What makes Vancouver Seed Bank different from other seed banks is, the 80% germination guarantee.

Yes, you read that correctly!

The Cannabis seeds from Vancouver Seed Bank are sure to germinate if the germination process is followed to the T. (Refer our Germination Guide Section for more details)

In case your seeds fail to germinate, you may contact the customer care staff, and they would be relished to resend your order again, and that too without charges or interrogations.

Stealth Packaging

You all would be aware that Cannabis Legalization is still a matter of concern in many regions of the world.

So, to avoid any issues related to the same matter, the Vancouver Seed Bank delivers cannabis seeds in a stealth packaging.

In stealth packaging, the seeds are packed in a crush-proof container and then sealed in a padded envelope.

After that, they may be hidden in random objects like T-shirts, pens, and CD’s.

Therefore, with Vancouver Seed Bank, be sure of the Stealth Packaging of your shipment of cannabis seeds.

Shipping Guarantee

After exploring the Germination guarantee, let us take you through the Shipping Guarantee.

The Vancouver seed bank has a decent success ratio for shipment delivery.

The Vancouver Seed Bank does guaranteed shipping. If your order fails to reach( if it is misplaced or lost) your doorsteps in the designated time window, let the customer care know.

However, that scenario is once in a blue moon occurrence!

They will resend you your seeds, and that too free of cost.

If the order fails to reach again, then the seed bank will refund your full money.

*In case of giving wrong address credentials, you will not be eligible for the second round of your shipment.

That is fantastic!

All about shipping

Vancouver Seed Bank ships cannabis seeds all around the world!

However, they advise the buyer’s discretion over the cannabis laws in each region.

Next, we proceed with the shipping charges.

The Vancouver Seed Bank does not facilitate free of cost shipping. There are two slabs regarding the shipment charges.

You will have to pay $5 for standard shipping charges, whereas you will have to pay 16$ as Canadian express delivery.

The difference in both the shipping slabs lies in the speed of delivering the parcel.

It takes 9-10 business days to ship the parcels to their destination.

The Vancouver Seed Bank (VSB) maintains the privacy of the buyer by keeping its details confidential.

This seed bank will incorporate tracking into its system process, shortly for better shipping.

Is Vancouver Seed Bank safe?

How can one say that any seed bank is safe?

Let us make this easy for you. If the seed bank has a germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, SSL certificate, word of mouth, and bitcoin, we can say that the seed bank is safe.

Vancouver seed bank (VSB) is rich with all the features above.

VSB offers 80% germination, which is appreciable. The seed bank will honor the guarantee if the seeds fail to germinate.

Next in the list is the shipping guarantee.

The VSB also guarantees the shipping. If it fails to deliver the seeds( or if the seeds are lost or misplaced), the VSB is kind enough to honor the shipping guarantee, and you will get your ordered seeds for free again.

Apart from the guarantees, care is also taken to make the Website and online transactions safe on the Website.

It is done by incorporating an SSL certificate into the Website. The extra ‘s,’ you see besides the ‘Http,’ makes the seed bank website safe and secure.

Now perform those transactions in a relaxed and assured manner!

The following feature in the list is word of mouth. Word of mouth means what the buyers propagate in the market regarding the product.

That is also regarded as the best way to ensure the trust of the seed bank.

Next, we have on the list is bitcoin. Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. It is quite trending these days owing to the anonymity and safety with the usage of bitcoin.

Seed Quality

Without a speck of doubt, we can assure you that the Vancouver seed bank has ultimate seed quality.

The Seed Bank has an expert team of breeders and researchers, who manually handpick each seed.

Also, each seed has to undergo strict tests and control procedures to ensure supreme seed quality.

Therefore, VSB guarantees high-quality seeds that will surely enrich your grow space.

Payment Modes

Like any standard seed bank, Vancouver Seed Bank offers multiple payment modes.

Some of them to mention are email transfer, bitcoin, or money order.

You can send money orders to their PO Box website, mentioned in the Website.

You may opt for an email transfer payment if you are regular with online banking in Canada.

To pay via bitcoin, you may use the bitcoin wallet.

Other Extra Features

The Vancouver Seed bank co has many extra features, in addition to the essential core features.

Special order, Customer care, Brilliant Website GUI, and Search options are a few of the extra features to mention.

Let us explore each of these features deeply.

‘Special Order’ is one of the USP of the Vancouver Seed Bank. It’s like a genie. Whatever seed or strains you order, they manifest or rather I would say, the VSB seed bank curates them for you.

They even take ‘special orders’ for those seeds or strains, which are not even in the catalog list.

They go to such an extent to serve you.

Isn’t that great!

The next contender in the list of extra features is the customer care. The customer care of VSB is amicable and co-operative.

They are up for helping you, always on their toes.

You may contact them five days a week, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11 am to 5 pm.

VSB is closed on Sunday and Monday.

You can contact them via telephone on (778) 329-1930 and via email id.

Next in the list is the Website GUI.

GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. It mainly denotes the look and feels plus the navigation of the Website.

The Vancouver seed bank website has exemplary GUI, which makes the website operation and functioning a cakewalk for the buyers.

All the categories of seeds, pages, and sections are in place, which is highly intuitive.

Finally, the VSB has an advanced search option. This search option helps you locate your seeds and strains in the Website, without much delay and hustle.

And, the plus point is, you may perform various search filters based on are popularity, rating, date, price, and name.

Vancouver Seed Bank Review: Medicinal Benefits

Apart from the regular flower types, the Vancouver seed Bank has a dedicated section for the ‘Medicinal Seeds.’

A few of them to mention are Mullein, Siberian Ginseng, Motherwort Leonurus cardiaca, Burdock.

The reason to include the medicinal seeds are the demand and the tremendous medicinal benefits from these medical marijuana seeds.

Medical benefits are one of the topmost reasons for marijuana legalization in different parts of the world.

Some of the medicinal benefits from marijuana seeds are listed below:

  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Mental depression
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Insomnia
  • Lupus
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Calming
  • Relaxing
  • Chronic muscle pain
  • Migraine headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation

Vancouver Seed Bank Review: Seeds at Glance

In this section, we have brought for you, different seeds of different flower types and some special ones too.

They are for your reference, so you may come to know about the vast strain variety( 200+ strains) of the Vancouver Seed Bank.

Auto Northern lights, Opium Poppy seeds, Gorilla glue #4, Skunk #1, Auto Amnesia, are some of the popular seeds.

Ancestral seeds, Dr. Atomic, Great White North, Magic Cactus, Med Man Brand, Resin Seeds, Seedsman, Vancouver Seed Bank, and West coast seeds are some of the best brands available for cannabis seeds in the VSB inventory.

Auto-flowering, Brook’s, Breeders vault, Cactus seeds, Canadian Seeds, Cerebral Sativa, Early Finishers, For Beginners, High CBD, Indoor, Jordan’s complete collection, Poppies, and medicinal seeds are some of the categories of Vancouver seed Bank.

Afghani, Ambrosia, Amnesia fast, Arugula, Auto Durban, BC big bud, Big Mac, and Auto Strawberry are some of the seeds from the full catalog.

Auto papaya, Auto Northern Lights, Bubba Kush, CBD Critical Mass, Grapefruit haze 5, Grapefruit kush 5, Hiydrow are some of the feminized seeds.

After many exciting discussions on different aspects of the Vancouver Seed Bank review, we have reached the ‘yield’ part of the cannabis seeds.

Glue with us till the end of the complete Vancouver Seed Bank review.

Vancouver Seed Bank Review: Yields at glance

If I ask you, what increases your confidence in buying any product? You would answer, the output and the results do that.

That’s why we are showcasing the output via our ‘Yields at Glance’ section.

You may find below various yields from different seeds and strains of Vancouver Seed Bank.

Vancouver Seed Bank Review: Yields
Vancouver Seed Bank Review: Yields

After looking at the yields, all I can say and express is, ‘Breathtaking‘ and ‘Outstanding.’

If these yields have impacted you, then click here to buy the cannabis seeds from this Vancouver seed company.

Vancouver Seed Bank Review: Germination Guide

Readers and Growers, in the previous sections, we have already discussed the 80% Germination guarantee offered by this seed bank.

However, there is one condition for the same. The seed bank honors the guarantee if and only if, you follow their Germination Guide to the T.

So, we have brought here for you the Germination Guide for Vancouver seed bank cannabis seeds.

This method is called the water glass method.

1. Order seeds online for the Vancouver Seed bank.

2. Put the seeds in a glass of water for 12-14 hours at a stretch.

3. One thing that has to be taken care of for proper germination is moisture, darkness, and ventilation.

All you need is to set up a proper environment for the seeds to germinate, balancing the parameters above. Other stuff is taken care of by itself.

4. After two days, a tap root will start to emerge from the seeds.
You may have to change the water every couple of days.

5. Transfer those seeds to the moist paper towel. Cover it with another damp paper towel.
You have to maintain the consistency of the moisture throughout the process. The paper towel should be neither wet nor completely dry.

6. The taproots will emerge fully after 5-7 days.
Now the seeds are ready to be planted in the medium of your choice.

7. Plant the seeds with the pointy end up and balance all the factors for successful germination.

Vancouver Seed Bank Review: Germination Guarantee
Vancouver Seed Bank Review: Germination Guarantee

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Vancouver Seed Bank Review: FAQ

Where does Vancouver Seed Bank ship seeds from?
Vancouver seed bank ships seeds from Vancouver, Canada.

Does Vancouver seed bank offer a shipping guarantee?
Yes, Vancouver seed bank offers a shipping guarantee.

How will the seeds from Vancouver seed bank be packaged?
The seeds from Vancouver seed bank will be packaged using the stealth packaging method.

Which currency is used for the ordering of cannabis seeds?
You would have to pay in US Dollars to order your cannabis seeds from the seed bank.

What time does an order take to be shipped?
It takes 9-10 business days to reach your location, however much depends on where you stay and how far it is from the seed bank.

Is it mandatory to login to the seed bank for ordering seeds?
No, it is not mandatory to login and register to buy seeds from the seed bank. You can simply checkout filling the bill information.

Is Vancouver Seed Bank legit?
Yes, Vancouver bank is legit by all means. Germination guarantee, Shipping Guarantee, Seed quality, and numerous buyer reviews, all contribute to making this seed bank legit.

Vancouver Seed Bank Review: Conclusion

After digging deep through various facets of this seed bank, we have come to the final countdown for this Vancouver seed bank review.

Vancouver seed bank is a boon for every grower.

It is a full-fledged package of high stature, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, ample payment modes, seed quality, and a vast number of strains.

Therefore, Vancouver Seed Bank gets ten on ten from our expert team, and they highly recommend it for cannabis seeds purchase.

We would love to hear your unique and fascinating experiences of trying different seedbanks for your cannabis seed.

If you wish to read more on seed banks, go through Seedsman review and Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review.

Also, you may write to us in our comment section in case of any queries, issues, or feedback. Our team will reply to you in the best time zone.

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